On Friends, Enemies, and Mutual Respect

In the comments, Andy says that cops are not necessarily our friends:

And by the way, just because someone follows a k-strategy, that doesn’t make him similar to you or your ally of some sort. if a wolf pack shows up in the territory of another wolf pack, in the end of the day there will be just one wolf pack left. This is a match between armed and aggressive groups and to think the cops gona be buddy-buddy with ya just because you categorize them similar to you doesn’t mean shit for them. They are here to enforce the will of their pension payers.

This is a difference I note between psychologies. For some people, the very act of being opposed to someone is triggering, to the point of triggering hatred and disgust for who their opponent is as a person. For others, they can fight an enemy to the death without ever needing to demonize them. I think this is rooted in some people having a past of aggressive, if not violent competition among friends, conditioning the ability to separate competitiveness from hate, and others only having competed against enemies.

People say the Russians are not our friends, and so Trump should treat Putin as an enemy at all times. I get that the Russians are not our friends. We are nations competing against each other. But I respect Putin, and probably could get along with him quite well, even as we are likely to end up locked in competition in the international arena. I’ve known guys like Putin and I liked them immensely. That Putin and I are in a competition of some sort, as an American and Russian, doesn’t change who he is as a person. Trump seems to innately tend toward this type of worldview, where he competes fiercely but doesn’t hate.

Likewise I have had close friends who I have trained with in Martial Arts. When we were on the mat, we tried to destroy each other. I’ve had dislocated joints and broken bones that I got from friends, and I have given them broken bones. Injuries were always an accident of course, but it is a measure of how hard we fought, and how hard we tried to beat each other. After the fights, we would congratulate each other on any particularly sharp moves that caught us, and then head out together to a bar to enjoy each other’s company and have some laughs. If there was an injury, we apologized profusely, and we all understood it was a part of the game. It wasn’t personal, and what happened on the mat was not in any way related to what happened off the mat.

Now because of that experience, if I were in the military today in a war with another nation I would do whatever I had to, to kill the guys on the other side. But that doesn’t mean I’d hate them, or view them as worthy of killing in any context outside the necessity of the battlefield. I think it was Jeff Cooper who I remember saying one of the greatest ironies he always saw in war was that the guy you were trying to kill was probably the very guy you would have wanted to see date your sister.

So bringing it around to Law Enforcement and the Military, those of us on the outside of the US government machine may very well end up in conflict with them at some point. I am not entirely sure the US government hasn’t already been overthrown, and occupied covertly by some hidden force at the top which even most of the lower level rank and file enforcement guys don’t know about – and which at some point will openly initiate an overt dictatorship and clamp down on everyone outside the government. And if it did, I am not sure you could expect a K-strategist in government to sacrifice their family’s safety and effectively their children’s lives to oppose that.

These conflicts happen during periods of turmoil, such as we have coming. But one thing I want to see come from r/K is a recognition that K’s share something, even across hostile lines. Most of the turmoils where K’s end up faced off against each other arise from K’s not recognizing the differences between themselves and the r’s in their midst who are often giving them orders, and not recognizing the shared similarities between themselves and the K’s on the other side who they are being told to kill.

My ideal goal would be to see all K’s turn on and eradicate all r’s, and end up in a world where we could all compete freely based on merit, respectfully accepting of outcomes, while recognizing the game, and that none of it is personal.

But as far as cops being the enemy these days, that is just silly. 99% of the populace can call the cops with just about any reasonable issue, and the police will come out and immediately do whatever it takes to try and fix it. They aren’t doing that because they are cravenly serving their own purposes. They are doing it be3casue they signed on to help others in their community.

And in the 1% of the cases where they can’t rectify the situation, my suspicion is, it isn’t because they don’t want to, it is just a reality of the environment for the time being.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because only r-strategists are worthy of hate

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  1. American Graffiti says:

    This practically writes itself
    Why Transgendered ppl dye their hair… I’m sure it’s totally for the reasons given. (it’s not)

  2. Daniel Ream says:

    My ideal goal would be to see all K’s turn on and eradicate all r’s, and end up in a world where we could all compete freely based on merit, respectfully accepting of outcomes, while recognizing the game, and that none of it is personal.

    In other words, Heinlein’s Starship Troopers.

    But as far as cops being the enemy these days, that is just silly. 99% of the populace can call the cops with just about any reasonable issue, and the police will come out and immediately do whatever it takes to try and fix it.

    No. Sorry, but no. That’s just not how the psychology works. Cops are socialized from their first day on the force to be just as tribal as everyone else. There’s cops, and then there’s criminals. If you’re not a cop, you’re a criminal (or else they just haven’t caught you yet). This isn’t a conspiracy theory, any cop will tell you this in confidence. And most police are terrible at investigating any crime that isn’t immediately starkly open-and-shut; again, cops will outright tell you that they decide who likely did it from an initial report and then go look for evidence to confirm that rather than the other way around. It’s why you hear so many stories about completely innocent people getting put through an arrest or raid because of a clerical error or a false report or just an unjustified fishing expedition.

    If the laws governing police behaviour were any good and actually enforced, things might be different, but as it is you have a group of people given near-unlimited power over the citizenry with no real oversight. You shouldn’t be too surprised when you end up with the Stanford Experiment writ large.

    • I can’t speak on cops where you are, but I have never seen any cops like that. In fact, outside of a criminologist I knew, most cops seem to me much more likely to be called to a medical, or a victim of a completed crime than a crime in progress. There are lots of medical problems happening where I am, and not as many crimes in progress.

