Parts Of Britain Now No-Go Zones For Whites And Women

Keep that stiff upper lip:

Areas of Bradford, England, are No Go Zones for certain ethnic groups and the city is “heading toward disaster,” councillors have warned, citing attacks on a synagogue and white businesses in ‘Asian’ areas.

Bradford Council’s Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee chairman Arshad Hussain slammed ethnic segregation and failed integration, and blamed political correctness for making the situation worse.

Too many people are “scared to speak up in case they caused offence,” he warned, adding there are “many areas of this city” where people were afraid to go depending on their ethnicity — i.e. No Go Zones.

Another councillor, Vanda Greenwood, added that young women did not feel safe in parts of the town because of gangs of young ‘Asian’ men, the Telegraph and Argus reports.

The shocking comments — Hussain branded the situation a “horrible state of affairs” — came as the Scrutiny Committee discussed a new report addressing integration in the city, in response to the Government’s Casey Review, which highlighted divisions.

People tend to think of things as black or white and static, because it is easier to label things which don’t change. But if you want to grasp reality, that may not work in many cases.

There has been research that indicates that long-form DRD4 alleles are not rabbit genes per se, but rather that they are adaptable genes, which confer an increased flexibility which may include an increased ability to go even more K under conditions of K, as well as an increased ability to go r, under conditions of r.

So when we look at leftists and leftist traits like promiscuity and infidelity, or addiction today, we see a lot of long-form DRD4 alleles. But that may be because we are doing these things in times of r. If things were hard K, we might look at the coldest, most prolific, most in-grouped mass murderers, and see they were long-form DRD4 too. I suspect Hitler was high long-form DRD4, and many commie leaders have been. Genghis Kahn, as likely history’s most prolific rapist, may have been as well.

So at the individual level, the K-strategists will be fairly stable in their ideology. But when things turn K, a lot of present rabbits may go hyper-K. And while many may do it, and begin calling to murder all the rabbits out of a craven desire to save themselves, many may do it honestly, as their psychology just shifts, and they just begin to see things the way we do, only more so.

Zooming out to the population level, I think people are going to be surprised at the Jekyll and Hyde nature of the West one day. Yes, when we look back, we will see the West exhibit pathological altruism as now. But we are the same people who hunted entire species extinct, and killed entire cultures in colonized lands. We laugh today when Ann Coulter says we need to invade their lands, kill their leaders, and convert them all to Christianity, but there was a time when that was policy. That will return.

I don’t think humans as a whole in the West have changed that much. I just think a lot of them have adapted to exploit the glut. And I think when they adapt back, somebody will be rendered extinct in Europe – either the migrants or the natives. What will determine survival will be IQ and the ability to function in a large group cohesively. I do not expect the highly in-bred, clannish-to-the-point-of-corruption, low IQ r-strategist Muslim refugees to have either ability.

And once they are taken out, I would not want to have been a collaborator. Once that ball is rolling downhill, it will continue to roll for a while after the migrants are gone.

Lots of people will be going extinct. Hopefully it will be the right ones.

Spread r/K Theory, because extincting can be a good thing, depending on who does it

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4 Responses to Parts Of Britain Now No-Go Zones For Whites And Women

  1. Pitcrew says:

    Not to be too Cavalier but, the regicides were hunted for the rest of their days after the restoration of the monarchy. It will be no different for the roundheads this time around.

  2. Robert What? says:

    I’m glad most WW2 vets are gone so they can’t see what has become.of the country they fought for. Would it really have been worse if the Germans had won?

  3. Musashi says:

    White traitors and sundry Leftist filth go first.

  4. Andy says:

    Well, i can’t say i find it too bad that in these diversified parts of town i don’t see any women on the streets.

    And by the way, have you ever read about the biology and social behavior of actual real rabbits? Because rabbits have always an alpha Doe in their colony and if a Doe gets her space invaded they sometimes kill other rabbits. They also constantly fight and piss on each other to show their dominance.

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