Germany Suspects Apocalypse By 2040

Even the Euros see it all coming down:

An extensive 102-page report, called ‘Strategic Forecast 2040’ was published by the head of the Ministry of Defence at the end of February this year but was kept then kept under wraps, but has now been seen by the German weekly newspaper Der Spiegel…

The future projection describes a world in which the international order erodes after “decades of instability”, the value systems worldwide drift apart and globalisation is stopped.

The Bundeswehr strategists writes: ”EU enlargement has been largely abandoned, and more states have left the community. Europe has lost its global competitiveness.

“The increasingly disorderly, sometimes chaotic and conflict-prone world has dramatically changed the security environment of Germany and Europe.”…

The document expressly makes no prognosis, but all scenarios are “plausible with the time horizon 2040″…

French President Emmanuel Macron called for extensive integration of the EU countries at the end of September, saying a “profound transformation” of the bloc was needed.

Mr Macron called for he introduction of EU identity cards, a shared defence budget and a European military intervention force.

He also wanted a shared budget for eurozone countries and an EU-wide asylum agency to help tackle the migration crisis.

Never think the elites don’t know what is coming, and that they are not preparing for it now. What amazes me is they not only know it is coming, they seem it be trying to help it along. As Germany is writing reports saying it will all collapse, they are importing millions of military-aged Muslim males from the most violent and chaotic parts of the world.

People are going to die. Lots of them. That is beyond any doubt. And for every death, there will be hundreds, if not thousands, who will live in terror – terror for their lives and safety, terror of losing their homes, terror of failing to provision their families, and terror of being on the outside of the community they will need to survive.

The elites will do whatever is necessary to not be among the terrified or the dead, and they are preparing for that now – to a degree which I am sure would shock us. They are taking names, securing vital resources, and cementing their holds on power, all while the masses blissfully believe we will always have it as easy as we did yesterday.

Are you preparing too? Start formulating your plans, figure out what you will need, and assume everything provided by government will go away. From disease outbreak, to security, to food, to medicine, whatever you can’t provide for yourself or get from your immediate community, you will probably have to do without. And whatever you acquire, do not, in any way, let others know you have gotten it.

The funny thing is that as much as that environment terrifies the rabbits, it invigorates K-strategists.

Few things seem as painful as trying to live in a world for which you are not designed.

Spread r/K Theory, because it is all coming down

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6 Responses to Germany Suspects Apocalypse By 2040

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  2. Cecil Henry says:

    Stop the invasion.
    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone IS White Genocide.
    Its a crime, not a policy option.

    • Andy says:

      Nah fuck that. If these criminal foreigners would be deported the remaining whites would go back to social democracy and all the garbage that brought us in this situation in the first place. Just let it burn out.

    • Pitcrew says:

      Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, European countries for everyone,
      It’s European Genocide.
      I use European instead of White because the US gov’t labels people from the mideast as “white”. Arabs are not White/European and never will be. There are some people from northern Japan as well who have very pale skin and might call themselves “white”, but their nation is homogenous so its not really an issue. There has to be an attachment from European descended people back to the mother continent, and saying European easily creates that geographic connection. You can’t let others claim the word “European”. Africans/Asiatics and other migrants to Europe will never be European, so you can’t have them calling themselves “European” just because they happened to be born there or live there currently.

      That’s why I like to say I’m European. Its where my ancestors come from. Reducing yourself to a color on a government form is another way the governments control their people, they take the geographic origin of your ancestors away from you. Governments in the EU do it too, they are starting to overlook ethnicity- and this breaks down the national borders, which as we’ve seen is very bad.

      I understand the desire to label America, Canada, Australia etc. as “white”, but these are EUROPEAN nations, settled and built by European peoples. We have this problem in the US because the rot was much deeper than we thought, and went on longer than we suspected. I don’t know who in the US government decided middle easterners where “white”, but they were wrong. It’s turned into a stealth way to let migrants in under American’s noses.

  3. Andy says:

    The whole thing will collapse because there is no one left to hold it up anymore. And thats a good thing. If you all would be so K as you claim to be, there is more chances in anarchy then this messed up tyranical state that uses your taxes to work against you. Form Gangs, form Tribes, intermarry your children and set up a parallel form of Law. Stop buying survival toys on amazon and start to make better people.

  4. Iprefertostayanonymous says:

    20 years? Highly unlikely. I give it maximum 5 years. Probably less. Anyone who hasn’t started storing food, seeds, etc. at this point is in for a rough awakening.

    Also while I agree with you saying the elites know what is happening: The key point what makes a good propganda good propaganda isn’t that they a can influence public opinion. Everyone can do that pretty much. What makes them good is them reacting to unforeseen events and movements and using them to their advantage.

    And quite frankly: I think the elits underestimated the development speeding up this much. Neither do I think they estimated this much refugees coming at this pace (I bet they wanted to subvert the culture at least a little slower as you can see in most European countries just now trying to achieve an increase the amount of immigrants in police and military) and secondly I don’t think they assumed the right-wing would go full-throttle to this point. Brexit, Trump, Le Pen, AfD, etc. Not all of these were complete successes, but it was impressive how fast they suddenly occured and become influental.

    If you put on the lobotomy-box (=TV) right now you will see that they are in full panic-mode and trying really hard to propagate everything they already did in the past even more. Here in Germany at this point over half of the documentaries are holocaust ones – one of the biggest keys to keep germans tame and “non-racist”. At the same time the viewership of all classical media outlets are decreasing drastically and thus their influence (why Germany now created the “Fake News”-laws that puts the responsibility on the websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get rid of those and keep the propaganda-machinery going).

    To be blunt, this is not a slow development anymore. It went into full turbo-mode. And I don’t think this was planned, because this high pace is a major risk when it comes to propaganda and social engineering. So what is attempted now is rather than trying to slow down what can’t be slowed down, to go full-throttle themselves and push for all those laws, movements, etc. as hard as possible and it became a race against the clock as society is on a knives edge.

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