Italy Goes K, And Splinters From The EU

Inevitable, but happening faster than I’d have thought:

As national elections draw near, Italians find themselves further and further removed from the European Union (EU), according to a new study.
Support for the EU has fallen dramatically in Italy over the past 10 years and now ranks among the lowest in all of Europe, according to Berlin-based think tank European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR), a fact that will benefit Eurosceptic candidates in the upcoming vote…

“The biggest concern is Italy, whose combined fall in structural and individual cohesion (-1.7 points) is the largest of any EU state,” ECFR said. It has gone from being one of the most Europhile countries to one of Europe’s most disaffected.”

Meanwhile Captain Luca is now a hero:

“Honor to Captain Luca Traini”. After the banner in Ponte Milvio, in Rome, another phrase…, in the wake of indignation for the young Roman Pamela , torn apart and locked in two suitcases. But this time the drawing of a swastika was also under the writing. The phrase to express solidarity with the 28 year old who injured six immigrants shooting from his car in Macerata appeared this morning on a wall of Villa Bonelli

All over:

“I found a family here, now I’m at home and I have a goal”. At Luca Traini the prison, where he is after the shooting in which he injured six African immigrants last Saturday shooting from his car on the streets of Macerata, does not scare him… In the Montacuto penitentiary of Ancona where he is imprisoned, he has become a sort of hero: the other inmates shake his hand when he passes, applaud him, praise his gesture. As reported by the newspaper Il Tempo, to his defender have arrived in recent days dozens of calls from people who ask to be able to greet him, to talk to comfort him and offer an economic aid for his defense.

And it is playing out in the election as well:

After all, the polls are disastrous… The Democratic Party seems to hold only in the red regions: “Even more after Macerata, there is a feeling of difficulty even in colleges, due to the fact that the Democratic Party is crushed by the positions and propaganda of the other parties” confesses a Tuscan leader close to Renzi. What is feared is that the result will be even lower than the psychological threshold of 25 percent , the one obtained by Bersani in 2013.

The PD would have now fallen to 23 percent : as it could go down again: “If we stop around 20 percent would be a defeat and would not hold anything, because it would mean that the center would have numbers to make an autonomous government.

Most importantly, immigrants are feeling unwelcome:

Sad, scared, disheartened. Luigia Cagnetta, Eritrean and coordinator in Rome of the African Black Diaspora Network in Italy, is following with her community the crazy raid of Macerata, she is worried and looks for words. “Sad, scared, disheartened: now we are scared here in Rome”. They want to take a position. A press release, meanwhile, to say enough to all this hatred. And then, after the meeting, other ideas could come out. Perhaps anti-racist groups. «Yes, the voice is spinning, as soon as we have certain news we will communicate it, we must manage this situation». Because even in Rome, says Luigia, “the climate is heavy”. For example? “For example on the subway, every day, many times a day: the immigrant who sits sits up and immediately the accusation starts,” here, we are standing still today “». Ugly looks, says Luigia, that frighten more where communities feel more isolated, or in the suburbs. “Tor Bella Monaca, Casilina, you can really breathe an atmosphere of resentment: I do not know if it’s because of the economic crisis, which exacerbates everyone, or if there’s something in the DNA of the people that comes out at some point, but the result it is the same: these attitudes no longer know how to manage them “.

“The economic crisis,” is a possible cause, he says. This is not the economic crisis. That is still coming, and with that will come true K. This is just the initial warm up act. At this point, the final state is still unimaginable.

Since these are r-strategists, they are still expecting free resources in the way of ease, so you can see in the piece he is expecting to just mobilize anti-racist groups and have his problems go away. It will take time to reprogram his brain with the realization this is a more permanent state, and there is no escaping the hostility. Once that is realized, expect these migrants to move on to places that are less contentious, just as they fled their homelands when things got hard there.

Eventually, I expect most migrants will flee back home once things are uniformly K enough throughout Europe. But many will still try to remain and have to be expelled by force. The risk is if there is one European state that is so heavily cucked that the rabbits there allow the migrants from all the other states to migrate in and consolidate their forces within it before sufficient resistance arises. Sweden might be a ripe candidate for this.

There, the migrants could gain sufficient numbers to take over, and then Europe would end up with a hostile Muslim state within its boundaries. It could try to conduct raids, create troubles, and of course the migrants will inflict horrors within its borders on the indigenous populations.

It is not impossible such a state could precipitate a World War, between the Muslims and the non-Muslims. Muslim states and their intelligence agencies could try to maintain their foothold in Europe the way Russia wanted Cuba, by fueling a war there the way the US funded a war in Afghanistan. And that ignores how potentially hostile uninvolved actors like Russia could enter the fray and try to play all sides against the middle for their own advantage.

It could be a real mess.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because this is the turning point

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  1. Bear says:

    OT..but relative to other articles on this blog:

    Interesting in light of the statements made by Q that allude to a battle between divisions within the Deep State

  2. Pitcrew says:

    I keep thinking about how to get through to normie Swedes. Does tough love work better? or encouragement? My heart says encouragement, but my brain tells me to yell at them until they put down the soy, and pick up the axe.

    • LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

      1) Put all patriots in Finland
      2)Put all invaders in Cuckden
      3)Close all borders so traitors can’t leave
      4)Let them get enriched and the use shell them until there is nothing left
      5)Patriots move in and rebuild
      6)Never let jews into country again because it was them that influenced the country to lose it self to the cultural marxism

      Never forget:

  3. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    Dutyfull citizens face anti-racist group’s protests in Italy, yesterday:

  4. Mr Darcy says:

    A monetary crisis will begin this year, almost certainly in Europe first. As AC says, it could get messy fast.

  5. WCC says:

    There is no way this could happen in Sweden (Islamic control) without the collusion of the ruling elite and media who are globalist shills through and through. The globalists are still the ones in control and they pull even the Islamic strings. Unseating the rootless cosmopolitans who are K extraordinaire, will take more than riots or even the ascendancy of Muslims.

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