More European Catastrophism By Those Who See Reality

“If” there is a minor economic downturn, it will all collapse:

The European Union is eroding from its periphery and it is collapsing in pieces even in Germany and France. It is highly fragile and if real recessionary winds blow the EU will start to crumble at a faster pace…

“The Stability and Growth Pact has more or less failed. Market discipline is done away with by ECB interventions. So there is no fiscal control mechanism from markets or politics. This has all the elements to bring disaster for monetary union…

…Cloaking it all is obfuscation, political mendacity and endemic denial. Leaders of the heavily indebted states have misled their voters with soothing bromides, falsely suggesting that some form of fiscal union or debt mutualisation is just around the corner…

…Prof Issing slammed the first Greek rescue in 2010 as little more than a bailout for German and French banks, insisting that it would have been far better to eject Greece from the euro as a salutary lesson for all. The Greeks should have been offered generous support, but only after it had restored exchange rate viability by returning to the drachma.

In other words, the whole thing is coming down, in a big way, and you know the hordes of Muslims must have some role which the elites have planned out for them. All because people can’t seem to grasp that you can’t spend limitless amounts of money that you don’t have, and do it forever.

The problem is human psychology. Evolution had to program us to seek the easiest path. In K-selection you had to seek out the path most likely to let you survive, in order to live and pass on your genes. But once things turn r, mankind ends up doing all sorts of stupid things in search of ever more ridiculous amounts of ease, like welcoming Muslim invaders and paying them off instead of fighting them off, bailing out bankrupt countries instead of throwing them out and letting them endure the consequences, and capitulating to neurotic Social Justice Warriors rather than dealing with them and leaving their skulls mounted on sticks outside the town borders as a warning to others.

I am quite certain that K will morph as time goes on and evolution wears away the weaker Cuckservative-esque forms. Eventually it will evolve into a psychology that maintains its K-frame even in the face of mind-numbing wealth and ease.

But between now and then, we clearly have an economic Apocalypse and a lot of Darwinian Selection ahead of us.

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  2. “Eventually it will evolve into a psychology that maintains its K-frame even in the face of mind-numbing wealth and ease.”

    IMO, this should be the political goal for the next century. We need to structure our societies, institutions, and governments to encourage K-selection and prosperity simultaneously. Imagine how powerful and successful such a nation would be. Of course, r/K theory would have to go mainstream and become the foundation of academic & practical politics for this to be possible.

    • I think it is inevitable in the long term. But what is needed is the Apocalypse, because if it is as bad is it appears, then people will be K-ified, and want to institute measures to keep people K-ified out of fear of another Apocalypse. It is then r/K can step into the void.

      In short that will require threshold level of K that will be enough to institute the harsh culling of rabbits that will maintain that threshold of K, combined with the knowledge of how to do it.

  3. Robert What? says:

    I’m awfully confused. The taxpaying producers are getting demoralized and dropping out. The tax consuming parasites are starting to outnumber them. My question is: where do the elite think the money is going to come from to fund their grand vision?

  4. ACThinker says:

    Sorry to disagree, but the struggle between r/K will never end. Even with a ban on immigration, it is carried in every r population some submerged, unactive K. In every K population, there is latent r waiting for the time when the resources are high enough.

    Even with a eugenic push to eliminate any trace of r, it will be there waiting to come out. Even if a bunch of K’s got together and made a Mars colony and band immigration.

    I was going to put something here how males tend to be more K oriented and females more r. Having to do with competitiveness, reproductive life spans, etc. But I passed as I’ve not worked it out fully.
    But just as one example. Child hood sports – the push for all kids getting trophies(r) comes from the mothers, not the fathers. The kids themselves know who really won (K) in these scoreless games.

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