The Narcissist Themes Of Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock

Some are saying Paddock did not act alone. Anything is possible. But there is a confirmed report he scouted another Music Festival:

The sheriff, Joe Lombardo, was asked at a news conference if it’s believed that Paddock was scouting other locations in Las Vegas, and he said “what’s possibly been presented with Life is Beautiful.” You can read more about the Life is Beautiful 2017 Las Vegas music event here.

On October 4, the sheriff that Paddock “had rented a room at the Ogden Hotel in downtown Las Vegas” overlooking Life is Beautiful. “He had obtained a room at the Ogden at the same time Life is Beautiful was conducted. Was he doing pre surveillance? We don’t know yet.”

The name of the festival is a perfect Narcissist trigger.

Speaking from experience with the Narcissist I knew, older narcissists have themes that often developed in their lives during childhood. I suspect it results from a brain that is so pained by the world that it never looks too closely at what is around it. Rather it just shoehorns every later experience into the broader category of experiences it had during childhood.

I suspected, based on the shooter’s younger brother’s body language, that the shooter probably had a hostile relationship with his younger brother. That is not uncommon with narcissists. They begin life adored by their parents. They are the baby, and the world stops for the baby. It all goes great until mom announces there will be another baby soon. An angsty narcissist will panic just at the thought. Then the new baby comes, and suddenly everyone’s world, including the narcissist’s, stops for the new baby. The narcissist will not like that.

The new baby will like it plenty however, and his enjoyment of being catered too will ignite an intense jealousy and anger in the narcissist. A normal psychology that went that far, would simply hate the younger brother. But the narcissist shoehorns every subsequent experience into the cubbyholes formed by the experiences of their childhood. As a result, they will often have an established rage which will well up at the sight of younger individuals, and especially younger individuals who are happy and enjoying life.

My own favorite narcissist must have told the same story twenty times when I knew him, about a neighbor’s teenager who blew off school to go surfing with his friends. When he would tell the story, his eyes would glaze over as he relived it. The kids all around the Jeep, loading the beers, the girls in bikinis, the surfboards getting strapped down.

To me, it sounded like a great time. But to the narcissist every aspect was only feeding the rage, until he came to the climax, where he asked enraged, “You know what he was doing? Playing Hooky!” Playing Hooky was his way of saying he was skipping school to hit the beach. My thought was that made it even better, but to him, that was the ultimate offense.

The reason was because in his head that teenager was his younger brother. He wanted to stifle his younger brother’s enjoyment, because he had been conditioned to feel rage at the sight of it. He had no idea the rage was in response to his own perception of his own relative neglect. To him, the rage was a logical response to his younger brother’s doing something wrong, because it was wrong. It wasn’t really wrong, but the idea of it being wrong was amygdala relief, and when you are a narcissist which is not looking too closely at the world, such amygdala relief is impossible to discern from what is right. They are merged into one. And amygdala-activation becomes what is wrong – deeply, morally, impossibly wrong on a cosmic, Godly level. It all merges into one thought/emotion.

So eventually in his childhood, that cognitive pattern of becoming enraged when the younger brother enjoyed themselves evolved, and then he spent his childhood trying to find ways to logically and morally stop his younger brother from enjoying himself. If he could say, “You can’t go to the beach, because you have to go to school, and skipping school is wrong” and his younger brother was stopped from enjoying himself, that was the ultimate relief – and he felt he had prevented something that was deeply morally wrong. Obviously he was in the right, he was the moral one, and his brother ended up unhappy. It was a three way win.

When his neighbor’s kid blithely loaded up his jeep to play hooky, that was a double amygdala-whammy because he was going to enjoy himself, and it was a moral affront to all that was decent. So ingrained was the cognitive model that he expected me to get enraged too, just at the thought of it. I’d have given the kid an extra $20 and told him he needed more beer, and let him borrow my radio, but to my narcissist, that was unimaginable.

Knowing this pattern, I see a younger brother of Stephen Paddock who appears terrified of him, I see a narcissist with enough amygdala-rage to perform a mass shooting, and I see that he was scouting another concert, which would feature young pretty girls and young guys having fun. It all looks extremely close to a pattern I recognize.

