Italian Goes On Shooting Spree To Avenge Murder Of Teen By Migrant

I would prefer him as a countryman to any leftist:

A lone Italian gunman shot and wounded six African immigrants Saturday in a two-hour drive-by shooting spree, authorities said, terrorizing a small city in central Italy where a Nigerian man was arrested days earlier in a teenager’s gruesome killing.

The shooting suspect with right-wing political ties had an Italian flag tied around his neck as he was arrested hours later in the city of Macerata. Authorities identified him as Luca Traini, a 28-year-old Italian with no previous record…

Macerata Mayor Romano Carancini confirmed that five foreign men and one woman, all black, were wounded in Saturday’s shooting spree, and one was left with life-threatening injuries. All were hospitalized.

“They were all of color, this is obviously a grave fact. As was grave what happened to Pamela. The closeness of the two events makes you imagine there could be a connection,” Carancini said…

Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni said Italy would be “particularly severe against whoever thinks of nourishing this spiral of violence.”

“We will stop this risk. We will stop it right away. We will stop it together,” Gentiloni declared…

Senate president Pietro Grasso, who is fielding a small liberal party called “Free and Equal,” chastised Salvini for using a tragedy for electoral gain.

“Whoever, like Salvini, exploits news events and tragedies for electoral purposes is among those responsible for the spiral of hatred and violence that we must stop as soon as possible,” Grasso said.

He wanted to make a statement.

It’s a shame. In a different time, with fewer leftists, this guy would have been given a medal and been respected for trying to eject the invaders and protect his nation’s young girls. But today his reproductive strategy is not congruent with his environment, so his programming ends up causing him to run afoul of the standards and mores of the r-selected population.

If the environment is too r, going too K is not the answer. It can backfire and actually shock the r-amygdalae of the populace, attaching aversive stimulus to the K-psychology in the minds of the people. Think of the effect Timothy McVeigh had on the US. The day before the OKC bombing, Clinton was looking pathetic trying to argue he was still relevant, he was cruising for a massive rout in his reelection in two years, the GOP had just overtaken Congress in the 94 takeover, and people were growing increasingly skeptical of government as militia’s were growing in size. Overnight McVeigh’s attack created such aversive stimulus, and attached it to conservatism and the right wing that it singlehandedly rehabilitated Clinton, destroyed the militias, restored faith in overarching government authority, and re-established the Democrat party. We were heading to a major K-shift with a push to smaller, limited government, and McVeigh destroyed it all.

Taking K-measures needs to be a relief to already-present amygdala stimuli produced by the migrants, if it is to help the K-shift happen. This is actually a questionable case, given that a teenaged girl was murdered and Italians are becoming angered by the migrants. So we are on the cusp of this becoming more widely acceptable. But had he waited for a few more migrant-perpetrated murders to take action, he might have been more able to assist in the later festivities.

It’s laudable he wanted to protect the girls, but now he is out of the game, and the real action is about to start in a little bit.

I would also criticize the tactics. Open warfare like this still in times of r is bad for two reasons. One, you take yourself out of the game. Two, your punishment, which will always be well publicized and severe, will be an amygdala-relaxant to the rabbits. It will reinforce in their mind that there is no danger of K-selection’s onset, and that K-strategists will be removed from the population instantly and fiercely. It gives them an opportunity to peacock and virtue signal, and makes them feel in control.

The key is, instead of this type of thing, to publicize the migrant atrocities, and use them to humiliate the rabbits and enrage the populace, so each onset of a migrant atrocity becomes an amygdala trigger that a majority of the public will endure anything to stop. You need to get that amygdala attached to the migrants, and not to the K-strategy, so it is migrants who trigger amygdala, and not K-strategists.

In times of r, if action needs to be taken for some reason, it must be covert and draw no attention. The only time you want such actions made public is when the problem it is addressing has enough amygdala attached to it in the public eye that people will see your action as a relief, no matter how horrific it may be. Without that, you are sacrificing yourself and emboldening rabbits.

Our time is coming.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because there is a time and a place for everything

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12 Responses to Italian Goes On Shooting Spree To Avenge Murder Of Teen By Migrant

  1. Snafui says:

    Live by identity politics, die by identity politics. Since r-types cannot see individuals but only groups it is not surprising that they cannot grasp what has happened.

  2. mobiuswolf says:

    The early birds are always going to be sacrifices, but you probably need them. I’m sure he wasn’t the only local thinking about it.

  3. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    Yes. And when the environment becomes more K remember to always remind people that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. You think the countries on Western Europe will become less susceptible to globalism like Eastern Europe for a long time??

    I wonder if after this migration policy crisis and the coming monetary crisis, if european countries manage to avoid going into a dark age of deflation and having food and ammo as currency for a long time, and the West manages to become prosperous again, if it is even possible to avoid r-selection to appear again.

    Not allowing jew intelectuals to influence Western countrie’s policies would be a must.

  4. Yes. Any violent action before the K-shift should be an amygdala stimulant for incoming migrants and not one’s countrymen. Sinking a migrant boat in a covert manner, for example, would be a better option if possible. You want them to be afraid to invade without triggering your own people with high profile violence.

  5. Kharmii says:

    I’d hang that jury if it happened here.

  6. Duke Norfolk says:

    Yes. Well executed sniper action, or similar covert action, rather than reckless drive-by shooting is preferred.

    Rash and regrettable. But no doubt inevitable also.

    • Wow, never heard of Terry. That is fucked up, and not at all impossible.

      • SteveRogers42 says:

        One would think that he would be a hard target: Big guy, looks like he’s in good shape, probably carries off-duty…and yet…

        It’s very likely that he was not practicing the sort of 24/7, 360 degree tactical awareness that you so correctly espouse.

  7. Avalanche says:

    “Well executed sniper action,”

    Still — the guy had piss-poor aim! (Suppose driving AND shooting was the cause, but still; wish there was better planning/ a driver AND a shooter!)

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