Krauser’s Book Daygame Infinite Covers r/K Theory

r/K is now a major topic in pickup. Krauser’s brand new guide to game, Daygame Infinite features r/K psychologies as a major part of his analysis of pickup.

First, I am not a player, and I want to see Western Civilization reproducing using the K-strategy. But my position on game is that every K-strategist should study it and practice it before marriage. The long-term goal of a K who hates the left in this world is the life partner and family, because that is how we defeat the left.

For men that will happen one of two ways. A high school sweetheart you marry and lots and lots of luck, or you have to learn game, meet and date lots of women, and select your long-term mate carefully from a plethora of candidates. Warren Beatty saying he was never afraid of marriage, he was afraid of divorce comes to mind. Anything else is pure Russian Roulette in today’s r-selected environment.

But to do that, you must have the ability to meet women easily and often, and engage them in ways that will render them open to dating you. Krauser’s London Daygame model of pickup will allow you to meet many more women, turn those meetings into dates, and thus have a much greater likelihood of being able to meet a K-selected girl looking for a loyal, long-term relationship.

In addition, if you master game to the point you can get almost any woman in the sack, you are a walking K-strategy detector. Two guys who have got game are Donald Trump and George Clooney. Both hit on every woman they came across, and then married the one who said no. When Donald met Melania, he was with another date. He famously made a play, and Melania rebuffed him, which I suspect was, in reality, a first test passed. Clooney was the same. Amal blew him off, and that piqued his interest.

Although they may or may not admit it, my guess is that rebuffing is what they were looking for in a potential long-term girlfriend who might qualify as a wife. When you bring game, and in their case A+ pre-selected billionaire celebrity fame game to a girl, and she not only doesn’t get giggly and diminish her boundaries, but she coolly rejects you, you have a high likelihood of having just detected a K-psychology who is looking for a husband. As Melania shows, in this world that is more valuable than gold. Krauser even discusses that some girls will not be seducible even by those with impeccable game, and are designed to marry one man:

Those are the women you are looking for. But you can’t, without trying arduously, find them and tell them from the rest.

So I strongly support the pickup community developing their art, spreading it, and dissecting the science. It will help young K-strategists, who I feel need it immensely.

I do disagree with Krauser on whether the player lifestyle should be a goal. I see the war for the West as a calling, so I would encourage all K-strategists to seek an ultimate goal of family and children raised with the K-strategy, to populate the West. But God puts us where He wants us, and I suppose if you have Samurai, you will have Ronin floating about taking challenges, and developing their styles as well. I don’t doubt Krauser is part of the plan, even if he is still not settled down.

Now some thoughts on Krauser’s book. There are guys who do things naturally without thinking. Jack Johnson was reportedly a natural at slipping punches. With just a brief lesson, one trainer said he didn’t see why Johnson would ever be hit, with the way he moved naturally. Donald Trump would probably have been persuasive if he hadn’t studied hypnosis. Likewise Krauser has bits in his book where I see things he is doing to amygdalae that will naturally adapt those who read it into more attractive mate prospects as men, and I do not know if he is even conscious of the mechanisms he is tripping. Case in point:

By using the stoplight analogy, look what he does. Suppose a guy approaches a girl after reading “Fifty Ways To Make Any Girl Instantly Love You,” and he expects success. He begins trying lines, they fail, and now he is getting nervous that he will be rejected. That is amygdala. That potential rejection is also a violation of expectation, because those lines were supposed to work, so now he is two in the hole, with the failure, and the expectation violation. His amygdala is lighting up because it is all going wrong. That desperation, and rising amygdala, will show and now the girl really finds him repulsive. Girls go cold in the face of desperation and nervousness.

But you approach a girl, probe for the stoplight, see it, and then recognize it’s not going to advance and back off, and the stress is relieved, for both you and the girl. You have no violation of expectation. She senses you aren’t pushing to get her in the sack, which is a relief to her, and you relax because this one isn’t going to hop right in the sack – and you are expecting that, so the entire interaction’s amygdala drops to zero. Using r/K to explain why there are girls with green lights and red lights only adds an intellectual foundation to knockout advice for approaching girls.

