New Q Drops Just Keep Coming

There are a ton of new Q drops. I don’t know what to make of most, so I am not commenting on them. I get the impression there may be multiple Q’s though, one who handles intel/surveillance issues specifically, one who oversees other aspects of operations and planning, and maybe one who is not experienced, but is relaying general things they are briefed on.

First, he claimed that things are taking long, because they need to disarm the machine in a specific way, to avoid it striking back:

Ask yourself, would the PUBLIC understand the following statement: “Rogue actors (Clowns/US former heads of State) initiated a missile launch in order to ‘force’ the US into a WAR/conflict against X?”…

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


He also posted this:

Seals are wonderful creatures.
Heard they work fast at capturing their prey.

One thing which came to mind was the SEAL convoy which drove over the US highways with the Trump flag flying. I thought at the time SEAL training would seem pretty time-intensive, which I would have thought would have precluded taking the time to acquire a flag like that. I mean how many people in the nation have a Trump flag like that? Did a SEAL take time out from 24/7 training to involve himself in politics that intensively and purchase that flag? Or could that have been a message from Trump, that the most elite in the military were on his side, and he wanted his enemies to know that?

Regardless, Q also mentioned Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but whether it was supposed to show he knew she was about to be mentioned in the news, or whether she is about to have her ticket punched to pay back the left for Scalia, who can say? Time will tell. But if she was Deep State, (and I would assume she is) then she was updating Deep State on Scalia’s activities, given their “friendship,” and probably help set up the hit by apprising them of his vacation and travel plans. I’d also check out the dude who Scalia bumped into “by chance” in the airport, who invited him to that ranch. That whole thing reeked of a setup.

Q has also shifted his narrative in the latest posts toward promoting a more general idea that the elites treat the masses kind of like masters treated slaves in the past. They take all the meaningful profit, and only allow their slaves to use unimportant parts of the economy to scratch out a sustainable lifestyle to keep them placated.

He even raised idea of the theme in the Matrix, where humans are farmed for something, while given a thin illusion to keep them compliant and out of the elite’s hair. He has also tied it all in with North Korea, which he has maintained is the ultimate CIA blacksite, out of reach of everyone in the world but the elites. He also said the ending of all this will not be for everybody, implying there is a horrific series of revelations at the bottom of this rabbithole.

Some of the more conspiracy-minded in his discussion board are taking it to mean that the elites are farming children, either for a pedophile network, or even some sort of demonic energy-harvesting. But there is another possibility.

I have commented that decades ago it was observed that an infusion of blood from young mice made old mice rejuvenate. Their tissues regressed to a younger state, even at the microscopic level. I have always been stunned that the research was dropped, right there, at least until a couple of years ago. Why would we try to cure AIDS, or Muscular Dystrophy, or the flu, or even erectile dysfunction, before we tried to cure the debilitating condition that ultimately kills everyone? And yet, if we are looking at the correct version of history, they dropped the aging research and never put a dollar to it. It never made sense to me. From a curing people perspective, fixing aging would cure everyone. From a profit perspective, it is a disease which everyone gets, and which everyone would pay to cure. Somebody had to shut it down affirmatively.

I was even more stunned that the elites were not farming children to take their blood for anti-aging rejuvenation therapies, so they could live forever, although companies have recently popped up to try and exploit this advance.

There would be a problem with the therapy, though, and that is that the younger mice get old when the older blood is replaced back in them, something probably necessary due to the amount of young blood needed to maintain constantly high levels of “young blood” characteristics in the older patients. This might also explain the obsession with population “replacement rates,” and the willingness to import low-IQ foreigners to increase the numbers of children relative to adults.

It is possible the elites needed a source of young children’s blood for use in anti-aging therapies, but due to the scale of the need, and the fact that the children would age in return, the moral implications meant that it had to be done secretly. The scale of what they needed may have meant that they needed an entire country’s worth of children as well. It is possible they even have other research they want to do which could cure other aspects of aging and disease quickly, but it would not happen quickly enough if they have to follow the regular path of in-vitro, mouse, dog, and then human clinical trials, complete with oversight and approvals by animal care and use committees, and medical ethics boards, and government agencies.

