Generation Z Loves Trump, Votes Republican

Great article on Gen Z here:

Researchers Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace surveyed over 1,100 Generation Z students from across the United States (Generation Z Goes to College, 2016). Politically, what they found is very significant. 78% of Generation Z identifies as liberal to moderate on social issues and 83% identifies as moderate to conservative on fiscal issues…

At the same time, these young people also lived through the Great Recession and a time of perpetual war and terrorist threats beginning with 9/11. These events undoubtedly shaped the more conservative stances of Gen Z when it comes to economic and security issues.

Given these inclinations and their ages, many Generation Z’s are not yet connected to either of the two major political parties. However, as noted above, Gen Z’s inclinations would generally fit that of moderate Republicans, of which notably there aren’t as many in leadership positions anymore. The Republican Party, if it plays it cards right, has a chance to make lasting inroads with this generation, even at an early age…

From 2012 to 2016, Democratic Party identification of the youth vote dropped 7 points (down 44% to 37%). Furthermore, from the one election to the next, the Democratic candidate lost 5% of the youth vote nationally (down 60% to 55%)…

In Florida, the Democratic margin of victory for the youth vote from 2012 to 2016 dropped 16 points. In both Ohio and Pennsylvania, the drop was 19 points. In Wisconsin, it was 20 points. These dramatic declines helped give Republican Donald Trump a win in each of these states, pushing him over the top in the Electoral College. Even in New Hampshire, a state that Democrat Hillary Clinton won, the drop in the Democrat’s margin of victory for the youth vote was 20 points. In Nevada, where Clinton also won, it was 21 points. Clearly, the youth vote had shifted toward the right, particularly in some of the most critical states.

This is the generation that has begun to see the aggression and deprivation that is leading up to the Apocalypse, and they are beginning to exhibit a K-strategy. It is impressive, since the natural progression is to head more Conservative and K-selected as the amygdala develops with age. These kids are starting out like this. Imagine what they will be like in fifteen years, as the younger generations they live alongside then will be more conservative than this generation is now. And then the Apocalypse will hit, and everyone will look like Jerry Brown compared to the K-strategists who will emerge out of that.

It appears that sexual mores lag behind resource allocation and protectiveness as K-selected strategies begin to emerge from society. It is not surprising, as they grew up with war and shortage to develop K there, but at the same time, the sexualization of their culture only seems to be increasing. So although studies show they are less sexually driven and promiscuous, they are conditioned to expect a permissive sexualized culture.

Plus, right now, lacking children, sexual mores are primarily an abstraction. When they come of age, I would expect their aggression will make them be much more aggressive in protecting daughters and trying to enforce more restrictive sexual norms on their culture.

Still, it is a sign that that Conservative Policy Mood graph is continuing to rise, which would likely indicate that behind the scenes that Misery Index is rising as well. The Apocalypse is still on its way, even as the God Emperor, President Donald Trump makes the ride as comfortable as anyone could hope for.

You can tell everyone about r/K Theory, because Generation Z has our back

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  1. Pitcrew says:

    I wonder if all those Gen Z guys will man up and marry the single moms? /sarc

    “78% of Generation Z identifies as liberal to moderate on social issues”

    Pathetic. You guys are going to have to learn the hard way then, and it’s going to really suck this time around.

  2. glaivester says:

    Any thoughts on Italy’s first black Senator, Tony Iwobi, of the Northern League?

  3. rien says:

    The next ‘Great Generation’

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