      Now it could be different in other areas. A cop who patrols a neighborhood filled with gangs, family of gangs, and anti-cop racists probably approaches the citizens on the street different, but again, I can’t blame him.

      As a general rule, if a cop shows up somewhere and you don’t begin telling him what to do and acting like you are in charge, I’ve never found them to get defensive.

    • Pitcrew says:

      Nearly every cop I meet, I like. It’s just what I observe. Now, cops that are crooked or breaking the law, that is innately triggering, almost as much as cops that don’t do their jobs but are more than happy to cash their paychecks.

      It’s the breakdown in law and order that is killing the West. Western Civ had very good legal systems, with English Common Law being the best. Violations of borders, drug distribution, wanton violence, corruption and fraud- and the non-enforcement of laws is allowing the West to be invaded and torn apart. Less traffic tickets (although people should follow traffic laws) and more Weinsteins getting arrested. What we need is a few good men who doggedly pursue justice.

  3. Jaded Jurist says:

    I’ll bet Andy thinks himself to be a Libertarian. There’s something really wrong with Liberturdians.

    Psychologist Jonathon Haidt, the only person left of center who I believe to be intellectually honest, studied attributes of adherents to various political philosophies. His findings:

    (1) Conservatives have low disgust thresholds, and less compassion than Liberals.
    (2) Liberals are the opposite: high disgust thresholds, high compassion.
    (3) Libertarians have the highest disgust thresholds of all, and also the lowest compassion* of all.

    It’s a mistake for conservatives to join forces with Liberturdians. They’re not like us. I once described them as people who prefer right-wing methods to achieve left-wing objectives. I’m probably pretty close to the mark.

    * During the speech in which he made this comment–to a gatherng of Libertarians–the audience laughed when Haidt brought up this point. Conservatives see our lesser compassion as a regrettable mark of pragmatism, Libertarians a mark of superiority. It makes me wonder if they are the ultimate narcissists. They’re so sure of their superiority that they actually think anarchy (sorry, “Anarcho-Capitalism”) is the fairest system for society. Nothing K about that.

    • Andy says:

      Besides that you lost your bet, you also show that youre mentaly not capable to handle the human condition and the motives and drives of others by calling Libertarians Liberturdians. Thats just pathetic. Its the same level of patheticness some people reach when they call ISIS Militants goat fuckers, cause otherwise they can’t put such motives into their pictureframe they have of the world. Its anesthetic and its theurapeutic.Youre not able to face reality for what it is.

  4. Jaded Jurist says:

    I realized my thought could be further fleshed out: the Libertarian dream of anarcho-capitalism is distilled evil.

    These people dream of a society in which there is no government (“anarcho”) but in which personal wealth (“capitalism”) is the goal.

    In other words, they view themselves so superior to everyone else that they desire a free-for-all existence in which they, the superior ones, can accumulate for themselves as much in resources as can be extracted lawlessly from the inferior creatures around them.

    That’s beyond animalistic or even narcissistic. That shit’s Satanic.

  5. Andy says:

    99% will call the cops and all of them bring a force to the fight that they can’t control. The cop isn’t the shane- or dirty harry type gunslinger that is the last stand between your family and evil, the cop is a armed buerocrat most often recruited from the lower levels of society. Police forces were always in history an instrument of oppression, often recruited from slaves, and a shiny badge today doesn’t turn some roided up 100 IQ average person in some white night hero standing against the forces of darkness. Its the same cultural trap you step in if you think French Farmers are K. The Human condition is more complex then black and white.

    • The Human condition is more complex then black and white.

      Says the guy who just said all cops are of one mold. Especially since I have known cops who were Fifth Dan, NRA, and diehard MAGA.

      • Andy says:

        I didn’t say “all cops are one one old”, i said cops are not your friend because the institution of police is in its nature not fit to be your friend. A cop will at some point harass people who are innocent by the nature of his job. If by some wonder the cop doesn’t do this, hes one datapoint and bitch about “oh you said all of X are one kind” is first semester socialscience bitching about worthless details that by some reason somehow you think you know better and now have to preach about. You know your one corner of america and thats not enough to frame a worldwide fitting social theory. The cop will enforce the laws of the cathedral, no way around it. He should be socialy isolated.

      • Andy says:

        Just look at any police corruption index in the western world and you will see the american sheepish worship of police as what it is. Compared to that other police forces in the west are not as corrupt, but criminaly incompetent. Just today the DailyMail ran a story on a suicide case after the dragged an innocent family threw the media as murder suspects. This is a police force fucking up big time, even as it not as big as a fuck up as rotherham for example where they covered it up that Paki Rape gangs were enslaving white girls. In England, the Cops are called filth for good reason, better ones then going by anecdotal evidance like “oh all the cops i know are totaly my bros and stuff”.

  6. Maple Curtain says:

    “We are nations competing against each other.”

    Oh? Why? Sounds positively mercantilist, and seriously outdated.

    America is not a nation, but it is a state with an internal market of 350 million (or so) people.

    America need not compete with Russia economically or militarily – US (((globalists))) are competing against Russia at both, but they are the less than 1%ers who are sociopathic and believe that the rest of humanity is meant only for cannon fodder and economic exploitation.

    The common man in Russia is not competing with the common man in America: all wars are (((banker’s))) wars.

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