Even the Mystery Method treated girls as interchangeable, and merely advised to go back and repeat previous parts of the seduction process, to get back on track, which would generate amygdala if failure presented itself. Saying some girls will immediately go for it, and some will not work out, so you should relax around them, makes excellent sense from the amygdala-perspective.

I also found this interesting:

I have long thought Alpha/Beta was missing something. That something is societal context. In LA today, Audie Murphy, one of the most decorated soldiers in WWII, would enter a club and seem Beta to pickup artist Mystery. Audie might even walk out in disgust, and be classified as Omega.

But when Audie came back from WWII, the most decorated soldier in history, having subdued entire German military units by himself, everywhere he went everyone ceded the ground to him and he was the unquestioned Alpha. Likewise, drop pickup artist Mystery in a biker bar full of Hell’s Angels, where the wrong move can get you an Ambassador’s knife jammed into the back of your ribs, and he is not AMOGing anyone. He’s getting out of there before he is killed by someone who wants his silly fur top-hat as a trophy.

I think that a lot of women today who go r, would be going K in that scarier environment, and those r-women would find K-men more attractive for short term relationships as well. Put a girl in that biker bar, where she was slightly in fear for her life, and I would bet Audie Murphy with his trail of dead bodies and chest full of medals would find a lot of girls who would do anything to get him to view them as his girl, even if only for the night, so they could enjoy his protection. And once some girls judge a guy high value, the competition is on.

I am also fascinated that Krauser has found that in pickup, acting like a rabbit will actually attract the short-term mating women while being a success, or being daring, or exhibiting any indicator of K-status may turn their attraction for sex off, and cause them to seek to exploit such a man as a provider of free resources, while they pursue sex with rabbit-men on the side.

And yet, I know this. There is Josh Camacho, who had women stabbing each other over him. If he had been a dedicated martial artist, or played football, or worked a job in computer programming on the side, instead of being so aloof and demeaning, those girls wouldn’t have been as likely to fight over him and try to kill each other. And then there is Mystery, in his big poofy velvet top hat with a pink bow on it, mink coat, psychedelic shirt, red leather pants, and aviator goggles. He didn’t dress like James Bond for a reason.

Who would think everything you aspire to would be repulsive to a girl, and she would actually prefer an unemployed, rude, dirt-poor Cuban version of Woody Allen, with his name tattooed across his back? But it is true.

So in our rabbity world, take Krauser’s advice. If you want to attract rabbit women, you need to use the rabbit suite of behaviors and style to signal rabbitry to them. I would say act like a wolf, but that will just make the rabbit women rebuff you just like the K-women, and you would never be able to separate them. Notice Donald, a devoted and monogamous family man, projected the image of a promiscuous playboy when seeking a K-selected wife.

K-strategists cannot predict r-strategist behavior by imagining how a K would think, and projecting that on the rabbits. Which is why a K-strategist man needs game. He needs to expose himself to the r-strategist women so he can learn to spot them and avoid them as long term mates.

There are people in this world you need to exclude from your life. We all know there are assholes, and we don’t like them, but this is deeper. My Narcissist Bob was toxic. You hear the word toxic, but you have no idea what it means in that context, unless you meet someone toxic. Toxic people are toxic to life, and they can make it surprisingly difficult to extricate them from your life, once they get embedded.

I am grateful for having known Bob, because I can now spot his kind quite effectively in very little time and exclude them from my life with no remorse. Had I not known him, had I not plumbed those depths, I would be incredibly vulnerable. I am still amazed people go through life not knowing how to spot those kinds of people instantly. Because they are out there, just looking for lives to ruin.

Likewise, marriage requires you have some grasp of how to avoid the r-strategist women. The more partners a woman has, the more likely she is to not form that deep bond with a husband that makes a relationship last. And the more likely she is to be a narcissist who will screw up your life for some time to come.

You need that loyal, long-term bond. You do not want to wake up married to an r-strategist harridan who decides one day to take your kids and half your net worth, and move in with the ex-con who was mowing the grass across the street. Never is that more important than today’s r-selected world, where female r-strategists are everywhere, and the r-strategy is increasingly normalized.

