The Altar of Hate, Evo-Psych, And Narcissist Are All Free Now

This is being sent out to those who subscribed to the email list to get Evo-Psych for free, but there is no reason to not put it here too.

The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics and How to Deal with Narcissists are both free today, Monday, February 9th , and Tuesday February 10th, in the Castalia House bookstore at the links at the bottom of this email, along with the Castalia House Title, The Altar of Hate.

Although we are independently published, we are conducting this release at the Castalia House bookstore, as part of a cross promotional effort to support that highly worthy endeavor.

For those who haven’t already heard, Castalia House is a new publisher that has rapidly gained prominence in a variety of genres for producing high quality works that are devoid of partisan left-wing politics. As science fiction has devolved into mindlessly formulaic vehicles for the promotion of leftist political agendas, and non-fiction tends to promotes the author’s personal emotional biases over a clear analysis of reality, Castalia House is publishing ground-breaking science fiction and fantasy that is designed to be pure entertainment and adventure, as well as intelligent non-fiction that is being hailed by experts in its fields as masterfully insightful.

If you study military theory, then you’ve heard the phrase “4th Generation Warfare.” William Lind coined the phrase, and his study of how 4th Generation Warfare is transforming the battlefield, in the widely hailed “On War,” has a 4.5 star rating at Amazon. This compilation of articles written during the Iraq War has been hailed by many military leaders for its prescience and features a Foreword by the famous military historian Martin van Creveld.

John C Wright is the hottest writer in Science Fiction today. His most recent work “The Book of Feasts & Seasons” has an amazing 4.9 out of five stars, with one reviewer writing, “There is really no way to rate this book with Amazon stars; Amazon does not have a way to indicate books which point to eternal truths and transcendent beauty…I am giving it 5 stars because most of the stories within deserve 5 stars, because several of them are the closest thing I have ever read to a 21st century G.K.Chesterton, and also because that is the most emphatic way I can recommend this volume to your attention, for a particular reason: Mr. Wright writes like a man possessed by Good. What I mean is, while his own writing in the natural state is clever, intellectual, full of lively humor, possessed of an instantly recognizable creative originality, well acquainted with edgier snark and darker themes, and always enjoyable, none of that matters, because every so often something else takes over and he writes like an inspired saint, drops of gold falling from sacred and illuminated inkwells. Those drops fall thick in some of the stories within this volume, burdening his clever prose with the weight of glory. Mr. Wright might protest that in those instances he is merely lending his pen; in that case we should all hope it continues to be borrowed.

Vox Day has a real-life resume which reads as if it was made up by a mental patient with delusions of grandeur. From his days as a Billboard Top 40 recording artist, to a computer game designer, to a syndicated columnist, to a Hugo-nominated author, to offering anti-liberal social commentary at his 1.5-million-monthly-pageview blog, he is the only author ever to have been purged from the Science Fiction Writer’s Association, for his conservative ideas. His writing explores military strategy, valor, and the subtle nuances of human nature, but his adventures are so entertaining and engrossing, and the characters so absorbing, that you may not notice.

Riding the Red Horse is a new military SF anthology from Castalia consisting of short stories and non-fiction analyses by experts in the field, examining what warfare may look like in the future and where stunning new technologies meet the immutable nature of war and man. Rated 4.6 stars out of 5 at Amazon, a reviewer at Taki magazine wrote, “Here’s a brilliant idea for an anthology: collect essays about the changing face of war and war technology, then alternate them with short stories and novel excerpts from the cutting edge of military-focused sci-fi and fantasy. Riding the Red Horse, edited by fantasy star Vox Day and Army Ranger vet Tom Kratman for Castalia House, is a tailor-made compromise for those time-pressed souls who find the consumption of unalloyed fiction to be too useless a practice in which to indulge. It’s also a treat for sci-fi readers who retain an interest in the world around them—and the two groups’ overlap is large enough to make it a very good idea indeed. The stories and essays talk back to each other in this manner constantly… they result in a conversation so entertaining and stimulating that the reader feels most privileged to listen in, especially for an entry fee of five dollars.

Castalia House is even branching out into homeschooling, with their new Home-Schooling Astronomy and Astrophysics Course, soon to be followed with courses in many other disciplines.

To give you an idea of the quality of their works, Castalia House will be offering The Altar of Hate by Vox Day for free, alongside Evo Psych and Narcissist. In the Altar of Hate you will find ten short stories, ranging from Fantasy to Military Science Fiction. As one reviewer wrote, “Each offering contained in The Altar of Hate tickles or provokes the mind with salacious ‘what ifs’ and glances behind the veil of reality. The stories move along, but one feels the uneasy eyes of the abyss staring back as you progress, as it were, through a darkened ancient forest. Only an author of the first rank could achieve this.” It is a good representation of the quality of the works you will acquire at Castalia House Publishing.

Note that I desperately want to promote r/K Selection, and hope you will tell others about it. However even though I am not published by them, I recognize that Castalia House is a vital beachhead in the broader cultural war we are fighting, and given the quality of their works, they will probably end up recreating the publishing world in a far more conservative and K-selected form. I am honored to have an opportunity to help them in that effort.

Please stop by their site, grab a free copy of Evo-Psych, a free copy of Narcissist, and a free copy of The Altar of Hate, and in the future, look to Castalia House and the Castalia House Book Store for all of your Science Fiction, Adventure, and Non-Fiction reading needs.

The link for The Altar of Hate is

The link for The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics is

The link for How to Deal With Narcissists is

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