German K’s About To Flex Some Political Muscle?

Being driven by amygdala is better than being driven by lack of amygdala:

Dismal weather across much of Germany greeted voters heading to polling booths for an historic election destined to change the national landscape, with an anti-migrant party set to win dozens of seats in parliament.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is widely expected to win a fourth term in office on Sunday, but the election is also likely to see the farthest right-wing party in 60 years, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) have some success.

Many of the right-wing AfD supporters were determined to punish Merkel for her open-door refugee policy ahead of Sunday’s vote.

The latest poll shows them at nearly 13 percent – a figure which translates to sending 70 or 80 lawmakers into parliament and making it the biggest opposition party.

Exit Polls are saying almost 14% which is almost half of Merkel’s 32%, in a three way race.

Social moods tend to rebound aggressively. They are unduly affected by the presence or absence of arguments they foment. That presence or absence will fuel much wilder swings in social mood than you would see, were people to always honestly discuss the facts of the realities around them.

When the left wins, it socially suppresses dissent to such a degree that the underlying conditions that produce K will explode. When the suppression of dissent finally breaks due to the environmental shift, that will likely unleash a K-wave in response to the deteriorated conditions that is far greater than you would have seen, had dissent simply been allowed all along.

When the idea that the migrants are bad is suppressed, and nobody in government is allowed to discus it, that will close that Overton window. We may violate the rules and discuss it in our circles, but the vast majority of sheep will simply assume the migrants must be good, because nobody is discussing them being bad. As a result, many more migrants were allowed in than logic and honest dialog would ever allow.

Only an artificial suppression of debate could allow Merkel to import so many third world Muslims without any pushback. But Merkel imported so many migrants, that things finally got so bad, that the AfD is now going to get 70-80 seats even despite the fact that discussing the subject of migrant rapists and criminals is verboten in government. She used the suppression of debate to push the underlying environmental pendulum much farther than she should ever have been able to. But all that means is that when it swings back, it will swing that much farther and faster.

Now that AfD is in government, and can begin discussing how bad the migrants are for German citizens, that will mix with how bad the migrant problem has gotten to cause the pendulum to swing back, with massively increased force and speed. Until now the migrants were an ever-growing, invisible leviathan, only kept invisible by the suppression of debate. But that invisibility allowed the leviathan to grow so big that now people have begun to discuss it, and that discussion has destroyed its invisibility.

As AfD now uses their position to open the Overton window, and honest debate begins the Germans will increasingly see the nightmare Merkel has created.

You cannot fight the tides of r and K. The more you support r, the more you lay the ground work for K’s explosion, and the more you foster K, the more you lay the groundwork for the decay of r.

So even though this will be a moderate victory, in reality it is the start of the pendulum swinging back. Add in the economic collapse, and soon I expect a full return to sanity throughout the world. Of course waking up to the nightmare that exists will not be without its own kind of turmoil.

I only hope that includes traitors getting what they deserve.

Tell your friends about r/K Theory, because you don’t ant them getting mistaken for leftists after the collapse.

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5 Responses to German K’s About To Flex Some Political Muscle?

  1. Pitcrew says:

    This is good news. Germany now has a fighting chance at survival. Hopefully it will begin to cure their infestation and EUtism.

  2. Andy says:

    I wouldn’t call the european new right K, but maybee a shade. The thing with european nationalist parties is that they are all ethno nationalist and this means what is good for a british nationalist is often bad for a german nationalist and vise versa. Parties like AfD, Front National and Ukip often play footsy with one another, but in the end everyone knows they try to fuck each other over. And everyone plays footsy with russia. In case of the Front National, this would mean a two front conflict for germany with a nationalistic french facist party in the west and its financier russia in the east. Also, with every election the AfD gets more social democratic, since it needs to bribe all the r-types with K money, of which there more then the types who produce. In places like berlin and the surrounding state of brandenburg, the government money recipients outlast the producers since over 10 years now The situation you have in europe makes political solutions impossible. The K Solution for germany are Kultur and Konflikt.

    And by the way an interessting fact; the far right Alternative fur Deutschland is the first party in the post war german parlament which has no former NSDAP members.
    History is irony.

    • Pitcrew says:

      Marine Le Pen congratulated AfD. Different European nations definitely will compete with one another, nothing wrong with that within reason, but Islamification of Europe is a problem for all. The EU is fundamentally unhealthy for unique European nations. If Deutschland goes full Turkroach, then Poland and what’s left of France by then will have to fight it, and it won’t be full blooded Teutons they’re fighting. Nobody wants it to get to that point.

      • Andy says:

        Ofcourse she congratulated. Playing footsy costs nothing. Competing within reason is a nonsense platitude because for every actor winning at every cost is within reason. For the german government it is within reason to finance the EU with 14 Billion every year to undermine the economy of the other EU states and encourage them to do stupid policies that ruin their countries. And you know whats funny? Catholic france as well as catholic poland were Allied with the Ottoman empire at multiple points in history against other european states.

        Every time i hear an american talking about europe trying to see it through his view i feel like the french guy in apocalypse now screaming You don’t understand.

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