Clinton Uranium One Informant Almost Murdered

Notice, the hitter just happened to be in the right spot at the right time – that probably wasn’t by chance:

Most recently, Campbell has confided to close friends that he’s afraid that he won’t be able to testify today. The informant explained that during a routine hike in the hills behind his home, he met an armed man. The two gentlemen held each other’s gaze with weapons drawn.

After an intense moment the man walked away. Campbell believes this was an attempt on his life, caused by the Department of Justice’s release concerning his testimony.

The former lobbyist suggests that had he not been carrying a weapon he would have been killed, and he also implied there is a connection between Clinton and the would be assassin. If he’s given the opportunity to testify, Hillary Clinton could be locked away for 12 plus years.

If you want to be Apocalypse-ready, don’t visualize the moment in time you are being told about when you see something like this. See the months in prep-work which would inevitably precede such an operation, to make it practically a fait-accompli before it even began. See the hidden machine supporting the shooter, even as he closed on the target.

Probably for weeks or months prior, at least, Campbell’s patterns were being clocked, and these hikes were identified as a point of vulnerability. It would not surprise me in the least if the moment that he exited his house, the call went out to take up positions, and at the very moment that the guy he saw was standing there with a gun, the sniper in the bushes behind him heard a voice in his ear saying a State Police cruiser had just done a traffic stop nearby and might hear the shot and investigate, or a couple a quarter-mile away was unexpectedly coming down the hiking path with their dog making body-disposal and crime scene staging difficult, so they were aborting.

Just look at what is going on of late. Donna Brazile was certain enough she was going to be taken out that she spent thousands on security cameras and backup power for her house. Seth Rich. Michael Hastings. Sharyl Attkisson. This guy is looking down the barrel of a gun. All the Clinton bodies.

And this is not even the Apocalypse when the rules will really break down. This is the easy-peasy, free-resource buffet, where nothing bad can really happen to anyone, no matter what events play out. These are practically recreation-kills, done to blow off stress and cure hangovers from late nights of drinking the night before. The truth is nobody has to die in this world. But when the economic collapse hits? Then people will have to kill to survive. Imagine how many dead bodies there will be then. I’ll bet they won’t even try to stage the scenes to look like robberies or suicides. Just look at the recent deaths, none of which do you see on the evening news:

A wealthy Democratic mega-donor who co-founded the Ready for Hillary PAC, which helped launch Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for the White House, has died of a gunshot wound to the head after “a sudden onset and battle with a mental health issue,” his family says… on Nov. 15.

As WND reported in July, Klaus Eberwein, a former Haitian government official who was expected to testify against alleged Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice, was found dead in Miami via gunshot wound to the head. The death was ruled a suicide. Eberwein was 50 and reportedly told acquaintances he feared for his life for his fierce criticism of the Clinton Foundation. Eberwein was due to appear before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors…

On July 3, attorney Shawn Lucas, 38, helped serve the DNC with a lawsuit claiming then-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton…” Less than one month after he helped serve the lawsuit, Lucas’ girlfriend found him dead in his bathroom. His death was later determined to be due to a lethal combination of drugs.

Victor Thorn authored four books on the Clintons: “Hillary (and Bill): The Sex Volume,” Hillary (and Bill): The Drugs Volume,” “Hillary (and Bill): The Murder Volume” and “Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House.” Thorn reportedly committed suicide with a gun on his 54th birthday on a mountaintop in Pennsylvania…

As WND reported, Joe Montano, who served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee before Debbie Wasserman Schultz and was an aide to Hillary’s running-mate, Tim Kaine, reportedly died of a heart attack after the Wikileaks DNC email dump. Montano was only 47.

No wonder Brazile was so worried. That was the position she occupied. She took over the DNC chair from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who took over from Montano, who at 47, and looking a picture of health, plopped dead on his face with a “heart attack.” If I recall correctly, Montano was gay, and had a “close” relationship with Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate, to whom he was an aide. Some speculated that there was something more to the relationship, Hillary saw a risk, and had it taken care of. Then Donna found one day that she had pissed off Hillary.

Mark my words, the most chaotic, violent, dangerous times in politics are coming back again, and we will live through them. Think another Holocaust can’t happen? Think a politician can’t be assassinated by a government conspiracy? Think a small group of elites would never maneuver a nation into a global war for personal profit? Think that despite your posting on 4Chan that you are too small to be taken out by an elite government agency at the behest of some shadowy political player whose name you have never even heard of?

