Sessions Is On The Warpath Behind The Scenes

Amazing, Q is right again:

In an interview with Fox New’s Shannon Bream Wednesday night, Attorney General Jeff Sessions dropped a bomb when… he said the following:

“I have appointed a person outside of Washington, many years in the Department of Justice (DOJ), to look at all the allegations that the House Judiciary Committee members sent to us; and we’re conducting that investigation.”

Wait, what?

…during his first briefing with DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, he would have been made aware of the IG’s investigation into the FISA and other related matters, and thus would have become aware that he had a set of truly bad actors in his midst. That is likely something Sessions already suspected, since it had become obvious during his confirmation hearing that he had personally been under illegal surveillance, but a briefing from Horowitz would have confirmed that reality…

Formally appointing a special counsel at that time would have given all of these people the chance to either flee, cover their tracks, or even lawyer up before cases could have been fully developed… Remember also that the disciplinary actions taken against them have been designed to keep them close and controlled…

Unlike Horowitz, this unidentified special prosecutor would have the power to convene a grand jury – and may have already done so – and quickly begin issuing subpoenas based on the recommendations contain in the Horowitz report…


So basically he has appointed a Special Prosecutor, but he wanted to do it so secretly, he didn’t make it official. Has that ever been done in history?

Which means all those sealed indictments we already see surging may just be the opening act.

And this is yet another Q confirmation. He has said repeatedly to trust Sessions.

Meanwhile, things are beginning to happen on the Fast and Furious front:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Wednesday that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will provide documents to Congress on the Obama-era program dubbed “Fast and Furious” that allowed criminals to purchase guns in Phoenix-based gun shops in order to track them into Mexico.

The Justice Department, then run by Eric Holder, declined to provide documents on the program to Congress in 2012 and was held in contempt of Congress. Today’s decision ends six years of litigation with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

I do not see any way this was not a political operation straight from the politicians in Justice, possibly with Valerie Jarrett’s influence at the White House. ATF guys can be a little wild, but I do not see even a politician in the agency arming the cartels in Mexico freely, and no way the ground level agents go along with it unless there is a threat of total destruction few entities can provide. The politician leaders in ATF and the agents would all fear the blowback screwing up everything from their careers to their agency. It would be an international incident if uncovered. And I would assume actual federal agents would see the possibility that those guns could have ended up pointed at fellow Federal Agents, as they ultimately were in the tragic case of Brian Terry.

The only way I see that operation playing like that was if politicians at Justice and higher wanted to further gun control agendas, and they didn’t give a damn about the regular people and Federal Agents who would face those guns. If that is chased down, it will be one more nail in the coffin of the Deep State which was hell bent on disarming Americans for some deep dark reason.

Wild times. How the worm turns.

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6 Responses to Sessions Is On The Warpath Behind The Scenes

  1. everlastingphelps says:

    Boom 1: Kobe Steel.

    Boom 2: Sessions.

    And Q has two more booms to go.

  2. LembradorDos6Triliões says:

    He is!

    Off Topic Bonus:

    Citizen journalist and former leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson has released a video of himself defending his camera crew against an attempted attack by a migrant in Italy.

    Lol, Tommy BTFO off a ungrateful nigger invader. Role model.

  3. Pitcrew says:

    “Sessions Is On The Warpath Behind The Scenes”

    That’s probably got someone’s almonds working overtime. Wonder who it is?

  4. StarTripper says:

    It is standard during a big IG investigation that a prosecutor (or in business the general counsel) would follow with the investigation in case criminal wrong doing is uncovered. That way evidence and such would get due process and not be bungled by the IG. If a special counsel is appointed they will have to start over with the investigation and so more delays. That is why Trump sent out that tweet. We must accept that the apparent friction between and Trump and Sessions is likely just camouflage. Like you say we don’t want the bad guys to split the scene too early.

  5. Duke Norfolk says:

    Many on the right have been frustrated and certain that Sessions was just a big cuck. I’ve been keeping the faith that Sessions was doing some good things, but keeping it very quiet. My faith didn’t have anything to do with Sessions, as I didn’t know much about it, really. It’s been based on Trump. I’ve learned to have faith in him, and couldn’t believe he’d keep someone in that key position if he wasn’t doing the job.

    The other thing is that I refuse to believe that Trump’s sniping at Sessions thru Twitter was anything other than theater to manipulate the media and the left. That behavior just doesn’t square with Trump as a boss. It seems like very Gamma-like behavior (per Vox Day’s socio-sexual hierarchy model). Good bosses would never do something like that. He would face him personally and criticize privately. They’re orchestrating this. And probably having a good laugh in the Oval while doing it.

    But of course doing this Twitter theater just played right into the ridiculous notions that the anti-Trumpers have about him. He’s playing them. No doubt epically.

    Keep the faith!

  6. rogerlocke says:

    “Sundance” has a lot of great coverage on the subject. He was predicting a hidden investigation quite a while back.

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