Kathy Griffen Amygdala Hijacked – Goes Lights Out In Dublin

This is all it takes:

Kathy Griffin was booed by the crowd at her Dublin performance on Wednesday, November 8 after she mistakenly included Ireland as part of the United Kingdom.

She stated it was nice “being in the United Kingdom,” and seemed genuinely shocked when the friendly crowd suddenly turned to her booing and catcalling.

Griffin became so startled she had difficulty continuing with her routine, The New York Times reported. Most of the Irish people at the show in Vicar Street clearly believed Griffin, an Irish American, should have known better…

After more than two hours on stage, Griffin began telling a story about Mariah Carey when she suddenly began slumping. She called to her boyfriend who rushed on stage to support her.

After a time away Griffin returned but merely to say goodnight ending a bizarre night in Dublin for the controversial comic.

Outgrouping. And violation of expectation. “Hey, let me say this weird crazy thing, and you’ll all think I am super cool and love me!” Response? “You cunt! Let’s string this bitch up by her nipples!” Amygdala bang! She is a good example because you can almost see the amygdala in her eyes, even at rest. This is High Rabbitry 101.

As someone who is not at all social, it is curious to me how this develops, and I find the entire trait just fascinating. This is a personality who needs to feel that everyone around them loves them. Simply getting booed by a rowdy Irish crowd, most of whom were probably “spirited,” due to some spirits, is enough to traumatize her to the point she suddenly feels her body shutting down. How does that happen?

Did she, throughout her life, become somehow accustomed to adulation? Did she become sensitized to ostracization? Why is the idea of everyone supporting her so important to her brain function? Why doesn’t her copious wealth make her not give a damn? Clearly she knew that nobody was going to get violent, and she was in no danger. How does it shock the amygdala so badly as to shut off the entire brain? Could there even be an evolutionary purpose, like an opossum playing possum to avoid violence? Is this a designed feature, and not a bug?

Most amusingly, the shutdown is something she recognizes enough that she can feel it coming, and say to her boyfriend, “Quick, come catch me, my body is shutting down again!” And he knows what is happening, so he is ready to run up there and drag her off the stage like some ill-tempered Ragedy-Ann doll in a fugue state.

Then a little while passes backstage, her brain comes back online, she pops back up and runs back out on stage to say a quick goodbye, and she’s off into the night as if nothing happened. The next day she is tweeting how crazy the show was, and making jokes about it.

I’d cut her slack, but what peeves me is she is so wracked by this malady, and she spends her time trying to inflict it on others, such as President Trump. He is immune, of course, but if she could inflict it on him, she would have in a heartbeat, and she is trying.

It is why I support amygdala-hijacking liberals. If they can try to out-group us and amygdala hijack us as they seek to strip away our freedom, turnabout is only fair play.

Spread r/K Theory, because it will make liberals feel like nobody likes them all of the time

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5 Responses to Kathy Griffen Amygdala Hijacked – Goes Lights Out In Dublin

  1. Iprefertostayanonymous says:

    You might find this body-language analysis of her interesting:

  2. AA says:

    I consider myself relatively social and I also share your fascination with Kathy Griffin types. I can’t really figure it out but it appears it’s some kind of dysfunction in the social mechanism. I also wonder if a large part of it is actually something you’re just born to be, and certain environmental conditions trigger exaggerations and certain kinds of disfigurements or mutations. I know many people who are variations on Griffin and it doesn’t matter how much therapy or long, involved conversations you have with them – they care about that stuff most people filter out as nonsense and not worth the effort expense. Just being around these people for five minutes is tiresome. They’ve got that fidgety rabbit thing going on all the time so they just suck all the air out things.

    I think to be healthily social requires a detached and balanced approach. Somewhere between pro-social and anti-social. Kathy Griffin and those like her are way the way out on the pro-social scale, so with nothing on the opposite end to ground them, they are but fluff that gets carried by whatever wind blows them wayward. I think these people exist in a living hell.

  3. squidz says:

    A while back we had a /pol/ thread discussing Kathy Griffin after she shaved her head in support of a friend with cancer. On the face of it, there’s nothing wrong with that, except that she looked certifiably crazy with her head shaved. The thread itself didn’t really have a real purpose except to laugh at how bad she looked and also to reminisce about her hilariously poor decision to pose with a prop of Trump’s severed head. It was also a springboard to discuss other Trump-induced, crazy behaviour from celebrities.

    One anon posted a photoshop of Griffin with a cutaway of her skull showing gears jammed with a wrench, a ghostly visage of Trump smugging in the background, and the text “>tfw he broke me”, referring to her insincere apology and subsequent attempt to play the victim for sympathy. It’s oddly prophetic, having read this blog post now.


  4. Geoarrge says:

    I would posit that because the r-brain doesn’t function well, if at all, in Condition Yellow/Orange, the only way it can handle ambiguously threatening situations is to flicker between White and Red. This flickering is like an internal strobe light that grows increasingly irritating the longer it takes to categorize the possible threat. An actual violent armed mob would be easier to process than a jeering crowd.

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