No Rules – FISA Court Advisor Was Cut Out Of Loop, Strzok Was Texting From SCIFs

An interesting tidbit:

An attorney selected to advise the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court says he might have recommended against surveilling former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. But he was never asked for an opinion.

John Cline was one of the first people designated by the shadowy court’s judges as eligible to advise them on privacy and other intelligence collection issues, but he was not consulted on the Page case — or any other — during his two years on the amici curiae roster.

Cline served as an on-call expert alongside five others when the FBI and Justice Department sought a warrant to spy on Page, a businessman who had worked in Russia, on Oct. 21, 2016. The government received the warrant the same day, and later three 90-day renewals.

I’m sure that was no accident. That was procedure, and probably not just in the sketchy warrants like the Trump FISA Warrants.

There are no rules anywhere anymore. Nobody even makes an effort to adhere to the rules, nor is there ever any consequence for failing to do so:

The CFPB’s Office of Inspector General has issued a report indicating that, in performing an audit of the CFPB’s encryption of data on mobile devices issued to staff members, the OIG found the CFPB had not yet completed all of the steps previously identified by the OIG to address the risk created by unaccounted-for-laptops. Because of the sensitive nature of the information, the OIG only made an executive summary of the report publicly available.

According to the summary, the CFPB has been unable to provide a full accounting of all laptops that have been assigned to users since the CFPB’s establishment. In June 2016, the OIG issued an “early alert memorandum” to the CFPB in which the OIG identified a number of steps the CFPB should take to gain assurance that the unaccounted-for-laptops did not prevent an unacceptable level of risk to the CFPB and to strengthen technical controls over protecting sensitive data.

Then there is this:

Released texts between Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who ran the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email server, and his lover, FBI attorney Lisa Page, reveal the strong possibility that Strzok used his cell phone in a SCIF — a strict violation of protecting classified information.

Such a breach would compromise Strzok’s ability to probe Clinton for mishandling classified info and show a lack of awareness about security breaches, which is what he was tasked to investigate. The text messages that the Senate released Wednesday show that Strzok texted his mistress on Aug. 11, 2016, “We’re in Jims SCIF.”

SCIF stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, and it is where the most sensitive classified material is kept and story. SCIFs strictly bar all electronic equipment and require all people place their phones in lockers before entering.

He is pretty specific about being in the SCIF, and he is strangely blasé about just whipping out his phone and shooting out a text. SCIFs do not allow electronic devices, cameras, memory devices, communication devices, or anything similar. There will sometimes be an area outside the SCIF where the electronic devices people tried to bring in the SCIF are nailed to the wall, through the screen, to remind people, and those who were caught are subject to loss of clearance, and maybe criminal charges, as well as extensive investigations by counter-intelligence. Violating SCIF rules is a big deal.

This is bizarre for another reason, because SCIFs should be shielded so there can be no transmission into or out of them, meaning Strzok shouldn’t have been able to text. One possibility would be if FBI uses a special app to send texts, perhaps encrypting them for security reasons, and when possible sending them over FBI Wifi for further security when in FBI headquarters, (and probably archiving them for records laws). But the SCIF should be shielded from WIFI too.

It is possible Comey ran a wifi antenna into the SCIF, maybe to transmit data to other members of the Deep State, and as a result, when Strzok’s phone received a text he just answered it without even thinking, sending the text. Nobody thought anything about him taking out his phone because they had a WIFI antenna in the SCIF, so everyone knew this was unusual circumstance where none of the normal rules applied.

Of course if one actor in any SCIF was working against that corrupt machine, say, for the NSA, they might also have been transmitting their own datastream.

One problem you have when conducting a conspiracy is conducting meetings. Surveillance these days can eavesdrop on just about anything from anywhere. This is why Obama likely had a “bubble,” or SCIF installed in his new house. In addition to shielding, and being established as free from any electronic monitoring devices, SCIFS have countermeasures that are designed to prevent any tech outside the bubble from hearing what is said within it. It is the one place where you can conduct a secure meeting.

If Deep State feared other actors in the intelligence community spying on them, they may have conducted remote meetings by climbing in their SCIFs at each facility, pulling in wired WIFI antennas behind them, and then linking up using laptops with encrypting software to secure the datastreams in between the SCIFs. It would be a hodgepodge, but when a meeting was needed, and everybody couldn’t be in the same SCIF, it might be better than using government comms which could have been compromised by the NSA, who is likely who set them up, and doing it in rooms which might have had tech installed since the last TSCM sweep of it.

Remember that when NSA discovered illegal surveillance orders and went to the FISA court to apprise them, FBI knew they were on their way and beat them to the punch, showing up just ahead of them, and acting as if they had just discovered it. FBI was up on NSA, monitoring their every move, and probably assumed NSA was actively trying to get up on them. That alone tells you everyone involved in this conspiracy was hip deep in some super-illegal shit that had everybody paranoid beyond measure. I cannot imagine the stress they are under now.

It would explain why Strzok and Comey were in the SCIF together hanging out, why Strzok had the ability to transmit texts, why he was so blasé about just whipping out his phone with Comey there and sending a text, and why Obama’s first order of business on buying a new house was to construct a bubble, even though there would not often be people there, and he isn’t even in government anymore.

