Rex Tillerson Is Out At State


Rex Tillerson is out as secretary of State, ending a tumultuous tenure as America’s top diplomat that was marked by a series of public disagreements with his boss — President Donald Trump.

Trump plans to appoint CIA Director Mike Pompeo to replace the former Exxon Mobil chief executive. The president picked deputy CIA Director Gina Haspel to run the spy agency.

No word on the reason, but Britain has been beating the drums of war at Russia:

Theresa May has given Vladimir Putin’s administration until midnight on Tuesday to explain how a former spy was poisoned in Salisbury, otherwise she will conclude it was an “unlawful use of force” by the Russian state against the UK.

After chairing a meeting of the national security council, the prime minister told MPs that it was “highly likely” that Russia was responsible for the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia. She warned that Britain would not tolerate such a “brazen attempt to murder innocent civilians on our soil”.

This is worrisome, since the agent used, a Novichok agent, is well known to western intelligence agencies thanks to a defector, and they the west has done extensive research on that class of agent. As a result, every Western intelligence agency will know the Novichok formulas, and be able to synthesize them themselves, for use in specific hits, even though they are still kept secret from the public:

Their existence was disclosed in 1991 when Vil Mirzayanov, a scientist at Russia’s Scientific Research Institute for Organic Chemistry and Technology, fled to the West and revealed that Moscow was working on a nerve agent far deadlier than anything ever before created, in defiance of the 1990 Chemical Weapons Accord. Mirzayanov told The New York Times in 1994 that he disclosed the program because “it occurred to me that I was engaged in a criminal enterprise.”

How deadly are Novichoks?…

At least one of the Novichoks is described as being five to eight times as toxic as VX, according to 2010 research at the University of Teesside and James Cook University Hospital in Britain.

Meanwhile, Putin has reportedly entered high paranoia about being killed himself.

Here is what I think is going on behind the scenes. Trump has identified some sort of covert private intelligence network embedded deep within the Western governments. It is possible it grew out of some sort of economic/political information-sharing network going back to the time of the Rothschild’s emergence, or beyond, or it might just be corrupt intelligence professionals from more modern times who came to believe they needed to seize ultimate power behind the scenes because it was there, and somebody was going to take it.

Whatever it is, Trump, and the patriots helping him seem to have it on the ropes. The one thing it might be able to do, to buy time, would be to start a global war. They seemed to be setting the stage for that by importing millions of Muslims, but Trump may have moved their time table up, and now they are hoping if they can ignite something with Russia, they could create enough of a storm to take away the pressure Trump has on them and buy time to rebuild their networks and reestablish some level of control.

To that end, this may be the statement which sealed Tillerson’s fate:

The poisoning of an ex-Russian spy and his daughter with a military-grade nerve agent in the U.K. is “a really egregious act” that appears to have “clearly” come from Russia, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said hours before being replaced.

This is total bullshit. Anyone with access to the intelligence, the scientists, and a lab could produce a Novichok agent, and use it to frame Russia for an attack. Likewise, why would Russia use a decades old agent that could be traced back to them so clearly? Simply using VX would have produced a hit everyone thought was Russia, but which was much more deniable.

I think it just as likely this was an attempt to gin up a war, and Tillerson played right into the hands of whoever it was, while speaking to events that were better left to be addressed by the President directly, or under his direct direction.

This means either Tillerson was not bright enough and restrained enough to be operating at that level, or he spoke out of turn and stepped on the President’s toes purposely because he was following someone else’s marching orders.

Either way he had to go.

You can spread r/K Theory, but only because the God-Emperor would approve of it

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16 Responses to Rex Tillerson Is Out At State

  1. LembradorDos6Triliões says:


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  2. Gaiseric says:

    Or it could just be that May wants to distract from the news that now even the BBC is being forced to admit that (again) her government has collaborated with foreign invaders to facilitate the gang rape of thousands of her citizens. While the Home Office is also taking a beating in the news for deporting a Canadian, an Austrian and an American because they might possibly say that these foreign invaders are bad for your country.

    This is the kind of nonsense that happens when a woman runs your country (and I count Obama and his phony red lines as a woman by personality at least.)

    Trump should very publicly make it clear that if May wants to foolishly provoke the Russians, that they’re on their on and should expect no support from the US.

  3. Pitcrew says:

    Whatever it does it keeps everyone guessing. Don Pompeo is now at State- after corralling the CIA into good, or rather better, behavior. Also it’s better to not agress against Russia for some cabal’s sake. If Russia wants to play the aggressor, to get what Putin wants, then they actually have to invade something or start something themselves. This is how contactless warfare fails, if you don’t actually contact anything useful then you can’t take it.

    Killing a spy, and his daughter, aren’t enough- it doesn’t give Putin a chunk of Ukraine or Belarus. It does send a message to potential traitors, but is Russia really that weak? So this is why Trump fired Tillerson, if Putin is the aggressor then he has to physically attack something at some point. British posturing is just a bluff, drawing public attention away from migrant sex crimes, and making Russia the big bad guy. Just leave Russia alone, if they really want to play the bad guy then it’s because they feel that they have to for some reason, and they will invade something. Don’t give the Russians excuses, just ignore them while matching their military development. The President realizes this is the best way to deal with the situation.

