Pennsylvania State Police Card Drive For Wounded Officer

Penn State PD are soliciting cards for a recovering officer:

Former Pennsylvania State Police troopers are organizing a card drive to help a corporal as he continues to recover after being shot during a Route 33 traffic stop.

Cpl. Seth Kelly, who lives in Upper Nazareth Township, remains at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Fountain Hill after being shot in the leg and the neck/shoulder during a Nov. 7 traffic stop on Route 33 South…

The Retired State Police Association of Pennsylvania is asking for any cards, store-bought or homemade, individual or packaged together from a group.

They can be sent to:

Cards for Corporal Kelly
c/o PA State Police
654 Bangor Rd.
Nazareth, PA 18064

I assume the surgeries are rough, and he has a ways to go to get back on the line, so they want to get him some encouragement.

If you intend to send him something, make it something other than The Lawdog Files, as he already has it.

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12 Responses to Pennsylvania State Police Card Drive For Wounded Officer

  1. Jaded Jimmy says:

    A surprisingly local-interest article. You sure about this?

  2. Andy says:

    Cops are not your friends.

    • Ridiculous. Cops will have a higher than average percentage of K-strategists among them.

      I can’t speak to every department. Some may be corrupt, you may get bullies hired on here and there, and so on. But I have never met a uniformed police officer myself who joined for any reason other than getting to help people and protect the weak, and I have known a lot.

      As a general rule, I think cowardice accompanies other faults, and when your boss hands you a gun, and says, “You’ll need this for when they shoot at you,” it tends to cull back cowardice. Don’t buy the media hype.

      • Andy says:

        I don’t “buy the media hype”, i traveld enough to see that in most countries, the cops are scum.

        • I’ve known cops, and I have not met a single one who I would call scum, or anything close. I know there are scummy ones out there, but my random sampling didn’t bump into them, so at least in my area they are scarce, and I have no reason to think, given the nature of the job, that is not a general rule. Maybe in your country they are, but not in the US IMO.

      • Andy says:

        And by the way, just because someone follows an k-strategy, that doesn’t make him similar to you or your ally of some sort. if a wolf pack shows up in the territory of another wolf pack, in the end of the day there will be just one wolf pack left. This is a match between armed and aggressiv groups and to think the cops gona be buddy-buddy with ya just because you categorize them similar to you doesn’t mean shit for them. They are here to enforce the will of their pension payers.

      • Mr Twister says:

        Police and soldiers, K selected individuals in an r selected environment.

    • Pitcrew says:

      All of my personal experiences with cops have been positive Andy. I once had a pack of ferals break into my (small) apartment building and terrorize the residents, Cops showed up in 2 minutes from my phone call. They got at least 3 convictions. I always like local LE. Federal LE, they drop the ball too much and are ineffective because of political BS. It is costing the country dearly.

      • Andy says:

        We had such a case a year ago too where some druggies tried to occupy an empty building nearby. The cops showed up within 4 hours and got rid of them, but in the mean time i made a plan with some neighboors how to infiltrate the place and basicly kill them and set fire. If the cops didn’t show up, but the institution of police would still be running, how do you think the government would respond to this method of neighborhood vigilanti justice?
        The cops are the biggest break for some healthy social cleaning justice. So don’t tell me they are your friends. The sheriff might be, but you know on what social base the sheriffs department stands.

  3. SteveRogers42 says:

    Street cops tend to be k-selected. The problem with the profession is that the r-selected cops are adept at office politics and tend to climb the greasy pole into administrative positions at a disproportionate rate.

    • Yeah, that is the problem all over. It is like a different programming, because the r’s can’t fathom guys wanting the street aspect, while K’s never even think to suck ass and focus exclusively on going up the ladder.

  4. SteveRogers42 says:

    Heartwarming example of k-shift in progress: Lone CHP officer tears down sign and makes arrest when anti-Trump La Razas block the 101 freeway in LA this morning. (Can’t link to it because of “invalid security token” — whatever that is, but y o u t u b e has it up as “Blocking the freeway in Los Angeles over President Trump”) Amusing commentary by an r-selected female as a bonus.

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