There could have been ten FBI agents sitting at a conference table in that SCIF, updating Deep State via video conference on all the nefarious things the FBI was doing to advance Deep State interests, when Strzok was texting. That could have been discussing illegal surveillance, and even covering up Deep State crimes. And on the video conference could have been Lois Lerner from a secure room at IRS updating the team on what the IRS was doing, Muslim Communist John Brennan at CIA in a SCIF updating on how he was helping Europe be flooded with migrants and killing conservatives like Breitbart and Scalia, Hillary at State in her SCIF updating everyone on how they were all going to get rich from selling the US’s Uranium, Holder at Justice on how he was flooding assault weapons to the cartels, and Jeh Johnson at Homeland Security updating everyone on how well he was neutering Border Patrol and flooding the nation with MS-13. I’ll bet Obama has a laptop now with special encrypted video conferencing software inside his bubble, and other members of the conspiracy have their own bubbles and laptops. Of course with this heat, they may all be too paranoid to use them.

It is amazing how people in the government are just doing anything these days. It is like Caddyshack. Even more amazing, nobody is suffering any consequence for it. Hillary orders people to strip the classified headings, and send, via regular email, classified documents to her private server, which was actively being surfed by foreign powers. Strzok and Comey are texting together, and probably taking selfies in their SCIF. Obama is selling our Uranium, and using the intel services to support Hillary’s presidential campaign.

And who is under investigation for treason? Donald Trump, who never even talked with any Russian, and who is clearly 100% patriot to the core.

All of it is bad. Governmental power is growing exponentially, fueled by limitless resources, advances in technology we aren’t apprised of and can’t even imagine, and an incremental deterioration of mores and societal bonds as we become atomized and divided.

You can have things like a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, and enact all sorts of oversight bodies and procedures. But if your people are not motivated to enforce the rules, your nation will end no differently than any other Empire which collapses into corruption and then falls apart. And I am not sure even the God Emperor can turn back this tide, without changing the nature of every individual American.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because there are no rules anymore

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8 Responses to No Rules – FISA Court Advisor Was Cut Out Of Loop, Strzok Was Texting From SCIFs

  1. Anonymous says:

    On Trump/Russia

    Once Trump won the election, the DNC/Hillary wasted no time no time to enter damage control: Russia russia russia. They knew they themselves were in cahoots with russia and that this could come back to haunt them. So they charged first, hoping to discredit any future Hillary/Russia investigation.

    They never expected to prove any trump/russia collusion. That was never their purpose.

    The whole investigation is probably also damage control, give mueller a change to destroy evidence?

  2. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    If God Emperor Dolan fails (which I don’t think he will), then it’s time for USA to grab the pitchforks.

    See Germany:

    After I saw that, I could only think of this:

    The media is, in all the West, owned by jews for the most part, and in USA most reporters are jews, and they help cover up the globalist crimes and will invite the useful idiots of the West to start civil wars. So I can totally understand the sentiment on that Sportpalast crowd when that speech was made.

    Jews silence jews too, the ones that speak the truth and are worthy of our kindness:

    And for those that still don’t beleive there is a White genocide happening in the West as we speak, watch this:

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  4. Pitcrew says:

    This is basic stuff. Every cellular device has a GPS locator on it. If any phone call or text lines up the GPS coords of a SCIF then that’s a huge indicator of rule breaking, in essentially realtime.

    GPS coords of terrorist cellphones were probably used to guide GPS guided bombs (to the terrorists). The GPS is always on, even if the user tries to turn it off.

    This means that everybody in, or working on Comey’s SCIF is probably compromised for them to allow this happen.

  5. Robert What? says:

    As an aside, the Deep State operatives involved with this, including Hillary, have been so cavalier with highly classified information that the Russians, Chinese, Israelis, etc must have all the US classified information they could possibly ever want. They must be thinking what utter boobs inhabit the US Deep State.

  6. SteveRogers42 says:

    Smiert Shpionem.

  7. Mr Darcy says:

    ” […] Remember that when NSA discovered illegal surveillance orders and went to the FISA court to apprise them, FBI knew they were on their way and beat them to the punch, showing up just ahead of them, and acting as if they had just discovered it. FBI was up on NSA, monitoring their every move, and probably assumed NSA was actively trying to get up on them. […].”

    Actually, Admiral Rogers, the NSA head, TOLD the FBI that he was going to tell the FISA court what he had learned, and that’s why they raced off to beat him to the court. Joe di Genova has stated this publicly. And as you probably know, his wife, Victoria, is the Campbell fellow’s lawyer. She’s been prepping him for his testimony before a congressional committee or committees, but as you know, he’s been undergoing leukemia treatments so this whole process has taken a long time. But his testimony, which is now scheduled, should be dynamite.

    THANKS for this blog and for all that you do!

  8. Avalanche says:

    In addition to shielding, and being established as free from any electronic monitoring devices, SCIFS have countermeasures

    Y’all are probably too young to remember but:

    Cone of Silence!

    (A gazillon-year-old TV show called: Get Smart!)

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