Rainbow Flag Creator Dead

Rainbow flag creator dies:

Nearly 40 years after he created the multi-color symbol of the LGBT movement, Gilbert Baker died Friday at the age of 65.

Details about his death are unknown at this time, but friends say Baker died in his sleep.

Dying at 65 is young these days, but this was actually old for a gay man, whose average life expectancies are about 20 years less than for hetero men, meaning average gay male life expectancy is 56 years old. That is pretty young, and speaks to all the pestilence such a life exposes one to. Clearly you want to stay clear of that, even now.

Of course that 20 year reduction in lifespan is in a world with free resource availability, where expensive AIDS and Hep-C drugs are subsidized by the masses, who would rather spend the money than see the mortality all around them. It is also in a pre-Apocalypse world, without the pandemic I increasingly suspect will be a key feature of the coming collapse.

When things turn K-selective being gay will be an enormous Darwinian disadvantage, which leads me to suspect key features of the Apocalypse may trigger evolved biological changes that will shift many gays back to heterosexuality. This will be a mechanism similar to an anecdotal case highlighted in Evopsych, where a heterosexual married family man who took a dopamine-agonist Parkinson’s drug turned aggressively, uncontrollably homosexual, only to revert to monogamous heterosexuality once he ceased taking the drug.

Pull the dopamine and activate the amygdala, and everything may change for a large segment of the gay population.

Spread r/K Theory, because all the gays need is a little bit of Apocalypse

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  2. Pitcrew says:

    From what I know about bacteria colonizations, MRSA has already colonized most public areas. If a more deadly variant arrives on scene and there aren’t antibiotics to treat it a slow painful death will ensue. We are speeding towards the post-antibiotic era- and these deadly new pathogens will likely spread throughout diverse communities and airports/hospitals as well as gay communities. Muslims will carry them as well. Many unsuspecting Conservatives will get caught up in the disaster. Just look at what has already happened. Its why humans evolved a gag reflex.


  3. What do you think will happen to Asia, with their billions in population? And will debts be written off after, since those who signed them in will be dead, with not enough to service them?

    • I have no idea. What bothers me is the Chinese will have a lot of sexually frustrated males with no mates, who they have pulled out of the country into cities where they can’t do subsistence farming, which could explode in the Apocalypse. The leaders might decide to war, just to keep them busy, and nobody will have it coming like the nation which shafted them on all their debt, and who they will blame for all economic problems.

      On our side, our neocon cucks and the left will see a good opportunity to get rid of a lot of doe-eye’d alt-righters who would want to serve.

  4. Anonymous White Male says:

    Here’s a better title:

    Rainbow FAG Creator Dead.

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