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Applebees Fires Employees Who Tried To Stop Theft

We are passing Idiocracy: Three Applebee’s employees have been fired amid allegations that they racially profiled two African-American women dining at a location in Missouri over the weekend, company officials said. St. Louis resident Alexis Brison was having dinner with … Continue reading

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Germans Are Buying Up Airguns

Interesting solution to the problems created by rabbit leaders: Weapons sales are soaring in Germany, prompting fears that a migrant crimewave and terrorism have made people feel unsafe. Germans held a record 557,560 licences for minor arms by the end … Continue reading

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Venezuelan Grocery Runs Like Mad Max

This is how it always ends: When he set off at sunset from the town of La Grita in western Venezuela on his 900-km (560-mile) journey, Aguilar knew he was taking his life in his hands. With hunger widespread amid … Continue reading

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Stephen Paddock’s Escort Is Missing

Not at all surprising: A prostitute that last seen with deranged Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock just before his deadly rampage has mysteriously vanished, RadarOnline has exclusively learned. The Sin City escort was reported missing by her boyfriend several days … Continue reading

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No Rules – FISA Court Advisor Was Cut Out Of Loop, Strzok Was Texting From SCIFs

An interesting tidbit: An attorney selected to advise the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court says he might have recommended against surveilling former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. But he was never asked for an opinion. John Cline was one of the … Continue reading

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What Happened The Last Time Philly Held A Parade During A Flu Outbreak

It wasn’t good: Pennsylvania’s influenza death toll rose by 26 last week, bringing the total number of deaths in the state to 91 since the season began Oct. 1, according to the state Department of Health… The headlines are scary, … Continue reading

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China On The Cusp Of A Turndown?

Some think so: Cash, Dollar Crunch Returns: Bankers Begging Friends for Deposits on WeChat Another cyclical slowdown in China looks to be underway. December’s FAI went negative yoy and now an anecdote pointing to another cash crunch in the banking … Continue reading

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Italian Goes On Shooting Spree To Avenge Murder Of Teen By Migrant

I would prefer him as a countryman to any leftist: A lone Italian gunman shot and wounded six African immigrants Saturday in a two-hour drive-by shooting spree, authorities said, terrorizing a small city in central Italy where a Nigerian man … Continue reading

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Leftists Are Programmed To Favor Out-group Members

The NY Times Cuck lays out his case: New York Times columnist David Brooks tells his friends that the costs imposed by cheap-labor immigration don’t exist because, really, Americans are just inferior to immigrants in every way. Over all, America … Continue reading

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Russian School Teaches Children How To Pole Dance

Nope, not a misprint: Video footage of a school in Russia teaching pupils as young as five how to pole dance has surfaced, sparking outrage over the controversial lessons. The school in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia, teaches schoolgirls as young as … Continue reading

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