8 Year Old Drag Queen Hired In Ad Campaign For Erotic Clothing Company

So depressing I almost didn’t document this, but someday those who look back should see how bad it will get if they let those first few SJWs infiltrate their society:

I had to link to the google cache, as the company has now secured its twitter from non-subscribers, and rebranded itself as, “Clothing Company. Unisex, Men’s and Women’s. Drag Queen Costumes. Avant-garde. Vegan Friendly Luxury LGBT Brand.”

The poor kid. Whoever is doing that to his life needs to be hunted down and destroyed. And yet, this is the natural shift in psychologies you see as psychologies shift toward r-selection. Reversal in sexual traits, reversal in sexual preferences, pedophilia, low rearing urges, and so on.

Mark my words, if r went far enough, pedophilia would be officially normalized next, using groomed children to assert that the relationships are consensual, and wonderful, and good, and if you opposed that, you would be castigated as the evil one.

It would show up on TV sitcoms, where men would have funny sexual relationships with little children, and those shows would be hailed for their openness and tolerance by all the media. The pedophiles would hold parades with their child concubines, and demand inclusion in the parades of others. They would demand bakeries bake them anniversary cakes, and sue the bakeries for damages if they did not.

Teachers would be caught grooming children in their classes, and if a sexual relationship had begun they would call it consensual, and if it had not, they would claim no harm no foul. Twitter would ban individuals for opposing the sexualization of innocent young children, on the grounds of hate. Google would blacklist those who oppose pedophilia from visiting their campus.

And all the while, pedophiles would celebrate their good fortune to be born in a time when morality was turned upside down, and the entire leftist media machine was bent on facilitating their evil. We are already on that path.

The Apocalypse cannot come fast enough.

Spread r/K Theory, because it is better than burning the world to the ground, at least for now

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7 Responses to 8 Year Old Drag Queen Hired In Ad Campaign For Erotic Clothing Company

  1. Andy says:

    They never stop untill you let them fuck your kids. Thats the big one they wanna have. Fucking kids. And our societies are too big and complex to simply seek out kiddyfuckers and kill them.
    Does this House of Mann store have an adress?

  2. Andy says:

    I bet i could find some rope in that bondage store.

  3. Sophie says:

    Lactacia’s parents:


    The mom (who shouldn’t reproduce anyway):



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