And all of that ignores the ability of Game to keep women happy in a marriage, and prevent a divorce or separation.

That is why young K-strategists need Krauser’s book, and they need to develop his techniques. Indeed, K-selected Western Civilization’s survival may depend on these skills.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because without creating a new generation of Pedes, we are wasting our efforts

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16 Responses to Krauser’s Book Daygame Infinite Covers r/K Theory

  1. info says:

    ” There is Josh Camacho, who had women stabbing each other over him. If he had been a dedicated martial artist, or played football, or worked a job in computer programming on the side, instead of being so aloof and demeaning, those girls wouldn’t have been as likely to fight over him and try to kill each other.”

    As a sidenote this murderous behavior among women must be stopped. If capital punishment is to be applied it is to be applied to those women who attempted to murder others.

  2. Jaded Jurist says:

    EXCELLENT post.

    rofl @ that book cover

  3. everlastingphelps says:

    Two points — first, every man who isn’t a natural Alpha needs to learn game. Continuing to pay attention to the game world has strengthened my marriage, because it keeps my wife committed to the relationship. Why? Because of my second point.

    To say that the point of game is to get laid is simplistic. Getting laid is the most objective indicator of successful game, but it isn’t the point. Control of a woman’s emotional state is the point. That girl you want to bang will bang you if you have good enough game. But you can also get your grandma to agree to what you want for the both of you if you have good enough game. Your female boss can be managed if you have good enough game. The woman at the counter of the DMV will help you through your license problem if you have good enough game.

    Game isn’t about PIV. Game is about getting women to work in your joint best interest instead of their happenstance emotional interest.

  4. Pitcrew says:

    The Old Testament, ironically, teaches a little bit of game, because it teaches mindset.
    The ranking goes

    As a man you are ALWAYS elevated over woman. Anything else is sin. Even in marriage it is unique, there are instances were a husband can take a mistress and it is not adultery, but a wife must only sleep with her husband, anyone else is always adulterous. This current state of affairs were men feel henpecked or stressed out because of how the wife or girlfriend behaves is unnatural and not what God intended.

    Also, genetically K women don’t berate their man, and genetically K women aren’t casually dating at 28,29,30. Genetically K women know about the wall and are settled at 22 or 23. Just like Satan offering the apple, it is incredibly destructive to women to let them think their SMV is higher than it really is, put them in the workplace, and let them think they are equal to men. Your SMV drops every day ladies, don’t forget that.

  5. Andy says:

    This is another dumbass “get your dick wet” snake oil phamplet. Be a fucking degenerate that bangs sluts and feel yourself like some player. If any of these alpha dumbasses leave their groomed enviorment and enter an area where there is nothing of it, they ain’t alpha anymore. The most decorated soldier who kill whole armies with his bare hands will be a beta if he had to spend a day in a workshop where every beer bellied craftsman will know more about the task at hand. And whats on the cover? A tribe? An archtype of the warrior king? Fuck this degenerate shit.

    • I felt the same way when I first stumbled across Heartiste. That K-programming runs deep. But as Heartiste laid out the path he took, from pedestalizing white knight to expert on game, I began seeing things I had noticed that were strange, but I had never given them much thought. I began realizing that women think differently.

      Still the idea that you don’t just go out, win or lose, and then compete on your accomplishments for a mate by appealing to various women by being as nice as possible seemed repugnant. And yet, there was Skittles Man, and Bring Da Movies man, and Jumbotron man, and in some cases nice girls were genuinely helpless. Heartiste was on to something.

      As I have gone on, I have realized that Game is vital these days for K’s, both to find a mate, and to keep their wife happy, so their kids will be raised in a two parent family. And just conditioning yourself to not give a fuck is good too.

      I don’t support this lightly. The knowledge does help a lot of K’s, and I would not have a son without seeing to it he understood this.

      • dc.sunsets says:

        Data I trust show that as n rises for men as well as women, happiness in marriage declines.

        This means that 13 year old boys need to understand Game as an admonition to be fearless fishermen but to refuse to reel in every willing girl. A young man is sifting the sand for diamond, and bedding the throwbacks is its own error. A “keeper” may be the girl next door, or he may not encounter ANY in HS or college.

