Trump Pulls Feminist Triggers To Develop Amygdala

A counterintuitive strategy:

President Donald Trump took a swipe at his former opponent in the 2016 election by poking fun at “The Resistance” during a Friday night rally in Pensacola, Fla.

Trump, speaking about his administration’s accomplishments, made fun of the “resistance” by pointing out that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to “resist” and ended up losing the 2016 presidential election.

“Oh these resisters resist. Hillary resisted and you know what happened? She lost the election in a landslide,” Trump said as the crowd erupted into cheers.

Every Cuck’s attitude is you never trigger a liberal, because they will feel bad. It is impolite, it defiles the dignity of the office, and it is unseemly. And every cuck only further exacerbates the SJW snowflake problem, because they are acclimating the snowflakes to lives of complete ease. Once so acclimated to constant ease and capitulation, every minor incident becomes the focus of every day, and a major amygdala trigger as a consequence.

What does Donald Trump do? He describes their holy savior, Hillary Clinton, as a woman who tried to resist his advance, and who was destroyed by him for her hubris. The theme behind the statement, of a woman resisting a strong man, and begin almost violently savaged as her attempts to resist were crushed, is almost reminiscent of a sexual assault. In feminist minds, I am sure the statement is deeply unnerving, and highly amygdala-triggering, perhaps for reasons that are not immediately obvious to them.

This is not the only time President Trump will do this. Every day he strives to trigger leftists, expose them to cognitive discomfort, and create in them an expectation of adversity. Over time, as he does this, they will gradually come to expect such harshness, and once it is no longer a violation of expectation, it will not trigger them nearly as much.

As leftist amygdala activation diminishes, notice so too will the drive and motivation that turns out leftist votes come election day.

It is yet one more reason to expect the next election to be a landslide.

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6 Responses to Trump Pulls Feminist Triggers To Develop Amygdala

  1. Duke Norfolk says:

    He is truly a natural at this. I do wonder to what degree he thinks about what he says and plans it, and how much of it is pure instinct. Fascinating. Thanks God he’s here. May he live decades longer in good health.

    • benfromtexas says:

      I think it’s instinct. I do it a lot in my professional field. In PUA terms, he’s just AMOGing and negging people for social proof. Watching him is a solid example of “game.”

  2. Pitcrew says:

    I have found this to be extremely triggering to SJW/feminists. Make of that what you will.

    • Interesting. Pretty girls with pretty voices singing happy songs. Sounds about right for an ugly narcissist trigger.

    • 198384819747446544390654103 says:

      Maybe I know why.

      For some people so used to misery something which says white Christmas meaning good Christmas may be racist as -> white = good so the opposite of white = black= bad.

      It’s an extremely happy song for conservatives and maybe even for libertarians whether they or the song be racist or not.

      Enjoy a happy Christmas as we have the right and duty of being happy.

    • 198384819747446544390654103 says:

      In this other comment,

      I feel like we should pray for them to find in our religion the peace their ideology prevents from being enjoyed in their lives.

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