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The Chinese May Be Able To Cure Homosexuality

This sounds interesting: Researchers at China’s prestigious Zhejiang University in Hangzhou are just about wrapping up a controversial study in which they’ve spent the past two years spraying oxytocin up the noses of homosexual men to see how it affects … Continue reading

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Harvard Offers Anal Sex Workshop

A month old, but should probably be added to the list: While students demanded that a lecture from scholar Charles Murray be canceled in September, Harvard University hosted a workshop on anal sex this week. As a part of Harvard … Continue reading

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Another Gay, But No Nasolabial Fold

Jeffery Tambor was accused of sexual harassment by this transgender assistant: Notice the nasolabial fold appears to not be there, but the affect still is. In both photos, the nose, upper lip, and eyebrows appear to be exhibiting an affect … Continue reading

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Heartiste On Sexual Dimorphism-Related Sexual Preferences

He sums up the study he cites thusly: The more masculine the man, the greater his desire for feminine women. The less masculine the man, the greater his tolerance (if not desire) for masculine women. Heartiste’s site is the best … Continue reading

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Imagine A Defective Amygdala

I want you to picture something. You are this guy, who actually somehow manages to make Russell Brand look imposing. You are at a party with this guy, 6″2, 240lb former NFL player turned actor Terry Crews, and his wife: … Continue reading

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Bergdahl Gets No Time For Desertion

President Trump still presses the Overton Window by stating the K-strategist position: President Trump on Friday slammed the military judge who spared disgraced US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl jail time. “The decision on Sergeant Bergdahl is a complete and total … Continue reading

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Gays Prefer Youth – A Significant Conflict Only r/K Resolves

An interesting observation: I’d like to weigh in on the Kevin Spacey (age 26)/Anthony Rapp (age 14) tip-of-the-iceberg pederasty scandal that may rip open Hollywood like the hull of the Titanic. Speaking as the only person ever charged for “crimes … Continue reading

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Norwegian Man Raped By Somali, Now Feels Bad About Deportation

This is a human rabbit: A Norwegian politician has spoken of how how he felt guilty that the Somali asylum seeker who raped him was deported. Karsten Nordal Hauken, from Ås, Akershus, was raped in his home and the perpetrator … Continue reading

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Little Richard Goes K-selected And Embraces Jesus

ITZ has the ability to clarify the mind: Iconic musician Little Richard is renouncing his past life of sexual immorality, saying he believes same-sex relationships are “unnatural affections.” In previous interviews, the famous singer referred to himself as “omnisexual,” revealing … Continue reading

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James Woods’ Nasolabial Lines

In just another measure of how disturbingly Aspie and disconnected from anything entertaining this blog has become, I was asked about James Woods’ nasolabial lines. As a general rule when anything James Woods has been saying has been placed before … Continue reading

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