60,000 Nationalists March In Poland

The K-strategy is fostering in-grouping:

Tens of thousands of nationalist demonstrators marched through Warsaw at the weekend to mark Poland’s independence day, throwing red-smoke bombs and carrying banners with slogans such as “white Europe of brotherly nations”.

Police estimated 60,000 people took part in Saturday’s event, in what experts say was one of the biggest gathering of far-right activists in Europe in recent years.

Demonstrators with faces covered chanted “Pure Poland, white Poland!” and “Refugees get out!”. A banner hung over a bridge that read: “Pray for Islamic Holocaust.”

It is undoubtedly growing, which makes me think that beneath the surface we are heading toward the economic collapse quickly.

If I was Muslim, I would be wargaming an exit from Europe to somewhere safe, because when the K-strategy takes over Europeans, they can become exceedingly thorough in eradicating whatever group they set their sights on. As pathetic and acquiescing as white Europeans appear now, once they are in K-mode, if you are an enemy they will create assembly line processes to kill you and dispose of your bodies as quickly and efficiently as possible. They’ve done it before, and they will do it again, and given the Muslims would appear to clearly be the next big enemy, they will be the first target.

Spread r/K Theory, because the great cleansing is coming

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  1. mobiuswolf says:

    Yeah, you better scoot guys, while you still can. Clean out those cat lady pensions and get back to the sand before it’s too late. HULK smash!

  2. Duke Norfolk says:

    Love to see this. And the lefties are quaking in their boots.

  3. Iprefertostayanonymous says:

    In case you have missed it, Norway students also triggered a lot of rabbits:


  4. John Calabro says:

    I thought you might like this

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