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Some Trump Surveillance Was Documented

Already we are hearing about some of it: The U.S. Intelligence Community collected ‘incidental’ information about President Donald Trump’ and his transition team during the three months following the 2016 election, House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes today revealed… But … Continue reading

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Will Twitter Be Defined As The Public Square?

This is an interesting idea: In an article for the Washington Examiner last week, writer Mark Grabowski pondered the idea of whether Twitter’s routine censorship could be unconstitutional. “Most Americans know they can speak their mind in the public square, … Continue reading

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FBI Investigates Online Right For Russia Ties

If you’re on the online right, and thought Putin was a better leader for Russia than Obama was for the US, there may now be a FISA warrant to check you out: Federal investigators are examining whether far-right news sites … Continue reading

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Secret Service Thief Knew What He Was After

Mildly disturbing: Our sources say the thief — whom they say is a man — was caught on surveillance video pulling up to the agent’s driveway in an Uber at around 3 AM Thursday. The video shows the man make … Continue reading

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Flashback – NSA Not Only Taps Americans, It Gives The Recordings And Transcripts To The Israelis

We are told nothing like this could ever happen to an American: The National Security Agency routinely shares raw intelligence data with Israel without first sifting it to remove information about US citizens, a top-secret document provided to the Guardian … Continue reading

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New Trump Wiretap News

Somebody is monitoring Smartphones in DC. As the discussion over wiretapping and foreign hacking still dominates the conversation in Washington, an unusually high amount of suspicious cell phone activity in the nation’s capital has caught the attention of the Department … Continue reading

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Salon Explains The Strategy In Importing Immigrants

Flood the nation with foreigners who will oppose Donald Trump: One thing that would strongly push the country in the opposite direction than the one Trump intends is for individual states, particularly progressive states in the West or Northeast, to … Continue reading

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German Military Forced Naked And Into Sex Acts For Pictures

Tell me this article from a reader isn’t about blackmail: “Sexual sadist practices” were “common practice” during a medical training course “Combat First Responder,” at the Pfullendorf military base, Der Spiegel reported citing an internal military investigation that was kept … Continue reading

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Employers May Be Allowed To Demand Your Genetic Information

A new bill is moving through: A little-noticed bill moving through Congress would allow companies to require employees to undergo genetic testing or risk paying a penalty of thousands of dollars, and would let employers see that genetic and other … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Preet Bharara Was Fired?

This sounds about right: New York Senator Charles Schumer was instrumental in getting Bharara appointed to that position and in return was asked from time to time to do favors for the senator and his allies. Up until recently, President … Continue reading

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