Rabbits vs. Wolves, Jewish Edition

Here is a Free Republic thread on some “progressive” whackjob whose amygdala overloaded, causing him to shoot three Muslims. The Liberal Jewish female who wrote it was making the case that, “The Most Common Type of American Terrorist Is a White Man With a Weapon and a Grudge,” and that, “After all, Muslims in the United States are more often the victims of ideological violence than the perpetrators of it.

One reader comments, “What could this Jewish leftist possibly gain by defending a group of people that are hell bent on her people’s (both Jews’ and leftists’) extermination?

All of this is rabbits vs wolves, and it knows no religious boundaries. To a Jewish rabbit, who has spent their life feeling as if they are the kicked around loser who nobody cares about, Benjamin Netanyahu and his ilk are all far more of a threat than Muslims. Within the rabbit’s world, the warrior compatriot will always dominate, if given free reign, because he will establish a civilization, maintain it, and thrive within it. To that end, rabbits will support the enemy of their enemy however they can, as they seek to engender hostilities all around to create more and more enemies to manipulate.

What we are seeing motivate this, is the curse of the Narcissist. Conservatives cannot understand this psychology, without imagining what it would be like to have no hope of success, and be ruled completely by a deep-seated feeling that you were a perpetual loser – cursed to unavoidable failure while burdened with total inferiority. Once that feeling fully permeates your being, everything and everyone near that exhibits greatness becomes unfair – the first step in the evolution of hatred. As hatred takes over, anything capable of damaging that which you hate becomes a tool – an object that elicits amygdala relaxation.

The psychology arises easily among losers in this world, and would appear to have been of tremendous use in our evolutionary past. The strategy arising from it has clearly been conserved for some time among our r-strategist population. Whether it is Muslim immigrants today or the barbarians of ancient Rome, rabbits love the enemy of their fellow citizens. Rabbitry knows no religious or racial boundaries, beyond the obvious r/K divergence.

Sadly, it is not a psychology which can harmonize in peaceful coexistence with a free civilization. Sooner or later, one or the other will have to go.

One of the more interesting things about the “Jewish” rabbit vs wolf paradigm is the passing observation that among the Jews there may be more divergence between their rabbits and wolves. Jewish rabbits appear to the casual glance more rabbity, and Jewish wolves seem more wolf-like.

Just as I find the Jewish rabbit uniformly pathetic, I recognize you could hardly have a more respectable (or formidable) enemy (or ally) than the Mossad and IDF. I have in passing noted the same in my social circles. What bothers me about that observation is that it would seem that the more wolf-like the wolves in a particular population, the more easily they may find themselves entangled in service to the rabbits of their society.

It is even possible that the more wolf-like a population’s wolves, the more rabbity their rabbits may find themselves allowed to be, before enduring retribution and containment of their rabbity urges. As this is observed, it may give the impression that the group is more rabbity as a whole. However I suspect it is just that the wolves in the group are extending a more complete loyalty to the rabbits, and the rabbits are taking advantage of that, sullying their group’s name in the process.

The wolf’s greatest weakness is their loyalty. Sadly, the stronger the drive to loyalty, the more easily it can be manipulated – and the more easily that loyalty can find itself extended to the undeserving under false pretenses. Rabbits can only be contained if one clearly defines oneself as a wolf, and recognizes the rabbit is not a compatriot in any sense of the word. They are an enemy, who certainly views the wolf as the same.

That realization about the wolf/rabbit paradigm is perhaps the most dangerous threat presented by the spread of r/K Political Theory. The more rabbits are recognized as an out-group by the wolves in their societies, the more likely it is that those societies will begin to get a handle on the real problems afflicting them. There is nothing which can create such a fissure between wolves and rabbits, throughout all of the civilizations of the world, quite like r/K.

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  2. Wald says:

    Give a wolf an enemy to hate and he will rise against him.

    Give a rabbit an enemy to hate and he will find another enemy and try to make the two hate each other more than they hate him.

    Every now and then, both enemies realize the rabbit is pulling the strings.

    (You could easily say man and woman as you could say wolf and rabbit)


  3. Dave says:

    Samuel Adams addresses the rabbits:

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

  4. Bob Wallace says:

    Personally I consider Judaism to be a matriarchal religion – after all, it descends through the mother. Hence, the amount of leftism in many Jews.

  5. Driftforge says:

    See http://20committee.com/2015/02/19/why-the-west-is-losing/ for Rabbits vs Wolves, Europe vs Russia edition.

    They are simply further along the k-curve than we are.

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