Another Apocalypse Tech – Flakka

This will be fun in the Apocalypse:

Last weekend got downright bizarre in the eastern Missouri town of Sullivan, and police say they know why.

Four people went on a rampage, barking and yelling, breaking into buildings, even stripping off their clothes and showering in soda water, police say. They suspect the synthetic drug flakka is behind the behavior.

“We had multiple incidents this past weekend of people on some kind of substance acting out of their minds,” Sullivan Police Lt. Patrick Johnson told the Sullivan Independent News. “Barking like dogs, running up and down the street, or other farm animals, entering people’s homes, breaking into a business, yelling outside of local businesses.”

Two people were arrested, and some of the users were treated at a hospital…

Last year, The Star reported that flakka was hitting hard in Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and other parts of the country and that police were worried that it would spread to Missouri and Kansas City. It was causing a rash of emergency room visits and overdose deaths.

In one highly publicized Florida case, a man reportedly high on flakka gnawed on and disfigured another man’s face before he was shot to death by police. Another user tried to break down the door of a police station in Fort Lauderdale, and a few weeks later, a man impaled himself while trying to climb a fence around the same station.

Interesting. Combining a hallucinatory state with ultra-amygdala producing a frantic drive to do whatever pops in their head, especially anything violent. I wonder if this was behind that family that was found naked in a car after trying to kidnap some innocent bystanders.

I am struck by how distributing this widely would be a great way to make a rabbit population clamor for a government occupation to protect them from the rampaging zombies that are suddenly trying to gnaw everybody’s faces off. If the Apocalypse isn’t as bad as advertised, and I were running government, that would be my plan B in the cities should it look like people are turning on the federal government in the economic collapse.

Clean out the long-form-DRD4-allele-carrying druggies who are draining the system, and get the remaining population to become real desperate for governmental control, real fast. The only downside from the government’s perspective would be that the K-shift would be five times as hard. If the government is going downhill anyway due to the economic collapse however, why not give it a try?

Then again, if there is a civil war with the Muslims, especially in Europe, watch for them to get all of their fighters hopped up on this. It is cheap, readily available, and makes the user violent and ignorant of danger and pain.

So we may be seeing this in quantity one way or another.

Focus on headshots.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because Flakka is coming

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7 Responses to Another Apocalypse Tech – Flakka

  1. mobiuswolf says:

    “Focus on headshots.” Indeed.
    I don’t think the results are predictable enough with flakka.

  2. Pitcrew says:

    The Government can’t fix those problems. Remember- the Police are not required to help you in any way. They don’t even have to respond to 911 calls.

    Also scary data-
    20% of the US population is a long form DRD4 allele carrier, although I don’t know if 7R and 7R+ are dominant alleles.

  3. onezeno says:

    My in-laws have a lake house near Sullivan. It’s just a run-of-the-mill Missouri town. Quiet, a Wal-Mart and a McDonald’s, almost entirely white, sits right on the old Route 66. It’s basically Small Town, USA.

  4. 987987998987932879_730YUcj1 says:

    Tactics in case of Civil War (only to be used in case of No Rule Of Law, always follow the law when there still is one):

    -Just leave an “enhanced” just not quite hidden good enough stash of that crap somewhere around the muslim hood. Watch them all get high and then die of hearth attack 15 mins latter. Better yet, if some smart fella knows how to make a time lapse effect mix, even better, gives them time to pass it around plenty.

    -You can always pretend to have a vehicle break down somewhere around you know they will take the contents of the car. Pretend in a believable way it has broken down, take as much stuff from the trunk as possible, bolt asap as you can (obviously can’t have snipers around). You can put in there “enhanced” food and water, they’ll take it gladly, pass it around, etc, etc, and suddenly…

    -Using DIY catapults to project rotten meat and other disease vectors into the muds hoods. They like to get enclaves for themselves, this leads them susceptible to the ancient bio weapons siegers used. Dead animals, organic matter (if you know what I mean), etc, all can be used to great effect in that case where they are packed tightly together, which might also open them to be despaired to look for medicine, which can mean that another “lucky break” of finding a stash of “enhanced” medicine might be in order, lol.

    Creativity is a very useful tool of war.

    • Sam J. says:

      GOOD THINKING! How about wrapping it like they wrap bricks of drugs and dropping it on the side of the road with commercial drones.

  5. c_arnold says:

    Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows put out an interesting horror comic called “The Crossed”. I’m a bit curious if you’ve ever read it before.

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