        Paradoxically, 13 year old girls should also be taught Game for the purpose of helping them better master their impulses and recognize when some asshole is employing seduction to simply boost his ego while defiling her which, in his eyes, is irrelevant to his “win.”

        If I had my way I’d put a bullet in the face of every man who games an otherwise sweet girl into the sack just so he gets his rocks off. It should be 365 day open season on such serpents.

      • dc.sunsets says:

        ZFG is oversold. For a happy marriage both husband and wife had damn well better cultivate oneitis. For each other.

        Life is ALL ABOUT outcomes. Being “outcome indifferent” is beneficial only in isolated circumstances.

        I strongly prefer reframing to ZFG as a strategy to cultivate fearlessness.

        PS: ZFG is the opposite of devotion, and devotion is the foundation of a marriage that goes the distance.

  6. Otodo says:

    This post seals the deal on the genius of r/K, IMHO. What other related material should i be reading to my 13 yr old daughter to get her game up?

    • everlastingphelps says:

      STD statistics by race, domestic violence rates by race, and the percentage of mixed race children with present fathers. Remember which culture coined the term “game” in the first place, and that it was coined as a human trafficking/pimping term.

    • I think it was Jonah Goldberg who pointed out that societies had absolute rules and mores about things for a reason. Girls need absolute rules burned into them, because they are the gatekeepers. In those teen years, when that first teen love is burning like a nuclear reaction, it is easy to let go and go with the moment. But once she sleeps with that first guy, if it doesn’t work out, (and it often doesn’t) she has one notch, which makes the second easier, and on and on, and suddenly she is rationalizing being a rabbit. And after two partners, the chance of a long lasting marriage is drastically lower.

      She needs burned into her that sense, that as emotions heat up, that is the path to ruin. It might help to have her read sites like Krauser’s and Heartiste’s, to see how many guys who will come off as cool, are viewing her as just an airhead who can be played right into the sack by players, and make her believe the only way to defeat those guys, and not let them win, is to hold to some absolute rule, even when passions are high. The truth is, I can imagine no better rule to find a K-strategist for long term marriage than abstinence until marriage. Rabbits will flee if she holds to that rule. And if she finds a shooter who is happy with it, she will be very likely to win in the end.

      But there is a lot of evidence that a lot of it is conditioned too. Girls, who as little children want Dad’s attention but don’t get it, and want it constantly, exercise those “want” pathways in the brain and develop to want that attention very badly. Girls who get Dad’s attention whenever they want it, and see the itch scratched immediately so they rarely feel it, feel that attention desire less. Their brain rarely exercises the pathways that produce the itch and they grow up much more independent, and are less prone to become obsessed with doing anything to gain a man’s attentions, and thus are less vulnerable.

      You can see how dad’s presence is like a K-selecting trigger, that puts her on her path.

      But giving her an idea of r/K is good too, because she will tend to look for wolves as potential mates, rather than rabbits.

      • Otodo says:

        Thank you all for the excellent advice. Fortunately, she is a natural-born and carefully-raised she-wolf. No signs of boy-fever and high standards in general. Only child. She is taking college classes, 1 per semester, in addition to tiny high school, studying to be a Biologist. Real eye-opener for her watching older kids fail out around her. Part of the reason is to mature her early during the teen years. We are reading the r/K book together. She is already very “conservative”. The critical moment will be when she falls for the 1st guy, how she handles that – so you are all helping me prepare her for that. My thanks.

        • Glad to hear it. A word on college when it comes – make her stay over the summer, or sign up at a school near home where summer credits can be transferred, and make her take major core courses alone, over the summer semesters. Like Orgo and Orgo Lab, Genetics, Cell Bio, Biochem, Biochem Lab, etc. When she focuses on them alone in the summer, she will get better grades, and then when she goes back in fall and spring, while he friends are trying to portion out time to a full course load, she will be able to get better grades in the remaining courses since she won’t be screwing around with a major core course, and she may even have free time for fun. When classes are curved, (and all are these days) that will let her easily dominate the curve. Big difference.

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