Office Parties Sober Up

Rising amygdala is putting everyone on edge:

’Tis the season to keep that office holiday party from adding to the list of workplace sexual misconduct scandals.

With the names of Weinstein, Spacey and Lauer likely getting more mentions this year than Dancer, Prancer and Blitzen, employers are making sure their year-end staff merrymaking doesn’t generate more inappropriate conduct.

There will be less booze at many. An independent business organization has renewed its annual warning not to hang mistletoe. And some will have party monitors, keeping an eye out for inappropriate behavior.

Notice, the rabbits right now are not going hyper-moral themselves. Rather, they are aggressively trying to avoid being called out for violations of K-moral standards. And moreover, the rabbits that run things are beginning to run things differently, as if they are afraid of being out-grouped for any association with rabbitry in their organizations.

I’m not sure rabbits have ever not been rabbits. Rather, in times of high-K the rabbits merely go underground and pretend to be K’s.

I suspect this all is a delayed manifestation of the amygdala-shock of the God Emperor’s election. Donald has taught their amygdala to feel fear. He tripped the circuits, and made them feel fear, and when he did, their fear circuitry was exercised, and developed. Suddenly the world was threatening, and threats needed to be focused upon and felt. In a way, once so trained, the neuroticism and fearfulness of the rabbits is now working to begin to keep them all in line.

Then, every day since, the Donald released a new offensive, be it on twitter, in an interview, or just a policy directive that would trigger the left’s amygdalae, just like an exercise. Every day, amygdala circuitry was growing stronger because of him. The aversive stimulus it produces – that shock that drives behavior, was being felt more acutely. Contrast that with your civilized cucks of the GOP elite, be it the Bushes, Romneys, or other Cuckservatives, who worry more about not making the left unhappy or offending than advancing the cause.

Now because of Donald the threat of being out-grouped is registering in leftist brains, and everyone has begun covering their ass, driven by circuitry which the Donald produced and now exercises every day with his unique brand of national cognitive training.

Stop and think for a moment. Imagine the Donald was your boss in a multibillion multinational. Imagine he was everyone’s boss. Every day he exercised the amygdalae of all his employees, just like this. Imagine every employee’s amygdala firing up and beginning to be exercised. Imagine how every employee would eventually be driven to act, and accomplish the objectives they were assigned. Imagine how successful the company would be as all those developed amygdalae worked together to accomplish common objectives.

To this point I had been viewing the Donald as a recreational amygdala-expert, who learned all of this avocationally, and practiced it in his spare time while moving through his social worlds as he amassed his billions, but lately I have begun to realize he was a vocational amygdala expert who has been doing this all day every day as he built his empire and turned it into a well honed machine.

Now the nation is his company, and he is doing to it what he did to his own business empire.

And just like that, America is getting great again.

Spread r/K Theory, because the more the left is triggered, the more sanity returns

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8 Responses to Office Parties Sober Up

  1. rien says:

    And not just America either. The Donald is having this impact world wide. If only by copycat behaviour. He sure is the best thing to happen to politics since I became aware!

    Lately you though that the K-shift could be 20 years out. But that would be discounting the effect that The Donald has. Mule or not, I believe he has accelerated the K-shift by probably more than 8 years. I only hope that once started, it won’t be put on hold once both of his terms are over.

  2. Andy says:

    I hate any social events at work cause they want to make work life and life work. The Corporate World needs to burn down to the ground. Office work can be already done from home and this bullshit file work will be replaced by AI soon anyway. Fuck the office. Soon it will be only remembered as a counterstrike map.

  3. Pitcrew says:

    Heck of an office party

  4. mobiuswolf says:

    Bodes well for ITZ outcome.

  5. John Calabro says:

    Hey anonymous what are your thoughts on China? The one child population is now grown up and the ratio of men to women is high. There is about 33 million more men than women.

    I suspect that it will either be solve by war or by buying women from other countries. Either one might turn the country from a K to an r type within a generation or two. I left a video down below on Chinese business men going to the Ukraine to find wives

    • I agree China has a lot of ITZ just waiting on an economic downturn to bloom. But it is tough to say how any of this will go.

      Way back, I was certain Clinton would be assassinated, or at least someone would try, because I assumed when a President was obnoxious and contemptible enough, some extremist in the population would try to take him out. If assassinations were individuals who were motivated by emotional dysregulation, Clinton was the perfect trigger. Yet nothing happened, not even an attempt. If Clinton, the most contemptible, loathsome, immoral scumbag ever to hold the office didn’t trigger a nutjob to come out of the woodwork and take a shot, nobody will. It indicates to me that individuals aren’t the ones who shape history, no matter what we are told.

      I also now realize that assassinating a President is probably impossible technically, unless you have enough Deep State juice to reach into the Secret Service and gain control to set the stage. Between the two, I am quite certain that the average person has very little effect on the course of history, and all the cases in the past where we are told they did are probably just cover stories.

      So how will this go? I think it likely that the elites will try to organize some scenario where the K’s in all of our societies go out and kill each other off, while the elites kill their time at cocktail mixers and pool parties. What I doubt will happen is the elite and powerful sitting by and idly watching as honest K-selection takes hold and sorts things out itself.

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