So if he had help, who would it be? I hate to say it, but maybe his younger brother, or some similar figure. The brother helped him move before. It is possible the younger brother helped him move his weapons and ammo into the room, but really wasn’t sure of what was going on, and didn’t want to ask. If something like that happened, it would explain why he was so extremely bizarre in his body language during that interview.

There is a strange cognitive state you can enter when a narcissist is noxious enough, where you just accept their presence, and try to manage the irritation by keeping them pacified. On the one hand, subconsciously you don’t want to interact with them too much, so from a cognitive perspective you never look too closely at them, almost like a reflex. You look too closely and you get irritated, so your brain learns that you try to deal with them while looking away – and it never tells you that consciously, and you never notice.

If you have other problems on your plate, or are focused elsewhere, you can get to a point where you just try to get them squared away without looking too closely at what they are doing. It is strange once everything seeps into the consciousness, because you were kind of like a hypnotized robot helping them without actually thinking about it or looking at the whole situation. I can understand how when such a noxious asshole asks you for help and you just do it despite what an asshole they are, that asshole would view you as stupid. In a way you are.

I actually helped my own favorite narcissist far more than I ever should have. I look back and feel stupid now that the spell is broken, but at the time I had other things I was focused on. So when he complained about something and threatened to intrude on my world, I fixed it just to get him off my plate so I could return to what I was doing.

It is possible Paddock told this brother, or someone else who occupied a similar cognitive cubbyhole in his life, to move stuff up to that room, or make other preparations, and they did it without looking too closely, and assuming it must have been innocent.

One final point of interest to me is this picture:


Two things hit me. One, he is smiling with the right side of his face, but not the left. You can see the right corner of the mouth pulled up, and the right eye squinting as if smiling, yet there is no corner of the mouth pulled up on the left, and the eye socket is relaxed. Once you see it, and mentally isolate each side of the face in your mind, it is obvious.

Two is the caved-in chest and hunched shoulders, which almost look like the end of a long exhale. Yes, he could be drunk, or tired, or it could just be because he is sitting on a barstool. But that collapsed chest and slumped shoulders, with the neck angled forward instead of straight up is a trait I see in many narcissists. It isn’t there all the time. They can force themselves to stand ramrod straight, and force their chest out. But that slumped posture is like a default state they slide into when their mind drifts elsewhere, and what is inside seeps to the outside.

In my mind, it represents a subconscious expression of sadness, defeat, and low self-esteem. It represents the absence of true happiness that is the hallmark of their psychology.

I suspect where you see it, it would abate naturally, if they saw some Alpha male endure some humiliating experience in front of them – but it would only abate momentarily before they returned to a naturally miserable state.

It is the opposite of standing straight up and pushing your chest out proudly. Where it is paired with pinched in shoulders, the pinched shoulders seem to represent repressed rage. Here is a shot of Alec Baldwin, that the instant I see it, I think narcissist:

He is almost leaning forward, starting not at the waist, but at the chest.

And another. In mind mind, I feel a complete loosening of the back muscles that pull your shoulders back, ramrod straight. It is as if the muscles gave out:

Here a fairly young A-list actor with a young yogi girlfriend, and yet he has the posture of a hundred year old man:


And one with an exceptionally painful expression:

Even as a very young guy it was there if you were looking for it:–alec-baldwin-hair-photo.jpg

Here are Alec and his brother Stephen side by side. It is subtle, but it is there, even though it is posed. Focus just below the Adam’s apple and on the chest, as you take in the angle of the neck vs a line connecting their shoulders and the chest concavity. Alec’s neck is bent forward because of the chest cave, while Stephen is totally neutral, with a chest that protrudes outward. Alec’s shoulders look bent forward, as Stephen’s look perfectly vertical.