When it all comes down, nothing will be off the table. All the horrors we read about in the past, among men whose behaviors we don’t even recognize as human, and can’t imagine today, will come back. Because at the end of the day, humans today are not that genetically different from the same humans who have done all of those things within just the last few hundred years. The only thing different of late was the dizzying array of mind-numbing pleasure, ease, and free resource availability. And all of that is going away soon.

And the only thing different when the collapse hits will be the astonishing technology, extensive databases, and massive machine the government will wield as it is molding the political battlefield to its advantage. Killing will, in most cases, be able to be rendered entirely cost-free.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because you never know when the hammer will drop, if its done right

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12 Responses to Clinton Uranium One Informant Almost Murdered

  1. Jaded Jimmy says:

    OT: if you didn’t already know who this man was, given this picture, would you not judge him a serial killer? It’s not even a flat affect, it’s evil face served on a stick.

    • Agree. And like most evil there is the element of pathetic-ness.

      “Hey, I have an idea for the photo-shoot. I should cup your boobs in my hands! And squeeze your ass. Come over here, and let me try it a few different ways to see what works before we do the photos. Maybe we should kiss, too. Tongue? No-tongue? Let’s try it both ways a few times, and see which is better. Hang on, maybe we should have less clothes on too. Take that off. And that. Yeah, like that….”

      Evil is never like in the movies. In real life, you will always almost feel sorry for it, it is so pathetic. The more evil something is, the more I almost feel guilty for hating it as much as I do. I keep going back and forth. “Geez, imagine if I was cursed to be like that. I should feel sorry for him, I mean nobody would be like that purposely.”

      Destroying pure evil is almost like a mercy killing.

  2. Andy says:

    Are some people just fucking idiots?? “Routine Hike”?? Yeah i’am a witness in some big interstate corruption deal lets go out in the wildernes and walk around possibly in bright colors.
    Fucking moron.

    • Normalcy bias, and a lack of understanding what is out there. I did stupid stuff too, like buying take out from the same place repeatedly, but it wasn’t clear how stupid it was at the time, nor could I have realized.

      Bottom line is nobody would believe, even if you showed them.

  3. Robert What? says:

    On the basis of what are the assassins so loyal to Hillary? If all this just implicated the Clintons don’t you think most people would let them fall at this point? This must go much farther than just the Clintons: to the highest levels of the Deep State.

  4. Pitcrew says:

    “a sudden onset and battle with a mental health issue,”

    Is that the politically correct term for a bullet to the head these days?
    He was so suicidal he shot himself in the back of the head twice.

  5. Sam J. says:

    I know you’ve talked about scores of agents following people and etc, but you know what. I bet they don’t have very many people doing this. I bet they have very few people knocking people off. I bet a NSA level phone ID scan tied to all these killings might even tell you something. I don’t think they have near the power they let on.

    There’s a LOT of people who talk about, email about the deep state. Hell my Mom gets stuff like this forwarded to her and she’s like a total normie. (-11 was a big kick in the pants as there’s too many unanswered questions. So many that even regular people think there’s some kind of stuff they’re hiding from us. Now add in the recent Las Vegas and the constant fake news. NO one believes them. If Trump moved on them big time, I mean mass arrest, I don’t think anyone would blink. The press would have a cow but no one believes them. They would zero impact. They’ve passed so many security laws that lawfully Trump could arrest anyone for anything he damn well pleased as long as he said it was related to national security. In this way they’ve backed themselves into a huge corner because they always thought they were going to be on top.

    On the other hand Trump may very well be just another piece in their puzzle. He’s done a lot of good stuff but he’s made zero impact on the deep state. He could in place to relieve just enough pressure til they get the robots online. I would rate the odds at having an autonomous killer robot at over 50% in 15 years that could hunt down a person with a few photos and a general idea of where they went.

    • My own feeling is it is geographic, and maybe related to blackmail in finance and industry, and probably state security stuff. In some areas, they are practically all-powerful in their area of operation. If they were diverted to drugs or organized crime it would be gone overnight – that powerful. But in many rural areas, it is possible you would rarely see them, I’d have to travel to see.

      I think they are powerful enough Trump cannot figure where to begin. I say Burn Notice is amusingly spot on in places, and it is funny, but it is true too. Management is real, only it may not be as private sector as it was on the show. Whoever wrote that knew something. Trump is like Michael Weston at the very beginning. He has no idea who can be trusted, he is probably not sure who exactly the enemy leadership is, and he is completely under coverage from every angle as he tries to find a way forward.

      I tend to think he is not of the machine, but you are right, you never know for certain.

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