Q Appears To Control Trump’s Twitter

From Free Republic, for those that missed it:

Some of us have been following the postings of Q on 8chan. I started out skeptical about this an ominous figure who claimed to speak for the White House and its secret war against the swamp. This week he really dismissed many doubts I had about his legitimacy. If you did not see this, it will blow you away.

Q made this statement as proof: good[win] [win] when [15]

EXACTLY 15 minutes late Trump added the word “Goodwin” to one of his recent Tweets.

Next, president Trump misspelled the word consequential with the word consensual on his Twitter. (letter q missing)

Q points out the next marker with [1]

Exactly one minute later president Trump updates his tweet and puts the Q into the misspelled word.

Q immediately posts “marker [1] confirmed ”

There have some other pretty big proof given in the past of the legitimacy of Q. For example, you stated we are crossing the Delaware, and the next day one of Trump’s generals posted a picture on Twitter of Washington Crossing the Delaware.

If Q is legit, and it is hard to see otherwise considering the New Evidence, then it is really exciting based on everything that he has posted!

Background on Q is here:

The FAQ of Q

What’s going on here?

Someone very very close to President Trump has been dropping crumbs about global events from behind the scenes. He calls himself Q. He started at the end of October on 4chan and has continued since then, moving to 8chan when 4chan became compromised. What he’s claimed is going on is absolutely staggering.

How do you know he’s real?

He has posted irrefutable evidence that he is who he says he is.

•he predicted President Trump’s Twitter being shutdown

•he predicted the upheaval in Saudi Arabia

•he predicted an incident with a helicopter at a Rothschild estate in the UK two days before it happened

•He predicted a terrorist attack by a Bangladeshi national involving fireworks the day before it happened

•he has posted original photographs taken from Air Force One. The timestamps and flight paths match the President’s recent trip to Asia. One was actually taken while flying over North Korea.

•He has posted key phrases that the President has used later on Twitter.

•some of his phrases and terminology have been independently confirmed as belonging to military intelligence.

He really is an insider with extraordinarily high security clearance. One might even say … Q Clearance.

Why is he leaking by posting on the chans?

Because they’re the last bastions of free speech. Mainstream media is hopelessly compromised and, as we’ll see further down, a major part of the problem. Social media is controlled and actively censored. The chans are where it’s at: pure uncensored raw discussion, analysis and detective work. Just ask Shia LeBeouf what they can achieve.

How has he been doing it?

The bulk of his material has been in the form of a list of questions that mostly answer themselves. It is theorized that this form of dropping information is very difficult to detect by semantic analysis and may have given him a good head start not being detected early on. He has also made liberal use of the term ‘+++’ which apparently causes trouble for some scraper software.

I want to read all of Q’s posts on 4chan and 8chan!

No problem. Go here. This is all of them so far, most recent first. You can search for specific terms in the box at the top left.

I need a little more help than that please!

Check out the Book of Q. It’s an extremely comprehensive guide to reading Q along with all his posts, infographics with connections and maps, background information and a guide to the chan culture. Highly recommended!

Some of those posts look really weird. What’s up with that?

As well as leaking hints as to what’s going on behind the scenes, Q is also pasting coded instructions to the teams of watching operators. They may be copies of instructions sent over other secure channels, or they may be the real live instructions themselves. We think that at least once, they were real instructions.

So what’s the big deal with the leaks? What are we talking about?

TL;DR The good guys have had enough and are taking down the bad guys worldwide. Strap in. Details below.

What is going on?

“Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?” – Morpheus, The Matrix.

Behind the scenes, a titanic battle of good versus evil is taking place. On the good side, the President of the United States, the NSA and his loyal armed forces. On the evil side, the elites who rule over us and their friends. Q says 80% of this battle will never see the light of day but it is happening, it’s very real and the ramifications will one day extend to the entire planet.

