r And K Are Relative

An interesting thought experiment:

Looking for something to be thankful for? Try this. You have it better than billionaire John Rockefeller (1839-1937) ever did.

Rockefeller founded the Standard Oil Co. and became one of the richest men in American history. When he died, he had a fortune worth around $1.4 billion, or $25 billion in today’s dollars.

He had more money. You have better stuff.

How many lights did you turn on today? Thomas Edison didn’t patent the incandescent light bulb until Rockefeller was in his 40s. There wasn’t an electrical grid, so small generators powered the first light bulbs. Today, electricity is an afterthought. …

There’s so much more. Your car, medical care, refrigerator and ability to travel all surpass what Rockefeller had. It’s incredible, but it wasn’t inevitable…

These mutually beneficial transactions — the calling card of free-market capitalism — create value. They’ve created so much value that you have a better standard of living than the richest man in America had just 80 years ago.

The incredible convenience, comfort, and pleasure which would have driven a human in Rockefeller’s time to go r is just commonplace today, and as a result, it has little r-driving effect. Amygdalae have adapted to see that level of pleasure as the normal baseline. Today the lack of any of that would be so unbearable as to instantly drive the nation hyper K in psychology.

The slide to r and K occur relative to what amygdalae have come to expect as normal. Given the massive comfort and pleasure that we have today, picture what a Roman-like collapse will do to amygdalae, and to the extent of the K-psychology in men.

K is coming back, but the truth is it never went far, because it is designed to stay close, no matter how pleasurable the world becomes.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because it is a shock relative to previous political theories

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4 Responses to r And K Are Relative

  1. Bob says:

    You must look at this video 😉


    The disgust on the leftist interviewer’s face as Katie Hopkins opens a can of concentrated K whoop-ass on him… He even reels back and looks just like the other pictures you showed in your “nasolabial fold” posts. He looks at her like she’s a snake about to bite. Fascinating.

  2. Andy says:

    Down the road lives a typical dog daddy cuck that i see sometimes even carrying a dog while two others follow. This lowlife piece of shit that can not be called a man lives a life better then Louis XIV the Sunking. His worthless pet dogs eat meat that was processed just for this, to be eaten by animals that use their toung as toilet paper.

    The difference is that Rockefeller by all his money most likely knew that getting him a steak was a bloody business, and that the men who operated his oilwells risked life and limb every day.

    Other then that, rome wittered away rather then collapsed.

  3. Sam J. says:

    I’ve wondered back and forth if Trump was actually going to drain the swamp or not. That maybe he’s just a place holder to gain a little more time for the dark state. This is an interesting audio interview

    Breitbart News Daily – Erik Prince – November 4, 2016


    Prince says that NYPD has direct evidence on Wieners laptop of illegal top secret information on unclassified equipment, underage sex, trips to the Lolita Island by Hillary and Bill, pay for play politics and lots of financial fraud. Now I somewhat trust Prince. He was a rich kid who joined the Navy Seals and has acted best as I can see like a patriot. This would point towards Trump dotting all the I’s and T’s to arrest all these people and that we will see a draining of the swamp. I have heard from sources that this came from that Trump will NOT prosecute everyone. Namely because the swamp is so big that he believes the citizens will lose all faith in the country. If true I think this is a mistake but I don’t know what he knows.

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