Is Trump About To Purge His Administration Of Cabal Members?

Things seem to be heating up with Q. At the same time, we see this:

Even before he decided to launch a trade war and roll the nuclear dice by agreeing in the course of a West Wing afternoon to a risky sit-down with Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump was telling friends he was tired of being reined in. “I’m doing great, but I’m getting all these bad headlines,” Trump told a friend recently. A Republican in frequent contact with the White House told me Trump is “frustrated by all these people telling him what to do.”

With the departures of Hope Hicks and Gary Cohn, the Trump presidency is entering a new phase—one in which Trump is feeling liberated to act on his impulses. “Trump is in command. He’s been in the job more than a year now. He knows how the levers of power work. He doesn’t give a fuck,” the Republican said. Trump’s decision to circumvent the policy process and impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminum reflects his emboldened desire to follow his impulses and defy his advisers. “It was like a fuck-you to Kelly,” a Trump friend said. “Trump is red-hot about Kelly trying to control him.”

According to five Republicans close to the White House, Trump has diagnosed the problem as having the wrong team around him and is looking to replace his senior staff in the coming weeks. “Trump is going for a clean reset, but he needs to do it in a way that’s systemic so it doesn’t look like it’s chaos,” one Republican said.

Sources said that the first officials to go will be Chief of Staff John Kelly and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, both of whom Trump has clashed with for months. On Tuesday, Trump met with John Bolton in the Oval Office. When he plans to visit Mar-a-Lago next weekend, Trump is expected to interview more candidates for both positions, according to two sources. “He’s going for a clean slate,” one source said.

So basically the Trump we have seen thus far had training wheels on and relied on old-guard staff to keep things moving, and now the real God Emperor is ready to exit his chrysalis and begin really moving fast.

There may be more at work than we know in some of the replacements, as Q had said Trump needed to check out the captured communications in the classified NSA databases on a few of his cabinet members, because it appears a lot of people were under the control of the cabal, and a few may have made it into his administration. This would be a convenient cover story for a purge of compromised assets who were just waiting for a cabal go-sign to countermand his policies and orders.

Along those lines, I would also be preparing myself for the reality that many of the anti-Trump Cuckservative elites may end up warming beds at Guantanamo at some point, if this all turns out to be real. It never made any sense to me that supposed ideological conservatives like Bill Crystal or Jonah Goldberg would still be opposing Trump after Trump has done more to advance the conservative cause at this point than any President in history, including Reagan.

If they were planted assets put in place to try and control the right side of the political spectrum on behalf of the cabal, then their intransigence would make a lot more sense.

We shall see.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because a clean sweep that leaves the God-Emperor unencumbered sounds like an awful good idea

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9 Responses to Is Trump About To Purge His Administration Of Cabal Members?

  1. Robert What? says:

    With all due respect, Bolton is just another war hungry NeoCon. It would be a mistake to bring him into the administration.

  2. Otodo says:

    Popcorn time! Perhaps as you say AC, planted assets, I think just as likely is that they were compromised somewhere along the way rather than willing plants from the beginning. Goldberg strikes me that way – at some after Buckley was gone, he flipped hard – I think after his Liberal Fascism book. I fancy I have seen a similar process in DC people on the Republican side. You could watch it happening to Roberts.

    Petraeus strikes me at the rare patriot who refused to be compromised – when they moved against him with the honeypot, he outed himself and ended his career – I honor the man as a truly great American.

  3. Otodo says:

    Perhaps flipped hard is the wrong phrase – more like, constrained, neutered, compromised.

  4. Jeff Baxter says:

    Is Q “on” today?

  5. thordaddy says:

    Trump has two choices:

    Be lauded by the genuine white (S)upremacist as an stable ally…

    Or be hated by all.

    He is riddled with the pathologies of the liberationist, but doesn’t hate his father. So his nationalism weighs greater than his desire for “equality.” He is also tends towards “perfectionism.” A natural (s)upremacist, he is ripe for conversion.

  6. WCC says:

    I suspect the Bill Crystals and Jonah Goldbergs will be staunch globalists till the last rather than mere “never trump ers”. This is not about conservative vs liberal, this is nationalists v globalists and the Cohns, Greenblatts, Crystals, Podoretz, Rosensteins and Zuckers recognise one nation only and it ain’t America.

  7. Michael says:

    Yeah, I’ve noticed it too, the Cohns, the SomethingBergs, the Steins and so on. However, if you explicitly identify the fact that all these people are Jews, and disproportionately so, to you get labeled as “literally Hitler!”

    At this point the only reason I don’t publicly call these people out is my desire to remain gainfully employed and secure from physical assault by mentally ill degenerates.

    Even now I’d be willing to forgive, if only they would just STOP.

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