And one more. Compare the chest with Stephen’s above:–alec-baldwin-allposters-com.jpg

Another. Compare how you think Steve Martin’s back and latissimus dorsi muscles are contracted, with Alec’s back and lat muscles which are completely released, allowing his shoulders to turn in, forward:

A comical representation from possibly the best movie of all time:
Chinese medicine views those postural aberrations as highly significant indicators of emotional imbalances that would contribute to diseases. I suspect in western terms, the body has emotional modes, designed to optimize thinking and physical function under set conditions we encountered frequently in our evolutionary past.

Often we had to fight, and the brain developed the ability to flip a switch and enter anger/fight mode, which optimized everything for that endeavor. You hunched forward and protected your core. You feet went wider to widen your base for stability. Your shoulder’s pinched in as your muscles went tense and readied for violent contractions. And your emotional state is designed to want to rip people apart, and see everyone suffer, just to do it and get the release.

Often we had to flee, and we developed a fear/flee mode, probably shunting all available energy to our legs, making us want to get away. We may even have developed facial expressions so our fellow tribe members who just walked in on us could spot what mode we were in quickly, and prepare to enter that mode themselves to fight or flee.

Sex, revel, ponder, observe, hide, avoid/be-depressed all also had their place, and the brain developed those modes, each not only affecting thinking, but also posture, neural function, movement style, muscular function, cardiovascular function, breathing rates, immune function, capillary function, and so on. So I view postural analyses as examinations of what cognitive mode the human you are examining is in. Spot the mode, and compare with the environment, and you can judge where they are congruent, and where they are not. Where they are not congruent will be some sort of stuck mode switch in the brain, which is probably causing dysfunction somewhere else, and which may reveal something about a past which “stuck” the mode switch to begin with.

I hate to say it but this whole Las Vegas shooting may just be a textbook narcissist loser looking to ruin the lives of young, happy people who felt life is beautiful, and who were taking the time to enjoy it. Maybe his condition was deteriorating for some physical reason, and hence the request for anti-anxiety meds, but in the end it was just an angsty loser, angry that everyone else wasn’t as miserable as him

I would almost prefer terrorism for some weird reason. I suppose at least you can defeat terrorism, but you know society is never going to let us purge the narcissist losers from the world.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because of narcissists

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22 Responses to The Narcissist Themes Of Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock

  1. Curious why you love The Fifth Element so much. It is a fantastic film.

  2. Nick says:

    I think the narcissist analysis is accurate, but its hard to believe that this old, sloppy guy could pull this off alone, there are at least 4 videos showing shots fired from one of the lower floors of the hotel:

  3. Wow. This long long rambling interview with the brother. Strange, but just wow:

  4. Watch it from 14:40 to 14:59 or so.
    What was he about to say that he interrupted himself on?

    • He started to either say, “Steve was an Army,” which would not have been interesting, or he started to say, “Steve was an Army Ranger,” which would have been interesting. But I suspect it was the first. This looks to me like it may end up being a tumor, or some sort of extreme amygdala stress we don’t know about that broke him down, probably acting on a genetically weak structure, maybe prone to NPD.

      Though the brother is definitely denying their love of guns for some reason. He knew what a bump stock was off the top of his head, he’s fired full autos, he knows what a .223 is, and if he moved his brother he knew he was a gun guy. Something weird there, though he could just be a bullshit artist.

  5. I think you are reading much, too much into the picture of Paddock. The guy has a shot glass in his hand. His look says, “I’m fucked up!”. The little filipino is holding onto his arm and smiling because, being drunk, he’s a gravy train. He’s probably already spent more on her than she thinks she is worth, hence the happy expression on her face.

  6. Robert What? says:

    Brilliant analysis, thanks. I find myself standing like that sometimes. But I don’t think I’m a narcissist and I’ll kill anyone who says

  7. Pitcrew says:

    There seems to be some concerted effort on the left to ruin places that more conservative type people congregate and socialize. Work and school (made PC), church (also made PC), football and other sports venues and now country music festivals. The left also pulled crap during the inauguration. Stefan Molyneux did a pretty good assessment of it a few days ago. It’s gene warfare, the r-type narcissist genes are interfering with the K-type genes just trying to go about with their lives. That’s why the answer to this isn’t more gun control or less country music. Conservatives, right wingers, anybody on the right just has to keep meeting up with their right wing friends and keep having a good time. Don’t let the left win. Don’t let the left flood society. Flood the zone with right wing philosophy, talking points, facts and data. They only win if you let them.