  4. Gen. Kong says:

    I think AC has hit the nail square on the head. The cat-lady deep-state marionette Teresa May, who must keep the attention of the long-stupefied natives of Cuck Island distracted from the latest revelations of how their young girls are being picked up and pimped out by Musloid invaders with the full cooperation and assistance of police, courts and of course (((fake news))), is now making ridiculous military threats to Russia – a country whose military could squash them like a bug in very short order. As noted by Vox Day, looks like an associate of oligarch Berezovsky has now turned up dead. The one killed, Nikolai Glushkov, apparently had dealings with the Clinton Crime family back in the Uranium purchase, so this could be false-flag attempt No.2. Ginning up a war with Russia would definitely serve the deep-state’s ends from several angles. Hopefully Putin is smart enough not to fall for the scam.

  5. benfromtexas says:

    Trump fired his personal assistant, John McEntee. Google this story. He was escorted off of the White House property last night, so fast, that he had not been allowed to get his personal belongings. Trump had him removed from the grounds super fast.

    I think this personal assistant might have been the mole that Q was talking about. What do you think?

  6. Rather Not says:

    If Russia nukes Londonistan in response, will it harm Putin’s relationship with the Muslim world?

  7. Basil says:

    This is an interesting puzzle and the kind of Hall of Mirrors that drove Angleton insane. I actually think that the Russians did hit this guy. Here’s why:

    (1) Because this guy is a Russian defector, no matter who kills him and why, it will be assumed by the media and other sheep that the Russians killed him. If he got hit by a car because he was looking at his phone — the Russians did it!

    (2) Since premise (1) is unavoidable, you have to bake it into your plans and realize that public opinion is fixed no matter what and you are just trying to manipulate intelligence services and their conclusions.

    (3) Analysts are enamored with their own cleverness and so you play into that. Put yourself in the shoes of an analyst that’s delivering a report where you parrot the “nonsense” your boss can read in the Guardian or Times … not a pretty picture.

    (4) So, you give the analyst a crappy, obvious frame up using a chemical that everyone knows about and can synthesize but screams “Russia” because of its origin. And, it really looks like a crappy obvious frame-up. Exotic poison; daughter is a target; public park so that the bodies are found. Now analyst can look clever by saying — all signs point to Russia but this is so obviously a bad frame up that we believe that some other actor was behind it.

    • I think Q’s was basically implying that the Russians wanted him, and the Deep State wanted Snowden because Snowden holds some key to the future. So they agreed, the Deep State would hit a Russian target for Russia, if the Russians took out Snowden. This guy was the Russian part of the deal, but Snowden skipped before the Russians could get him as their part of the deal. Could be, but if so, the Deep State appeared to use this guy’s hit to try and set up a fallback, where they have a pretext for war with Russia if everything else doesn’t work out.

      Ominous times. I really worry for the young K’s of Gen Z, because the cabal appears to want to set up events to fit a lot of them for body bags.

  8. Joe says:

    T. May is looking for an excuse to avoid Brexit? England was eager for WWI because the home rule for Ireland bill was passing parliament causing a constitutional crisis.

  9. English Tom says:

    At the highest level the heads of intelligence services all know each other and they ALL serve the (((chameleons))). The bankers run the world and what they say goes. Everything is theatre and spectacle. They want war so the West can be destroyed which smoothes their move to the East. Most governments serve these parasites. War is coming.

  10. Volk says:

    There is, in fact, no evidence that so-called “novichok” agents exist at all.

    • Interesting. I wondered, if they can identify it, they know the structure, and if they know the structure, then they could synthesize it.

      Or as one said on 4Chan, Ukraine probably had stores left after the collapse, and they would love to tie up Russia in a conflict with Britain.

  11. Looks like a central node of information dispersal to the masses was taken down today around noon ET without warning:

    I guess TPTB are really running scared if they pull an obvious censorship move like they just did today, because nothing screams confirmation of “nonsense” than forcibly pulling down a Internet site that was populated by “crazy theories”. Why bother if it’s all garbage–unless it isn’t?

    Things could be coming to a head sooner rather than later.

  12. Sam J. says:

    “…The one thing it might be able to do, to buy time, would be to start a global war…”

    I’ve said several times that events were adding up to this being a thing they are pushing but I believe it’s the Jews as they can sit in their shelters while the US, China(who I don’t think will play ball like the Jews want) and Russia all die. While WW III is going on Jews nuke the Arabs, Europe and maybe biological attacks.

    I made a comment about Tillerson in the next post. I may be wrong I hadn’t read Tillersons comment before. I assumed Tillerson was the sensible one. If Pompano is screaming for Russian blood I can;t see how he will be better.

    It seems to me that mad Men run the world.

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