HRC Video FrazzleDrip Drops On Darkweb

What is known is a video is reported to have dropped on the Darkweb called Frazzledrip, supposedly showing Hillary and Huma molesting a prepubescent girl and cutting her face as part of some ritual. It is reportedly quite graphic, though alleged screencaps of innocuous parts appear to be in night-vision style, and somewhat hazy. It had previously been reported there was a video on Weiner’s laptop that supposedly made NYPD Detectives want to vomit, though we have no idea what that was. I have no searched out the video, just because if it features the molestation of a child, it is a crime to view, and if it is not related to Hillary that is a needless crime committed.

What we do not know is if this is a real video, or if it is the NYPD video, or even if it is related to Hillary. There is a rumor it was a product of a Russian troll farm, but that is exactly the rumor I would expect to be spread if the real video dropped, or if Cabal operators thought the real video dropped. But my gut says this is probably not the real video. These things sort themselves out, so we will see. [Ed Note: Since writing this, Q-anon has said this Frazzledrip video is fake, but there is a real video of something which is under Trump/Mil-Intel’s control, and several anonymous sources claiming to be NYPD have said there was a video of Hillary molesting an underaged female on Weiner’s laptop.]

What is interesting about the whole thing is that one, people are showing up all over Reddit, Voat, and the Chans posting to everyone that downloading or viewing the video is a federal offense, and you will be prosecuted, so for your own protection, do not click on anything purporting to be it.

On the Chans, as fast as articles go up about the video, they are deleted, and several users have reported being banned from posting after posting a thread or commenting on it. You can find articles on 4Chan about Frazzledrip on google, and when you click to view them, they are already taken down.

From what I am seeing somebody has a pretty well organized pre-planned operation that has been on a hair trigger just in case something like this dropped. Claim it is a Russian video, claim it was AI fake-porn featuring Hillary’s head on another person’s video, remind everyone they are not allowed to look at it legally without risking arrest for child porn, and delete everything discussing it as fast as you can. Q is right, all the releases of information up until now, from the “Russian interference” meme to AI fakeporn, have been convenient for the Cabal if something like this should happen to come out.

I assume this is not the real video, based on the fact the internet is still up. If the internet goes down, then all bets are off. Then I would assume it is the real deal, the internet will be down while they try to comb through it and delete all references to the video and all copies, find where it came from, and track down whoever downloaded it so they can take them out too. Once they are done, the web will come back online, and they will hope for the best.

That the web has not gone down may point to this initial video being a disinfo preparation by Cabal for any potential real video, which they might think is imminent for some reason. If this is shown to be fake, then in two or three days when the real video comes out, it will be conflated with the fake video in the minds of everyone, thereby blunting the emotional response to the real video and allowing Democrats to dismiss the real one as the one that was shown to be fake.

That the disinfo actors and mods on the alt-right boards self-activated to shut this video down without knowing if it is real might confirm that much of the Cabal is a set-it-and-forget it conspiracy. Everyone knows they are serving something bigger than them, and they try to serve its interests as best they can, but they do so on their own initiative, without ever getting explicit orders. They were not read in on the pre-release of a fake, so they self-triggered in response to this as if it were the real deal.

Q has said to back everything up and expect the internet to go down, so I assume that will be the sign we have the real one. Judging by what I see out there, I think it very likely some sort of video exists, and the Cabal has extensive plans ready to go in the event it comes out.

And whatever it is, judging by the response it is probably more horrific than anything else we have seen to date, and it will likely have the ability to break the Cabal’s spell. Pizzagate may very well seem tame compared to the truth. My guess is that until Trump, you didn’t get to be President unless the Cabal owned you totally. I can only imagine what you had to do on video to make them entirely sure of that. And with a nasty sadist like Hillary, I have little doubt she’d do anything.