    • 04432133232423432 says:

      And of course, once SHTF, because there is no law and nothing is illegal, take out as many of them as you can. Never let a good crisis go to waste! In the mean time, prep, train, red pill the masses as much as you can. And of course always stay within the boundaries of the law.

  8. John Calabro says:

    Hey Anonymous, first of all did you see a picture of his father from the most wanted?

    His is on the bottom of the page. You what he had the same head forward, chest in and some weird about his face.

    Also I thought this was interesting
    “Paddock’s father was a notorious bank robber who spent years behind bars and even escaped from prison. According to news reports, Stephen Paddock was present when police arrested his father at their home. Not long after that, he was reportedly told his father was dead to shield the child from the truth: that his father was in prison. When Paddock grew older, he learned his father was indeed alive but behind bars.”

    If you know anything about early childhood with boy and their beliefs in God is very much affect by their relationship with their father. A lot of revolutionary and atheist came from homes with either a dead, broken, absent, sadistic or weak father. The belief in god and your loyal to your family, clan and nation is often form around the ages of 2 to 5 years old.

    This is not to excuse the guy but it is interesting that his brother said that he was not political or religious. And from what we know he had 2 failed marriages, no kids and kept to himself.

    Hey Anonymous can you tell with in regards to your Narcissists about how he would speak of his mother and if he ever brought up his father and if he did what he said about him.

    My guess is that he talked a lot about his mother ( a mix of praise, hated and fear) and barely said anything about his father. When he did it was either like he about a random guy like his father nothing but a sperm donor, with fear, pathetic or he would go on blaming his father for almost everything wrong with his life. Nothing really positive to say.

    I could be wrong it could be the opposite dad is good mother is either distance, evil or pathetic. or both parents are either looked down, fear, distance or mix.

    • Yeah, that is the posture. Nice catch.

      It is important to keep in mind to view it in context though. I think any human can enter that posture if “broken” enough. I would imagine a lot of POWs, after five or six years in the Hanoi Hilton could show it, despite not being narcissists. Kill a man’s family, and let him realize he is helpless to undo it, and he might look like that for a bit. That said, even though that asshole was just caught, that is it to the extreme, and when I see it that extreme, I assume the muscles have been “stretched” into that position by him being in that posture constantly.

      When I see it, I assume the guy feels that every little inconvenience is “unfair” and that therefore justifies him doing anything to “make things right.” I’m sure in his head, the banks were unfair to not give him money, the Cops were unfair for not letting him get away, the system had oppressed him from the start, and everybody was always trying to screw him.

      The younger brother seemed afraid of the mother. First he said Steve was the reason she had what she had, then he seemed to panic for a moment, and turned 180 and said she had built herself up all by herself, and made her life what it was, though she was only a secretary raising four kids alone. He seemed to fear she would be offended that he had implied she had been given the life she led.

      My guess is something is up with her. But I am increasingly thinking Steven had some sort of mechanical damage, based on what the girlfriend is saying. This is possibly just one lone nutjob who may actually have been a nutjob solely because of amygdala damage from a tumor or something. I hope they save amygdala tissue to look for infection as well.

      Sooner or later in the evolution of humans I expect a form of human rabies to show up, but the symptoms won’t be biting or scratching – they will be exactly like this. Hope no leader with their finger on the nuclear button comes down with it.

      • John Calabro says:

        I think you are right about the mother and about the posture. I just thought it was interesting that the father had a similar look. As they say the apple doesn’t often fall that far from the tree.

        I know you are correct about the posture since I have seen many broken down people like that. Often they turn out later on in life to become heavy drug, gambling, alcohol or juke food users.
        Sort of a way to escapade the pain.