The triangle

Three families, three sides of a triangle. $7 trillion in wealth. Q labelled them +++, ++ and +. He named them too: Saud, Rothschild and Soros. These are the three families who run the world by financing wars, creating terror and implementing the systems that affect our daily lives in every possible way you could imagine.

One side of the triangle falls

November the 4th, Crown Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, plus a dozen others, was arrested in Saudi Arabia. The arrests were preceded by a global WhatsApp outage and a strange tweet from President Trump asking Saudi’s national oil company Aramco to invest on the NYSE. This tweet was obviously a ‘go go go’ signal to the Saudis to start their crackdown. The day before the incident there was a global WhatsApp outage.

Bin Talal is no ordinary prince. He owns more of Twitter than anyone else, plus major stockholdings in CitiGroup, other tech startups and interestingly, the top four floors of the Mandalay Bay hotel. He is – or was – a very big deal in geopolitics.

The next side shows cracks

The Rothschilds own every single central bank in the world bar a handful. They have been enormously wealthy and influential for hundreds of years – and now have been actively targeted by the good guys. On November 20th, an air accident claimed the lives of a number of people next to a Rothschild estate in the UK. This would have been just another tragedy but for the warning Q provided two days prior in the austere code used by Military intelligence:
Bunker Apple Yellow Sky [… + 1]

In English, this means the mission by Thanh Trung captained by Mike Green was to capture Lord Rothschild in Aylesbury and others if they could. But the heli was intercepted by someone and the mission failed as Q explained later.

Q has taunted Lynn De Rothschild in his messages:
Distress cal[L]s to others will [d]o you/family no good at this stage.
We know whe[R]e you/the family are at all times and can hear you breathing.

In the square brackets are the letters [LdR], a clear threat to the high-profile member and the rest of her famous family. She has tweeted increasingly panicked messages as the Q saga has unfolded. Q has been grimly amused by all of this:
Heard you can’t sleep anymore.
Don’t come here again.

The third side

The third family is represented by George Soros, a Hungarian Jew turned Nazi sympathizer who foments revolutions and civil unrest all over the West through his Open Society foundation. Although there have been no visible moves against Soros, it is telling that he recently transferred the bulk of his personal wealth into his foundation, a move that probably won’t work in the long run. Am I exaggerating about his interference with the democratic process? Not a bit of it. Here’s Soros telling Hillary that the situation in Albania is unacceptable.

There’s no easy way to build up to this so I will just go ahead and say it: the vast majority of the elites are Satan worshippers who sacrifice children to the ancient god Moloch. They run the global child trafficking networks to supply themselves with vulnerable children to murder, rape, and harvest for organs and blood to keep them young. Their hundred year plan which kicked off in the middle of WWI was meant to completely subjugate the West both through immigration and through cultural subversion. Bits and pieces of the full picture are documented in many places but it’s very hard to study in detail because the subject matter is repulsive and because it attracts a lot of distraction. It is quite likely although not yet confirmed that Hollywood and most of Washington D.C. are full of pedophiles. If you find this completely unbelievable, then ask yourself this: how many Hollywood personalities and media executives have resigned in just the last month because of accusations of sexual impropriety? Has PizzaGate really been debunked? Are there a hundred and one coded references to cult behaviour in the leaked emails of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and his brother Tony? What do these people like to do on a Friday night with their friends from Hollywood?

What can I do?

You dear friends are VERY IMPORTANT. You have so much to give. Details coming! We promise.


This interests me, because Trump is the master of amygdala. One thing I notice is that after an election, people drift away from politics for a few years, until a new election is upon us. But things like this are massive amygdala-grabbers. I have no idea if there is really a war going on behind the scenes, or if the Rothschilds are being targeted, or how legit the story here is.

But I do know that this drama is an excellent way for Trump to hold onto amygdalae, and keep his troops energized and interested until the next election. Now a whole lot of people who might otherwise not see anything of interest in politics are tuning in with rapt attention to see what the next episode of this story will reveal. They want to get the secret scoop, and feel like they are on the inside. Clearly Trump’s history as a showman is as valuable as his managerial capabilities and his persuasion abilities when it comes to maintaining his political power.

