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Milwaukee Outbreak Of HIV And Syphilis

Even spread into high school kids: At least 125 people — including a dozen high school kids — in Milwaukee have been infected with HIV, syphilis, or both in one of the biggest outbreaks ever reported in the city. According … Continue reading

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Drug Resistant HIV Is Here

Apocalypse will find a way to cull r-selection one way or another: A drug-resistant strain of the HIV virus discovered in the Philippines has the potential to spark a new epidemic, scientists have warned. HIV prevalence among Filipinos has risen … Continue reading

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Plague Can Live Inside Amoebae

Interesting: The bacteria that cause plague, or the Black Death, could be lying dormant in common soil and water sources, posing a serious public health risk, scientists have warned. The finding, published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, could explain … Continue reading

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CDC Doctor Says Flu Vaccine Is Killing People, Then Gets Sick And Disappears

A mystery: The CDC Doctor who controversially warned this year’s “disastrous” flu shot may be responsible for the deadly flu epidemic sweeping the country, has been reported missing and is feared dead… Dr. Cunningham was last seen by colleagues Monday … Continue reading

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Pandemics Won’t Just Kill Humans

The Horsemen interact complexly, all throughout the food chain: Wheat leaf rust is a fungal disease that affects wheat, barley and rye stems, leaves, and grains. This is now beginning to appear as a PANDEMIC since scientists have shown that … Continue reading

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Gays Getting Parasites From Rimming

Perhaps the most bizarre descent into gay insanity you will ever read: I have a lot of sex. Topping, bottoming, oral, rimming. I love it all. Living in New York City as a gay man, sex has never been easier … Continue reading

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What Happened The Last Time Philly Held A Parade During A Flu Outbreak

It wasn’t good: Pennsylvania’s influenza death toll rose by 26 last week, bringing the total number of deaths in the state to 91 since the season began Oct. 1, according to the state Department of Health… The headlines are scary, … Continue reading

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SuperFlus Spreading On Korean Peninsula As Olympics Approach

This is a result of shortage weakening humans: Super flu outbreaks are ravaging the Korean Peninsula less than two weeks before the Winter Olympics — leaving North Korea scrambling to treat more than 81,000 people infected with swine flu as … Continue reading

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Porn Star Dies Of Vaginal Infection

Not one you see every day: When we first discovered adult film star Olivia Nova, 20, passed away in Las Vegas on Jan. 7, we were devastated… … she had a “vaginal discharge” and “bruising on her lower left leg.” … Continue reading

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Flu Picking Up In LA

Interesting trend: So many people have fallen sick with influenza in California that pharmacies have run out of flu medicines, emergency rooms are packed, and the death toll is rising higher than in previous years. Health officials said Friday that … Continue reading

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