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Signs Of r – Designer Vagina Showcase

They actually have an expo, complete with silicone vaginas and laser shows: No matter how comfortable with yourself and your body you think you are, there is always something new that you can hate. I learned this at this presentation, … Continue reading

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The Burning Platform On The Death Of Cash

As with much of TBP, a brilliant insight: The assault against physical currency is shifting into overdrive. In the past six months alone: India pulled 86% of its cash from circulation. The EU froze production of €500 banknotes and announced … Continue reading

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Amygdala Stimulation Wanes When Relief Is Not Forthcoming

This is waning amygdala: A second consecutive day of protests against U.S. President Donald Trump’s month-old administration appeared to lose momentum on Friday, with rallies in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York attracting small yet enthusiastic crowds. Activists had called … Continue reading

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The Populace Shifts K, Making r Less Profitable

ESPN is losing hugely: Once an indispensable sports powerhouse, cable TV network ESPN has gone from must-see-TV for millions of sports fans to financial boondoggle for owner Disney with the network losing up to 10,000 subscribers a day, a report … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Students Demand Free Tuition For Blacks

This makes no sense, except in the context of r/K Selection Theory: The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s student government is demanding free tuition for black students. The Associated Students Of Madison adopted a resolution … demanding free access, tuition and housing … Continue reading

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Sweden Tries To Ban Bulletproof Vests

Rabbits like feeling as if everyone is just as likely to die as they are: Allan Widman, chairman of the Swedish parliamentary defense committee, demands that individuals are prohibited from wearing bulletproof vests to protect themselves from the increasing violence, … Continue reading

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Ebola Super-Spreaders Spread The Pandemic

Ebola spread faster among some than others: The analysis, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows nearly two thirds of cases (61%) were caused by 3% of infected people… The study looked at cases in and around … Continue reading

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Racial In-grouping On The Rise

White Nationalism picking up: Across the country, flyers are showing up on college campuses. Some promote blatant neo-Nazi rhetoric, others are much more subtle. “Protect your heritage.” “Let’s become great again.” “Our future belongs to us.” “White people, do something.” … Continue reading

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German SPD Report Wants Migrant Voting

Just amazing: A commission chaired by Germany’s immigration and refugee czar has proposed voting rights for migrants living in the county. According to the Federal Integration Commissioner Aydan Özoguz, “people who permanently live in a country should be able to … Continue reading

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Anti-Fascist Furries Rise To Battle Intolerance

Now the furries think we care what they think: Anti-Fascist Furries wants to facilitate change and positive relations among furries. The group also believes that fascism was prevalent among furries long before the rise of President Trump but, until the … Continue reading

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