    • jon says:

      To add to everything that has been said,,I would ABSOLUTELY bet money on the fact that this guy had a stutter.

  9. krauserpua says:

    Harvey Weinstein has extreme facial assymetry. Another that didn’t surprise me was raving Stalinist, an possible next UK Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn. Everything you read about his history suggests he’s a full blown malignant narcissist.

  10. Chris Stevenson says:

    This is one of your best articles ever, a Rosetta stone document.

    Here is a good interview that takes it to the spiritual angle of the ego and self.
    Michael Tsarion : Enlightenment, the Ego, the Self and the Soul

  11. Parisgirl says:

    Great article and analysis! I too believe that Stephen Paddock had many malignant NPD traits. The body language I totally agree with. My ex Narc displayed similar body language. I always found it disturbing but wasn’t able to articulate it. The most disturbing was when he was refused entry to the US because he had a criminal record. His stance was bizzare/full of shame, low self esteem and defeat!
    I have done extensive research on NPD and feel like everything that is being discovered about the Vegas shooter is spot on Narcissistic. I haven’t read anywhere that he had any friends except for his girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend. They don’t have friends because they care about one but themselves. Zero empathy. There is no way that he loved anyone dispite what his brother says. Many if not all victims of narcissists feel absolute fear when they realize who they were involved with. Only those that get close to them (family, partners, business associates, prositutes and other sex trade workers) are aware of the evil they are capable of. I was emotionally, psychologically, sexually and financially abused by my ex! I got little support from family and friends because they were groomed by him into believing he was a great guy. Victims are brainwashed and thus turn a blind eye to what is happening. The Narcs use gas lighting and are pathological liars which enables them to lead double lives without those closest to them questioning what they are doing. Many victims commit suicide after they are discarded by these disordered people. It’s the ultimate high to them. That they had that much power and control over someone.
    Smart move for the FBI to launch the “If you know something say something” campaign. Since the shooter is dead hopefully people will not be afraid to come forward with what they know about him.
    This tragedy is very triggering for me as a victim and now survivor of a malignant narcissist. He has a new partner to destroy and I can’t do anything to save her because she has been brain washed as has everyone she is close to and so has his own family. Sadly, they don’t know how to spot a disordered person. They are masters as presenting themselves as the victim When in reality they are anything but that.
    I think the only way to stop these mass shootings is to educate kids and the public about personality disorders. How to spot dangerous people and to rely on your gut instinct.

    • I’m sorry for what you endured, but on the bright side, you are now armored. Never again.

      Not everyone can say that.

      • Parisgirl says:

        Since there is a cycle of abuse with narcissists we should look at the length of his previous marriages and his relationship with the woman before he unleashed his hell. I think all of his relationships are about 5 years. This is clearly a pattern..right?

  12. dacus says:

    No doubt shooter was a Narsissist, but he was probably a sociopath too. That was pretty clear from the get go but especially after police interviewed some of the pit bosses at the casino and they said Paddox had a God complex, was arrogant and thought he was superior to everyone else. He expected to be waited on immediately no matter how busy they were and he made sure they knew his expectations. They also said he expected to be treated like he was a VIP by the staff and he loved the attention when staff treated him that way. No wonder he decided to be a professional gambler because that kind of treatment is right up a narcissist’s alley. And his above average intelligence fits as well but only to a certain extent. I mean, yes he was smart enough to count cards and keep track of the odds of each hand of video poker in his mind but stupid and evil enough to kill 59 people, wound 500, and put a gun to his head and blow his brains out. Narcissists are children in an adults body. They are weak minded. They are cowards. They have no self-esteem. They have no love. No joy. They fake kindness to others just so others like family and friends will tell them how wonderful they are but it’s all fake! It’s all for their benefit only. It’s all they can do sometimes to hear the praise that they so desparately need to survive. They have no emotions, no feelings, no love, no compassion, no empathy for other people, not even their own children, family or significant other. Everything to them is a game and they have to win at ALL cost. Im sure to Paddock, he thought he left this world as a winner but there are NO winners in HELL, only LOSERS.

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