If only we can get whatever it is in front of people when it comes out.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because literally anything is possible today

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19 Responses to HRC Video FrazzleDrip Drops On Darkweb

  1. The paranoia runs deep in you, good sir.

    That is very, very good. We all might need the extra dose of uber-awful reality your speculation delivers. Thanks for making us all think.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The freedom of speech is a strong freedom with very few exceptions. For CP to be illegal it must fail the following test. “Whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.” If this video contains serious political value it is constitutionally protected speech and it would be legal to to possess share distribute view sell or do anything with you can do with any non CP content.

  3. Mary says:

    Now it all makes sense, why HRC visits India now and then, which is perhaps the origin country of her beloved aide Huma. And, yes, sick rituals are carried out in India, do research on that. Who’d know, Huma could be HRC’s “Sick Ritual Guru”. Honest people in the govt must seriously investigate about this issue, and the relationship between HRC, Huma and India and other Mid-Eastern countries.

    • Anonymous says:

      You fucking idiot! First of all, India is not part of the Middle East. It is South Asia. Secondly, it is well known that Huma Abedin is SAUDI ARABIAN and a Muslim. She is not a guru. LOL. Thirdly, what “sick rituals” in India are you referring to? Have you been there? Do you have any clue what you are talking about, or just have some vendetta against India?

      • Mary says:

        FACT CHECK: *Abedin is of Indian descent*

        *At the age of two, Abedin moved with her family to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)* (She was not born in Saudi Arabia ?)

        “India *AND* other Mid-Eastern countries” (Never mentioned India is a Mid-Eastern country)

        Yes, Huma is considered as Aide and Personal Advisor (GURU meaning Teacher, Advisor, Instructor in Sanskrit, Hindi)

        Resources on Human Sacrifice Rituals carried out in INDIA:

        Please do research for more evidences.

        * The only thing you were right about your defending statement was “Huma is a Muslim”

        I feel sorry for you. But you tried so hard to defend your beloved country, Huma, Hillary and yourself and failed. But do fact check and have evidences before defending, or you will regret and feel disappointed.

        India is a great nation for lot of its facts, but it’s people keep covering up the facts only makes it less greater.

        God Bless You. God Bless America.

        • Good research and interesting question. Why is she going to India?

        • Anonymous says:

          Here is why your comments pissed me off. They come off as ignorant and racist.

          First of all, yes their family are ethnically Indian, but they have adopted a foreign culture and are Saudi nationals who have fully embraced Islam and even its more extreme elements of jihad, etc. She spent almost no time in India and is basically a Saudi. Technically I was not wrong. If you want to look at a people who are much more often sexually and martially deviant, look no further than the Saudis.

          Secondly, I have been to India 8 times. I am a white American, yet was raised in a Hindu tradition. If you knew how incredibly large the Indian population is, you would realize that these incidents are statistical anomalies, likely occurring even less often than in many other countries. Yes, I am aware that in pagan societies (and frankly Abrahamic ones too), sometimes certain cults go south and resort to the deepest darkest aspects of their past, but again this is such a rarity that it is laughable you paint this as if it is a norm.

          Your use of the term “guru” is incorrect. You are using it in a colloquial sense that has no meaning in the country of origin. People do not call their “advisors” gurus in India. This is a flip of the term the West has created. Only spiritual teachers with an direct bond to students are given this title.

          I feel sorry for you because of your deep level of ignorance. Your disparaging insinuations about a gigantic nation with thousands of different cultures do not hold true.

          I hate Hillary and Huma. Let’s clear that up now.

        • Anonymous says:

          Also, it appears that you didn’t notice that several of the links you posted are referring to the same story. Look into the Thuggees. You will be able to lay most of these crimes at their feet. It is ignorant to call what are basically a satanic lawless mafia cult anything close to the norm in India. OK? Ironically this cult became their murderous once they merged with Islam.. so isn’t that interesting.

        • Anonymous says:

          One final comment from me.

          I read all of these links and reports. I even dug a little deeper than you did. I guess you are not aware that Tantric religion is considered extremely taboo in most of Indian society, both by Hindus and Muslims, even the more tame stuff to an extent. So I am not particularly shocked that this very minor tradition in India has some crazy backwards adherents.

