Normalizing Bestiality – The Next Slip Down The Slope

We have followed a lot, as we observed the descent. All sorts of bizarreness has been normalized on the left, from homosexuality, to transexuality, to pedophilia, incest, and even public masturbation. Now we progress to bestialist movie reviews about Academy Award Winning bestialist movies, on HuffPost no less:

Then, Guillermo del Toro made “The Shape of Water,” a movie about a mute woman who falls in love with and ultimately makes love to a strapping humanoid amphibian, and it won the Best Picture Academy Award this past Sunday. I immediately thought of Brenner.

Never have I longed more for “Ass,” the movie.

In 1970, when Brenner was a college sophomore, he was given open access to the now-defunct theme park Floridaland near Sarasota to take photos for a book about the dolphin show. There, he claims, Dolly the dolphin began courting him.

“She would rub her genital slit against me,” he says in “Dolphin Lover.” “And if I tried to push her away, she would get very angry with me. One time, when she wanted to masturbate on my foot and I wouldn’t let her, she threw herself on top of me and pushed me down to the 12-foot bottom of the pool.”

After some time, Brenner and Dolly consummated their relationship — he vertical, she horizontal — but Brenner eventually moved away and Dolly was sent to an aquarium in Mississippi, where she later died.

Brenner is a thinking person’s zoophile. He draws a careful distinction between zoophiles and mere bestialists, noting in “Dolphin Lover” that the latter “might just have sex with an animal and walk away,” while the former “is someone who has tender or caring emotions for their animal partner…”

Oh, so there are differing levels of the insanity. I never would have known.

In the documentary, Brenner explains that he believes his zoophilia is the result of the “very intense physical and sexual abuse” he claims to have suffered in early childhood at the hands of psychologist Albert Duvall, a student of the controversial psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. “I think I found animals to be a safe and secure repository for my sexual desires,” he says in the movie.

Brenner also draws parallels between current anti-bestiality laws and the anti-miscegenation laws of the 19th and 20th centuries because, as he says in the documentary, “150 years ago, black people were considered a degenerate sub-species of the human being. … And I’m hoping that in a more enlightened future, zoophilia will be no more regarded as controversial or harmful than interracial sex is today.”

Clearly you can see where the next step is – dolphin sexbots. All the pleasure of having sex with a dolphin, but none of the stress of wondering if it is going to mistake your manhood for a mackerel, and rip it off. I imagine there will be other animal sexbots too. To say nothing of the animal bordellos we would undoubtedly see. They’d be just like petting zoos, according to the leftists.

The left is nothing, if not degeneracy.

These are things which were never meant to walk the earth. Darwin was designed to cull them long before it got even near this bad. It is a measure of the degree of r-selection, that mankind has created such ease and such bounty, that he is actually overriding what are very specific design constraints of the human machine that are supposed to be imposed by the very world we live in.


Spread r/K Theory, because the left’s degeneracy knows no bounds

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  1. Pitcrew says:

    Leviticus 20:15-16

  2. WCC says:

    They say everything was available in Weimar Germany, including “animal bordellos”. They also say this enraged Germans and was part of Hitlers rise to power in an attempt the drive out the degeneracy flourishing under ” rootless cosmopolitan” political, banking and especially media influence. I wonder if the influence, whispering and manoeuvres to protect and nourish the elites preferred emvironment is like some sort of contagion for the rest us. Some seem to be developing resistance. They will seek to destroy this of course. You have to marvel at the virulence and persistence of their will to dominate.

  3. Have you ever considered writing another book that is all of your blog posts? It would be great.

  4. English Tom says:

    Dolphin sexbots. Given the (still increasing) level of insanity and utter degeneracy that characterise our age, we’ll probably be seeing these soon. God almighty!

  5. Phelps says:

    These are things which were never meant to walk the earth. Darwin was designed to cull them long before it got even near this bad.

    Maybe, maybe not.

    (DANGER — Q level mind-bending ahead)

    • HHmmn. Vault-Co, based on his readings in anthropology and the movement of saps into Europe, hypothesized that in his model, humans were genetically engineered by the Melonheads to eradicate the Neanderthals. Even though he is quite prescient on a lot of things, I always blew it off, since how could you create something to radically different without modern science.

      It is getting to the point you have to be careful in trying to understand the world too closely, because the closer you get to understanding the real reality, the more it seems to bend the mind to a point that all potential realities, both the real and even some versions that are impossible, appear similarly likely. Understand reality, and suddenly anything seems possible, and the least probable is the reality.

    • mobiuswolf says:

      That can’t be true or most folks would be shit-flingers…… oh, ah .

  6. thordaddy says:

    The degenerate drive for radical sexual autonomy is near universal…

    Only because objective (S)upremacy is real…

    And a desire for (P)erfection is absolutely racist.

  7. Joe says:

    ‘Kinsey, Sex and Fraud: the indoctrination of a people’ by Dr. Judith Reisman and Edward Eichel, ISBN 0-910311-20-X

  8. thordaddy says:

    The r/K schism is not amendable. The former deny objective (S)upremacy. The latter remnant embrace (P)erfection. Para-sights ONLY SEE redundancy. To gorge oneself out of “house and home” is a pathological redundancy. There is no redundancy in what is objectively (P)erfecf. And because “separation”
    Is verboten under “universal equality,” one’s options are now annihilation (eaten out of house and home) and/or eradication (annihilate the para-sights)?

  9. Iprefertostayanonymous says:

    Frank Kameny – one of the biggest and first homosexual activists – openly said he wanted to normalise beastiality. Not to mention that a good chunk of homosexuals are also pedophiles.

    So nothing new nor surprising here.

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