It is interesting that this seemed to predict the Saudi power shift and the crash at the Rothschild’s estate though.

So it is not impossible that we will get a front row seat to the battle Trump will wage, as Trump uses all of the resources at his disposal to strengthen all the positions he needs to maintain, including the motivation of his online political base. Either way, we have master of psychological manipulation and control who is almost guaranteed a second four year term when the next election comes around.

And that ignores how he may be changing the political battlefield on which he will take his victory.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because it is a war out there

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10 Responses to Q Appears To Control Trump’s Twitter

  1. Pitcrew says:

    Don’t forget there was that fire at Hillary’s house. Weird shit going on, if you ask me.

  2. LaserCutter says:

    This timeline is pretty much like the best episode of “The X-Files,” ever. There are enough confirmed happenings — the arrests in Saudi Arabia being particularly yuge — that anything from “Q” or “MegaAnon” seems plausible.

    Trump and his team are meme aware to a frightening extent; they hang out on The_Donald for sure and probably dive into the chans too. I mean Trump used the phrase “Deep State” in multiple tweets ffs! Imagine going back in time five years and trying to convince Alex Jones that would happen. And just when I think he can’t get any danker, Trump uses “We have taken Jerusalem…” in a tweet.

    A side benefit to all this is that anyone who dives into MAGA world loses any and all interest in the trite, SJW garbage coming from Hollywood as nothing they produce can possibly hold a candle to participating in “President Trump: Season One.”

  3. Dave says:

    A ray of hope on a dark horizon. If even a tenth of it is true, then things are not nearly as lost as I had imagined.

  4. Snafui says:

    Q… Quelle, as in source..? Interesting choice if so.

  5. gxg says:

    Mega Anon just posted that Q is Julian Assange. As they say, Big if True.

  6. Sam J. says:

    “…drama is an excellent way for Trump to hold onto amygdalae, and keep his troops energized and interested until the next election…”

    Exactly. Drama. I’m at the point where I believe Q is just drama to keep people from deciding that they have to rebel. Buying time. Thinking that someone actually cares and is doing something so they won’t have too. Sure they’re part of the administration but it doesn’t mean they’re on our side.

    Think about this logically, it’s been a year. Trump has no massive arrest. We hear a lot of talk about sealed indictments but…what is that? It’s nothing. Sessions is doing absolutely nothing and looks like he has PTSD from some kind of threat. We still have massive immigration, no wall, no pedo arrest. There’s no doubt at all that there have been several false flags that with a couple weeks worth of FBI investigation, which would solely be gathering documents, you could crack open. Here’s three, Sandy Hook. Were kids killed there or not? It doesn’t look like it. Boston. The guys backpack they said exploded doesn’t look like the backpack that DID explode and a defense contractor was wearing one that looked like the one that exploded about 30 feet away from where it blew up. After the explosion he no longer had it on. The guy whose leg was supposedly blown off appears to be a soldier who had his leg blown off in Iraq. One last false flag could be cracked merely by going on TV and explaining that the fall of building 7 on 9-11 was such that only air held up the building. We know that isn’t true so the building was demoed. I bet the people would be 100% behind him if he went public with 9-11 and started mass arrest for the crime. No doubt.

    If he was going to do something people should have been arrested by now and they should be leaning on them. If all these kids are being molested, and I believe this is true, then why aren’t people being arrested. Why aren’t they picking up these kids and getting them away from them?

    Trump talks a good game but as far as I can see it’s all talk. I wanted to hope for the best like everyone else but I see nothing. Nothing at all being done. All he’s done is the same thing jeb would do. I hope I’m proven wrong.

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  8. iamfullabull says:

    Sam J, what do you mean? over 9000 indictments in the first year is like 6x the average. Sessions is the busiest man in D.C.

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