          I did the numbers. The highest estimate was 2500 people killed in a 10 year period. Let’s be generous and make that double, just to stay safe. In fact, let’s double it again. Let’s say 10k people were killed in human sacrifice in India in the last 10 years. 10,000/1,324,000,000 = 0.000755287009063 % of the population. I bet you anything the percentage is higher even in the US of A. So, long story short, I don’t think your weird prejudice against Indian culture is really warranted.

  4. Rossa says:

    Things seem to be getting to the point where the video will drop as Q has said on 8Chan. On Conservative Treehouse, Sundance links to Tracy Beanz (she used to follow Q at one point). Her Twitter feed links a section of Comey’s new book to unreleased material found on the laptop by the NYPD. It appears to have been covered up by Loretta Lynch, basically by threats over the death of another person. Complicated business……

    Another change of perspective from Q. It wasn’t Scalia that LL was to replace. He says HRC would have appointed someone else (who?), then Ruth Ginsberg would step down and LL would step up to get her reward at the Supreme Court (for suppressing the video). Memes spreading about the Tarmac meeting.

  5. bikermailman says:

    Much of the internet, including twitter, was reported to be down yesterday, just sayin’. As for the video, maybe it’s Cabal just knowing certain types won’t be able to resist. Embedded in the file is malware, deep planting of ‘proof’ of your ‘crimes’, to be hauled out on you at a time of your inconvenience, something like that.

    I used to really believe that ‘Two Girls, One Cup’ was the Internet Age’s snipe hunt. As the video rolls, I’m still convinced that at the last second, they look at the camera and say ‘psych!’. No such luck. As for the Shrillary video, maybe legit, maybe not. Assume it is, and set aside legalities, but realize this, as I learned with TGOC, some things once seen, cannot be unseen.

    Mary, I think Huma is Egyptian.

    • Good points. I really feel like everyone should see anything like that, and the more horrible the more they should look, but the legal jeopardy will be real, and we always have to be paranoid.

      • John Morris says:

        Nah, don’t worry about the cops brah. If they can penetrate your (one presumes) sensible safe surfing precautions I really don’t think a cop will be showing up at your door. You will wish it were only a cop wanting to put you in general population as a child porn junkie.

    • Anonymous says:


      • bikermailman says:

        Two Girls One Cup. If you don’t know, don’t look for it. It’s no snipe hunt, it’s depraved. Again, you can’t unsee some things.

  6. anne harris says:

    NYC Police Officers have come forward to say the heinous tape made them vomit and cry. It will surface if it’s out there. And it’s authenticity can be easily proved. Woe to those that abuse God’s innocent.

    • It might not. My main goal with this is to make you suitably paranoid for the age we live in.

      I have pictured being a cop with access, and trying to figure out how I would get it. I don’t fully know the procedures they’d use to secure it, but if I had access in Weiner’s Apartment as part of the search team, and found it first, and was alone, maybe I could have shifted the time setting on the computer, stuck in a thumb drive, burned a copy, and then shifted the time back.

      But I see two things. You have to be paranoid. That apartment was probably covered by a surveillance team embedded permanently in a neighboring unit to monitor Huma and Weiner’s day to day, which monitored the search, maybe even using thru-wall radar or thermal imaging (maybe through the floor or ceiling), and they would have seen me do it. In which case I would have been really fucked. And I mean really fucked, based on a machine that nobody would even believe is out there.

      And two, once that drive was in the hands of a supervisor who was senior enough that he knew what was out there (which would probably be immediately), he would be thinking as paranoid as I was, and he would be really afraid of ending up on the shit list of a machine that can essentially hijack any law enforcement apparatus to make your life hell, and which has apparently killed an inconvenient asshole here and there.

      I’d probably still try to sneak something, but I also recognize it is possible nobody was able to. And truth be told, given how they have people everywhere, I would not be surprised if it was already wiped.

      But I do think it reasonable to conclude it is out there, just based on how the system seems to be reacting to a rumor it got out.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Google was down late nite on the 15th..i think others were’re on point except there are 2 or 3 hrc vids/ BIG things will come by nov 2018,to assure Trump is reelected and dems are forever done…bet

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