British Youth Are Going For Knife “Scores”

K-selection closing in:

LONDON teens are stabbing each other to earn kudos on the streets in a dangerous scoring system, it has been claimed.

The shocking points system, known as Scores, reportedly sees teens earn points for each person they stab – earning them credit among the gangs taking over the city.

The “Knife-Score Challenge!” I thought youth peaked with the condom through the nose challenge, but somehow they have found an even better game.

Notice these types of violent things will not develop among groups of young men in ultra-rich areas of Beverly Hills. There, amygdalae will be in a relaxed state, and the shock of a stab will not be seen as amygdala-relaxing unless there is some major cognitive dysfunction going on.

But go to a poorer area, where amygdalae are lit up by shortage, choose a population of migrant r-strategists, whose expectations of free resources will make their amygdalae trigger even more at the shortage, and you will find amygdalae on edge. Those amygdalae will be looking for an opportunity to do violence, to relieve the stress. For them, a stab is a distraction from the irritation they always feel, and it offers the amygdala a little respite.

I do not understand fully why amygdala activation drives violence. I am reminded of a quite grotesque experiment over a century ago with a woman who had electrodes implanted in her brain around her amygdala. They turned up the electrical stimulation, and she said something like, “Oh please stop, I just want to break everything and hit everyone! I can’t control myself, please turn it off!” For some reason, a drive to violence is a natural outgrowth of that agitation of the amygdala. It is hardwired in.

Of course this type of psychosis is what you get now, when these people are fed. All that is agitating their amygdala is an instinctual assumption that they should be living a lifestyle of the rich and famous on a megayacht, contrasted with the fact they only have a free apartment and food. When that free apartment and food are gone, amygdalae will really amp up and the real violence will begin.

Spread r/K Theory, because your amygdala is agitated these days

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8 Responses to British Youth Are Going For Knife “Scores”

  1. Jaded Jurist says:

    How would you say this desire to amass scores differs from a K desire to amass rabbit scalps?

    Also while we’re at it, what about “cutting” the form of self-harm that, it seems, only the most loser rabbits do to themselves when they’re unhappy?

    • I am not sure it is different. It is all amygdala, all that will differ is the start point, the stop point, and the redlines. Rabbits start earlier, because their amygdalae expect free resources, so anything short of that is triggering the amygdala, and that begins the drive to violence. Wolves are tolerant of hardship, so we start later. We won’t kill leftists now, but if things get bad enough, we will. Rabbits stop sooner as things heat up, because their amygdalae aren’t ready for the really high gear functioning. Wolf amygdalae are just getting warmed up when the rabbits are so overloaded they need to flee.

      I think cutting is a distraction for rabbits whose amygdalae need distraction, either because of how bad everything around is, how depressive everything inside is, or some combination of that. It is a brief stimulus which grabs the amygdala, and blinds it to everything else. Add in the endorphins from the pain, and it is a little escape.

  2. ellone says:

    UK shitlibs are among the world’s worst shitlibs. No one deserves to burn more.

  3. Johnny Caustic says:

    “I do not understand fully why amygdala activation drives violence.”

    My conjecture: In times of shortage, I think it’s part of an instinctual hierarchy-building process among groups of men. It’s an effective way to build cohesive groups that can use collective violence to compete for resources (raiding parties, shakedown gangs, and occasionally all-out tribal warfare). It seems pretty obvious why humans would have evolved such an instinct.

    After all, how do violent male hierarchies get built? Boot camp and organized sports are much more civilized versions of Scores, of course, and they’re viable even in times of plenty, but they evolved with civilization as a way to harness this aspect of human behavior. In times of shortage, instinct compels men to form these hierarchies if they don’t already have an established mechanism for doing so.

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