Church Of England Wants Boys To Wear Tutus

You can’t parody this age anymore:

Boys should be free to choose to wear a tutu, tiara or heels, and girls to wear toolbelts and superhero capes, the Church of England has said in new guidance issued to its schools.

The advice also calls on teachers to avoid using labels that might alienate children’s behaviour “just because it does not conform to gender stereotypes”.

The updated guidance for its 4,700 schools, titled Valuing All God’s Children [pdf], follows advice issued three years ago that covered homophobic bullying. It has now been expanded to include transphobic and biphobic bullying.

The church advises that nursery and primary school should be a time of “creative exploration”, and that pupils should feel free to “try out the many cloaks of identity” and “explore the possibilities of who they might be without judgment or derision”.

On the one hand, I want to say this is just the dysphoria with the idea of gender that accompanies the shift to r, where rabbit men and women evolve perceptions that are repelled by aggressive, masculine men and sweet, feminine women.

Yet, I also believe that if you accompanied an exorcist for several years on his rounds, you would see other forces at work in the world. I cannot help but feel that this complete a divergence from God’s laws, within the Church, directed at children, would have some deeper root.

I have a feeling that religion may accompany the rise in the K-psychology in part because somehow the brain structures of K’s are amenable to adopting the ideas of Christianity and having faith. But I also suspect that things emerge as the unrest gets underway and the battle against evil begins that reveal something to the K’s as they go through it.

Like a civilian who accompanies an exorcist to exorcisms, the closer you get to real evil, the more likely you are to see something surprising, and come to realize there is something else which is often at work behind it. Once you come to realize there is more to evil, it isn’t that hard to realize there is something more to good, and the world as well.

I am not going to tell you to believe. I was a diehard mechanist who would never have been able to make that jump on the word of another, even someone I trusted. But keep your eyes open, and remain open to the possibilities. Given what we are heading into and how ascendant evil is everywhere we look, you may see something that will force you to revaluate your view of the world as well.

Welcome it, even if it shakes up your entire perception of the world. Because our ultimate goal has to be truth. Given that, I will say it is a beautiful truth once you come to accept it fully. Knowing there is more to the world, we have a meaningful mission, and death of loved ones in this world is not “goodbye,” but merely “see you later,” makes all the difference.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because evil is ascendant and we are about to get a close-up look at it at its most desperate

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12 Responses to Church Of England Wants Boys To Wear Tutus

  1. Dave says:

    If you want to follow an exorcist, I would recommend Malachi Martin’s “Hostage to the Devil.” It’s a pretty intense book, and after reading it I certainly wouldn’t want to literally accompany an exorcist to an exorcism, but it’s interesting that the demons cast out in this book all seem to induce r behavior. One of them specialized in making men think of themselves as women.

    If you read it as a materialist, and you want to remain one, you would have to dismiss a lot of the happenings as fiction. It would not be possible to verify the cases, as pseudonyms are used for understandable reasons, and Martin did write fiction (which I haven’t read) but to me this has the ring of truth.

    • everlastingphelps says:

      Father Malachi was into a lot of other things that we here would call the Deep State, too. He claimed to be a consultant for the CIA regarding ancient artifacts that they needed delivered from the ME and translations of dead languages. The CIA has confirmed that he worked for them as an asset in Vatican II (but not the rest of it.)

  2. everlastingphelps says:

    If a girl wants to wear a toolbelt and cape, that must be embraced as empowering.

    If a boy wants to wear a toolbelt and cape, that is toxic masculinity and must be suppressed.

    It is ok for a girl to be a boy, but a boy can’t be a boy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m conservative but this is just misleading and adding to more division. They didn’t say, “Go put tutus on boys,” they said, “Kids should be able to choose what they were regardless of gender stereotypes.” And to be honest, they already can. There’s no need for posturing about it, CoE is just virtue signaling.

  4. Musashi5000 says:

    Well said.

  5. Ron says:

    On of the most important posts. We have to live in this world, study the mechanisms, and it becomes incredibly disheartening. Like looking at a giant insane rusty clockwork machine covered in viscera, bone and soot, that is grinding billions of screaming people and makes terrifying noises. And you look at this machine and face it squarly because you are a Man, and you have Faith, and come what may you will not flinch but face it. So as terible as this machine is, you study it to understand and do some good.

    Yet it tears a man down to look at this horrible abyssal machine, because a part of the soul despairs and says “is this what God wants? Everything comes from Him, so this too must be His work, so does this mean He hates me?”

    Then someone decent points out that no, it isnt. There is another actor at work. Not as all powerful as it tries to make itself out to be, but mostly smoke and mirrors. Some people say that actor is working independently, some say that actor is working to test mens souls, but either way, the machine we see isnt real in the way it seems to be,

    Thats the real trouble here. If I could see the angels, hear the actual music, then all of this horror would be a joke to me. Because the real pain isnt pain, its the thought that we are alone of God. Here, in this body, I cannot even hear my own soul. Im barely aware of even that, so that even the idea of my soul I have to take on faith.

    Great post AC, thanks.

  6. Singh says:

    Lol. Christianity is the progressive thought of the ancient world by attracting slaves, untouchables, women & telling the meek shall inherit the earth or all are one in christ (no caste). Not to mention the entire idea of women picking their own mate is christian. LOL anonymous cuckservative exposed although rest of what you write is true.

  7. Pitcrew says:

    John Lennon’s “Imagine”, it’s the most evil song ever written. The whole attitude it embodies is the root of social evil, leftism, it’s lies – and all its rotten fruit. Just to show you what we’re up against:

    “Don’t forget that in the history of the World, there was a plebiscite, in which Christ and barabbas were being judged, and the people chose barabbas.”
    -Augusto Pinochet

  8. Stilicho says:

    And the Queen does nothing. Sad.

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