Germans Are Buying Up Airguns

Interesting solution to the problems created by rabbit leaders:

Weapons sales are soaring in Germany, prompting fears that a migrant crimewave and terrorism have made people feel unsafe.

Germans held a record 557,560 licences for minor arms by the end of last year, compared to 300,949 in January 2016.

The surge of more than 85 per cent in just two years has left some dealers of non-lethal weapons such as air and stun guns unable to keep up with demand…

The part-time model, 24, was prompted to buy a £166 Walther P99 air pistol in 2016 after being followed back to her university halls by six drunken men shouting at her in a foreign language.

Since obtaining the £40 permit – which simply requires the purchaser to be over 18 and have a clean criminal record – Miss Matthie has been posting online tutorials for women on how to use the weapons.

She said the gun offered her reassurance because she knew she would ‘have a plan if attacked’.

But Holger Stahlknecht, a minister in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, told the German paper Handelsblatt the sense of security was ‘deceptive’ because the weapons could make the situation worse.

Rabbits are gonna rabbit. But the more you enact r, the more you conjure K.

Airguns are actually quite advanced today. There used to be specialty bolt-action airguns which used cartridges loaded with compressed air and the pellet, and which functioned a lot like a regular .22 short firearm although the cartridges were a lot bigger. And there are even big-bore airguns today, from 9mm up to .50 caliber, which carry a decent wallop as well.

They actually have hollow point airgun pellets too, which could carry a payload. Curare could be grown in a green house and purified from the right plants in the Strychnos Genus, using data on the web. The loaded hollow point pellets would create an airgun that might take people down and put them out of commission as reliably as a regular firearm, and with a similar speed to that of a non-CNS, non-bone, non-artery hit. And if those hollowpoint pellets were in a CO2 powered pistol, it could offer up to 19 shots, each with similar stopping characteristics to a regular firearm, albeit via biochemical means rather than physical means.

Part of the selective process of Apocalypse will be the application of intellect and creativity to solve problems, often problems created by the rabbits who the idiot masses elected to positions of power to enact idiot rabbit policies.

In a way it can be fun:

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because having to blow shit up and kill people is only bad if you don’t want to do it to begin with

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14 Responses to Germans Are Buying Up Airguns

  1. JimP says:

    Reminder that archery (compound and crossbow) equipment have very useful applications and offer relative silence, lethality and don’t require any permit process, even in the gun grabbing states.

  2. gaffer says:

    This is just sad.

  3. Andy says:

    This is pathetic. What are you about to do with an airgun? You can buy other firearms in germany, firearms that at least shot to kill like muzzleloader pistols. So the attempt to relativise the potential of airguns when there is none is so unworthy. I hope these idiots with their co2 guns get robbed for real and then beaten up when they try to defend themselfs with that garbage.

    The people who sell this garbage as self defence deserve to get caned.

    • rien says:

      In holland, literally everything can be considered a weapon. If a police officer has “reasons to believe” that (something in) your luggage is to be used as a weapon, its a weapon, and you are not allowed to carry it.

      Items that are a dangerous (again -> police officer) must be carried in a sealed enclosure. Not visible to anyone else, and not immediately available for deployment.

      Shooting an airgun is not allowed in public, only on private land. Try shooting one in a small garden, and chances are your neighbours will report you to the police who will pay you a visit.

      OTOH, in holland there are no limits (yet) on air-powered rifles and handguns. So once over 18, you can legally purchase very heavy caliber air-powered weapons that come close to a small calibre firearm in performance. But you have almost nowhere to shoot them unless you are a farmer (or shooting club member)

  4. SteveRogers42 says:

    Not a “firearm”, but has a certain amount of penetrating power at close range, and since it’s a flare, it ignites.–12-gauge-high-performance-alerter-basic-4-flare-kit–8665804?cm_mmc=PS-_-MSN-_-BSC%2520-%2520Product%2520Type-_-8665804&creative=73254976878017&device=c&matchtype=e

    Price is right, too.

  5. Pitcrew says:

    My grandfather shot a luger.
    My father bought shizer videos.
    I bought an airgun.
    My son will shoot a luger.

    -German Proverb

  6. Karl says:

    The idea of combining an air gun with a poison like curare is interesting. But as far as I know, most of these air guns contain a small explosive charge So I expect them to produce some heat. Are poisons like curare thermally stable?

    If not, I guess most people would be better of carrying a knife – which could definitely enhanced by a poison like curare

    • Airguns actually can cool, because the compressed air reaches room temperature, and when it decompresses to push the pellet out, it cools. The CO2 canisters actually get frost on them if you fire a lot really quick.

  7. Rich K Hyde says:

    Humans are basically big water balloons. Don’t underestimate the utility of a good knife. Even in the most socialist areas, blades of 4 inches or less are legal to carry.

  8. Ron says:

    I love the postscript reasons given at the end of these articles to spread r/K

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