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Gays Getting Parasites From Rimming

Perhaps the most bizarre descent into gay insanity you will ever read: I have a lot of sex. Topping, bottoming, oral, rimming. I love it all. Living in New York City as a gay man, sex has never been easier … Continue reading

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Feds Raid FPS Russia

Lots of strangeness around these guys: Kyle Lamar Myers, more commonly known by his YouTube moniker FPS Russia, was raided by federal agents following his arrest. According to the Athens Banner-Herald, Myers had been caught receiving illegal narcotics through the … Continue reading

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Italy Goes K, And Splinters From The EU

Inevitable, but happening faster than I’d have thought: As national elections draw near, Italians find themselves further and further removed from the European Union (EU), according to a new study. Support for the EU has fallen dramatically in Italy over … Continue reading

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Venezuelan Grocery Runs Like Mad Max

This is how it always ends: When he set off at sunset from the town of La Grita in western Venezuela on his 900-km (560-mile) journey, Aguilar knew he was taking his life in his hands. With hunger widespread amid … Continue reading

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Women Are Now Proposing

Another marker: Many modern brides living in the age of female empowerment aren’t waiting for prince charming to pop the question — they’re taking their happily-ever-afters into their own hands. “I knew if I proposed he would have a ring … Continue reading

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Sexual Mores Shifting K

Bermuda is banning same-sex marriage: Bermuda’s governor has approved a bill reversing the right of gay couples to marry in the British overseas territory, despite a Supreme Court ruling authorising same-sex marriage last year. The decision by Governor John Rankin … Continue reading

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The Stock Market Is Getting Volatile

Not a good sign: The Dow ended the day up 330.44 points, or 1.38 percent, closing at 24,190.90. The S&P 500 rallied 1.49 percent to finish at 2,619.55, while the Nasdaq composite added 1.44 percent to close at 6,874.49. The … Continue reading

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Italy Is Going K

Italians are burning refugee camps (courtesy of Google Translate): Refugees, flames at the reception center in the Casertano: 100 immigrants were expected “It’s a state of siege, people are tired, but nobody has the courage to say it. Perhaps the … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault Endemic In Greek Refugee Camps

Not surprising: Asylum seekers in Greece suffer widespread sexual violence and harassment in the country’s sub-standard, overcrowded reception centres, the UN said on Friday… But UNHCR spokesman Cecile Pouilly said that there is a reluctance to report such violence out … Continue reading

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No Rules – FISA Court Advisor Was Cut Out Of Loop, Strzok Was Texting From SCIFs

An interesting tidbit: An attorney selected to advise the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court says he might have recommended against surveilling former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. But he was never asked for an opinion. John Cline was one of the … Continue reading

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