Jesus Campos, Security Guard Shot By Paddock Not In Security Guard Database

From the comments:

Supposedly every security guard in Nevada armed or not must be registered in the State in a public database and the security guard Jesus Campos, the security guard who first encountered Paddock and was shot, is not on it.

Meanwhile the new timeline may not be right either:

Authorities revised the timeline of mass shooter Stephen Paddock’s actions leading up to the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

Parent company of the Mandalay Bay, the hotel in which Paddock perched during the shooting, questioned the new timeline, which says Paddock shot a hotel guard minutes before the mass shooting itself.

The new account opens the possibility that the attack may have been mitigated or prevented altogether.

A day after authorities revised the timeline of events on the night of the Las Vegas mass shooting, the hotel where the gunman was staying is casting doubt on the changes.

It also opens the possibility that Paddock had something much bigger planned, and the security guard and the engineer interrupted his preparations and forced and early start, before he was ready.

And no brain tumor:

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo told the Las Vegas Review-Journal an autopsy of Paddock’s brain revealed no abnormalities as of Tuesday, tamping down theories that the mass killer had a disorder or brain tumor.

Supposedly there is another timeline coming on Friday.

The security guard may not have been a security guard, he may have been shot before the shooting started, or after, the shooter is a total unknown, the Casino heard there was a shooting, and didn’t call the Police for at least six minutes, because a guy shooting an assault rifle down a hallway was not that big a deal or high a priority, and the two people who know him best are claiming they had no idea anything was even the least bit off about him.

I know law enforcement doesn’t have to tell the public anything, and probably shouldn’t until they know what has happened, yet somehow this is not breeding confidence we will ever find out why this nutjob went and committed the deadliest US mass shooting in history.

Which means anything is possible, and for the next fifty years the entire episode will be an endless stream of conspiracy theories, any one of which might actually be true.

And in the back of my mind, I wonder what would have happened if you had caught a man this evil at the moment he started shooting, brought in a team of exorcists, and begun an exorcism. That is how disordered everything is.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because the whole world is devolving into chaos

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  2. Cecil Henry says:

    I’m still asking basic questions. Like do all the bullets shot match the guns that Paddock shot???

    ARe the victims bullet entries consistent with one shooter?? Very basic police work right?

    • That poor ballistics team. 2000-3000 bullets probably, minimum, and each has to be double checked by two techs against probably 8 or 9 exemplars from Paddock’s weapons.

      And the bullets have to be found first.

      I couldn’t complain if that took a while.

  3. Ann K says:

    How you’ll the examine his brain if it was splattered all over the headboard and wall?

  4. Pitcrew says:

    We can really just look at the data at this point. If data online isn’t being edited either the group of Feds conspiring isn’t big or talented enough. Now here is a kicker, drink your coffee or 5-hour energy b/c Health Ranger describes actual data from the shooting. Save the vid too, youtube may pull it. Using his data, there is unimpeachable audio evidence of a second shooter, if you calculate the delay between impacts and bursts using a 7.62×39 round instead of a .223 then it would appear that this 2nd shooter is roughly the same distance as the .223 shooter, which could be INSIDE the Mandalay Bay. That doesn’t mean Campos (or the maintenance worker) were shooters, but they could easily be part of a team trying to catch a 2nd or even 3rd shooter. Or not, who knows. Remember video evidence for that floor conveniently doesn’t exist.

    • Pitcrew says:

      Also the “maintenance guy” has the look of security, rookie security. And he appears to be on some type of possible downer to help him with a practiced story. If these were undercover rookie Feds, who goofed, trying to catch an ISIS arms deal gone wrong the Feds and MGM would parade the rookies out like this. Remember, Paddock used a service/maintenance elevator, that’s confirmed.

    • The Police seemed pretty vexed when the last report came out saying Campos was involved. My take was they were sure he had done his duty helping officers on the scene, and irritated about the rumor. But until a final report is released, anything is possible.

  5. Ned Flanders says:

    I’m willing to explain away Mr. Campos as not really being an official security guard on his HR record. Just a dude who roamed the building as a facilities gofer and exaggerated his job title.

    I think that I read it here first, I’m starting to be swayed by the idea that Paddock was getting an arms deal set up.

    Then while on his meds., he got triggered by the country music and spontaneously went on a rampage.

    Pure guesswork obviously, but everything about this incident smells.

  6. Maple Curtain says:

    No one in the general public has any idea who was responsible for that shooting. We don’t even know whether Paddock was the dead body in the room. US FEDGOV has zero credibility with the public now, post-Obama, so it is naive to the utmost to blithely repeat the line that Paddock was the shooter.

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