Charles Manson, Ultra-r-strategist

This is basically the entire leftist strategy, spoken honestly:

Another facet of Charlie, although not nearly as important to him as his music, was his philosophy. To a large extent, this “philosophy” was a con, something he dreamed up to impress his followers, but he probably believed some of it.

The core of this philosophy was a kind of Armageddon. Charlie preached that the black man was going to rise up and start killing the whites and turn the cities in to an inferno of racial revenge. The black man would win this war, but wouldn’t be able to hang onto the power he seized because of innate inferiority…

Helter Skelter would begin, according to one of Charlie’s devotees, “with the black man going into white people’s homes and ripping off the white people, physically destroying them. A couple of spades from Watts would come up into the Bel Air and Beverly Hills district…and just really wipe some people out, just cutting bodies up and smearing blood and writing things on the wall in blood…all kinds of super-atrocious crimes that would really make the white man mad…until there was open revolution in the streets, until they finally won and took over. Then the black man would assume the white man’s karma. He would then be the establishment…”

Charlie and the Family would survive this racial holocaust because they would be hiding in the desert safe from the turmoil of the cities. He pulled from the Book of Revelations, the concept of a “bottomless pit,” the entrance of which, according to Charlie, was a cave underneath Death Valley that led down to a city of gold. This paradise was where Charlie and his Family were going to wait out this war. Afterwards, when the black man failed at keeping power, Charlie’s Family, which they estimated would have multiplied to 144,000 by that time, would then take over from the black man and rule the cities.

“It will be our world then,” Charlie told his followers. “There would be no one else, except for us and the black servants.”

I could break out laughing out loud as I read it. It is insane. It is cowardly. It is blatantly racist. It is shameless about all of it. But this is exactly what the leftists are thinking. The only difference is, Charlie was open about it – and he was planning on having 144,000 children during the Apocalypse while everyone else was dying.

They’ll import these swarthy Middle Eastern Muslims, the Muslims will brutalize everyone and kill them, and after the white Christian westerners are all killed, the leftists will emerge from their hiding spots in the wreckage and take over, because the Muslim retards have shown that they have no ability to lead themselves.

They will help the impoverished welfarites attack the rest of America and destroy it, and then they will emerge form the ashes and take over because the welfarites will all be broke, and unable to lead themselves.

They will help the criminals defeat all of the rest of America, and when it is over the leftist will crawl out from under their rocks and take over from those retarded savages.

They will bring in all the Mexicans, and after the white westerners are gone, they will emerge from their holes and immediately the Mexicans will recognize that they can’t possibly lead themselves. In each case, the white liberal will be lofted in the air on the shoulders of brown and black imbeciles, who will clamor to be led by their white greatness.

Whether you are talking about the white liberal, SJW, or Cuckservative moron, this is the evolved r-strategy, designed to bring in the out-group, and use it to kill off indigenous K-strategists. It is just the most obvious incarnation of the strategy. I love the narcissism, racism, treason, psychopathy, and cowardice, all just openly spoken off.

The only difference between Charlie and the average liberal is that Charlie was dumb enough to speak openly about his plans.

Spread r/K Theory, because the leftists are planning on you dying

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7 Responses to Charles Manson, Ultra-r-strategist

  1. M says:

    This is exactly how both National Socialists and Right-wing people in Sweden reason regarding the mass migration, despite opposition of Left and Right ideology. They plan to have big Swedish families, go away from towns to keep safe, and at one point the migrants will not be able to handle the cold country due to their IQ inferiority and then the Swedes can take it back.

    The Leftists/Globalists strategy is to water down diversity by pushing hard on mixing the natives and the new migrants using all MSM and institutions which they have hijacked without much resistance. Any opposition is indexed and targeted/persecuted (i.e. people are fired, defamed, scared, humiliated, harassed, bullied) for decades. Now, Red Left&Globalists vs. National Socialist&Right index and target each other, before election 9/9/2018.

    Some Swedes say that they are ripped off by the government anyway, so if they are robbed by a migrant it is nothing compare to the legalized robbery by Leftists/Globalists.

  2. Hollywood has produced any number of films with this implicit theme, “Avatar” for example, in which the native people are saved by the outsider.

  3. FrankNorman says:

    They really believe this? That the people they got to kill all white people would suddenly flip around to accepting white people as their rulers?

    • When somebody has uncontrollable amygdala at the opposite idea, like that Charlie was a puny loser who would die in obscurity, the relief which comes from a fantasy can be so overpowering they will believe it. Charlie wanted to rule the world, so that idea relaxed his amygdala so much he felt as if it must be true.

  4. Charlie was also dumb enough to try to implement his plan when the American Empire was at the height of its resources. There may have been some race-related tribal tensions in the more r-selected parts of major cities then, but nowhere near enough scarcity everywhere in the country to kick off Helter Skelter.

    …But times change. Charlie didn’t live long enough to see an r-collapse, but it certainly has a strong possibility of happening.

  5. Sam J. says:

    HAHA that’s really good and right on point.

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