Al Franken To Resign?

Might be:

JUST IN: Sen Al Franken to make an announcement tomorrow, his office says. He has faced calls to resign from more than ten Democratic Senate colleagues in the past hour

Old amygdala would not have complained about Franken in the first place. Old amygdala would have produced women who would have only felt mildly unnerved when a colleague whipped out his genitals or stuffed his tongue down their throats. Their old amygdalae just wouldn’t produce enough aversive stimulus to drive them to take action. Now, just the memories of these distant events are so traumatic and enraging that these women will walk through fire to make their assaulters pay.

Old-amygdala would also not have cared about the complaints, when looked at from the perspective of Franken. It would have done a Clinton, and delayed, delayed, delayed, and eventually given everyone the middle finger as it grinned and took an intern into the back room for a blowjob. That would have been because old amygdala, even when triggered, would not have produced enough aversive stimulus to make the brain say, “I cannot go on like this.” Even now, I cannot really understand why Franken doesn’t just stay, keep his salary, and keep his position. But for Franken, the amygdala produced by public condemnation is now so great as to be unbearable.

It is actually quite comical when you look at it. The God Emperor sweeps into town and pisses all of his enemies off, gratuitously, just for his own amusement, at every opportunity. They rage, they sputter, and he ignores them, only to enrage them again. Trump loves it, as the attention of the nation focuses fully in him, and his enemies go nuts.

Then, who endures all the consequences for the fun he has had taunting his enemies? His enemies do. As his enemies’ amygdalae spin up more and more, they need somebody to vent their rage on. Since the God-Emperor is bulletproof, and they can’t vent on him, they all begin attacking each other, as Trump watches on with bemused approval at the suffering his enemies are inflicting upon each other.

They guy cannot lose, and we are all the winners for it.

Interestingly, notice also that as the amygdalae first begin to spin up, it is the aggressive r-women who attack the fleeing r-men. That’s the reversal of sexual dimorphism you see in the r-strategists. In retrospect, it is exactly what you would expect to be the sexual dynamic of the first conflicts as amygdalae amp up in preparation for K-selection. I will bet it is a predictable feature of K-shifts that come from such an extreme-r-period.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory because the more amygdala, the merrier

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4 Responses to Al Franken To Resign?

  1. Pitcrew says:

    Hmm… the r-women subconsciously think if they clear the warren enough r can return. With what’s coming in the next few years, don’t bet on it.

  2. wolfmack says:

    It seems that women who are mildly rabbit, or are in rabbity environments like wolfy guys in contrast to an ever expanding metro-rabbit-cad male population. Hardcore rabbit women realize that the rabbit-cads simply cannot compete with the wolf men, so they decide to take things on themselves, in a sociopathic and even psychotic fashion, and express all of the contempt for the rabbit-cads that they had all along. This is what we are witnessing now, and in a detached and unemotional way I declare—–it serves the rabbit-cads right! ( ok, just a little emotive gloating ).

  3. infowarrior1 says:

    When male r’s get cut off from reproduction. masculine r women will be cut off also indirectly.

  4. mobiuswolf says:

    You’re having entirely too much fun.
    I am enjoying it, myself.

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