If that were the case, North Korea would fit the bill perfectly. They punish with the 3 generation rule, meaning that they have work camps full of young children from a generation or two after the initial criminal, over whom they have complete control. It would explain why people like Eric Schmidt travel there to set up complex computer networks, without fear of being kidnapped and ransomed. The regime would almost have to keep its citizens struggling for survival, to prevent them from idly chattering about the horrors it performs and perhaps rising up. So that part of the model could fit too. And if the blood therapy worked the way I think it might, the best blood would come from the calorie-restricted. So check that box off as well. The famine could be purposeful.

But to do that, the nation would need to be able to keep the world at bay, to explain why no nation has gone in to feed the starving people by force and restore decency and order, as we did in Somalia. That might explain why a broke nation, whose people are starving, could possess the will and the means to fund a complex, technologically sophisticated nuclear program, as well as produce the ICBMs to threaten distant lands. The lack of high technology would even help run counter-surveillance within the country.

What does point against the theory is that Poppy Bush can barely lift his arms to grope young women anymore, and George Soros looks like a human raisin on life support. You would think they would look younger. But then again, perhaps the real elites, the one with the brains and control, have no need for fame because they view the clueless masses with such disdain that they would feel horrified to have the masses even know who they were. Perhaps in the shadows is a class of real elites, who exist almost without aging, while their minions content themselves with more pedestrian pleasures, like TV interviews, public recognition, and simple money.

I’m neutral on this one, but the past few years have been a huge learning experience, teaching me that nothing you assume is necessarily true, and the elites are truly off-the-wall-crazy in their willingness to violate all the norms of behavior regular Americans are taught to believe in throughout their lives.

That said, if any of Trump’s people are watching these blogs, there is another possibility, and that is that Q is enemy action. I could see the left, especially their psych-ops people like Cialdini putting this together, supported by the leftists that have infiltrated high-level intel agencies to supply the predictions to make it seem confirmable.

They could put this together in the hopes of elevating the expectations of meme-lords on the chans and Reddit, so that when this peters out, the time and energy of Trump’s most enthusiastic and active online army has been wasted, and everyone feels demoralized. Q is spinning up very high now, with a conspiracy that covers everything from biomedical conspiracies, to elite child-trafficking, to class warfare of a scale we have not seen to date, to utter destruction of the Democrat party. If Q crashed this whole thing, and showed it all to be a farce, just as the midterms were hitting, it could be a mess for the right from a cognitive neuroscience perspective.

If this is not a set plan coming from Trump’s administration, the Trump administration should put word out more officially, to quiet it among the online right before it does any significant damage to the online right’s motivation and enthusiasm.

That said, nothing Q has said thus far seems impossible to me, but only because I am aware of how weird the world around us is. Literally, almost anything is possible these days. So I keep it in a quantum mechanical state in my brain where all possibilities exist simultaneously, and I am prepared for the reality to be far less than the possibilities. But I do remain hopeful.

If this was real though, I’d hope Trump would see to it they kill everyone, and make everything public. Protecting the masses is for the rabbits. It builds weakness. Give us the tornado, and let only the warriors emerge from the other side, and rebuild the greatness.

Give us the amygdala.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because things are not what they seem

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33 Responses to New Q Drops Just Keep Coming

  1. Sam J. says:

    There does seem to be a rush to get children and it baffled me that they would want kids from Haiti and a lot of other places. The North Korea children angle, farming children, chilling. I could see them doing this. That elites run NK seems far fetched to me. How would they do that without China’s permission? Why would China permit it? That line of thinking in Q’s post make no sense at all and makes me suspicious of the whole thing.

    I’m still not sold on the idea that Q and all his missives are real. I read a conjecture which surprised me I didn’t think of it myself in the Q research directory about all the top people resigning. He said.”With all these high profile resignations, a thought came to mind. During my FEMA research many years ago. I came across a video of elite underground bunkers.

    A thought What if the resignations are preparation for disappearing underground because of a nuclear, or EMP attack.”

    And even worse I had a theory that (((they))) are trying to start a war between Russia/China vs the USA so that they can skate free from the 9-11 mess. When this happens they bio-chemical-nuke attack the Arab world and Europe. They hide in bunkers and then start over. This of course ties in very well with NK being helped to build rockets and nukes. Also fits the info you stated. It also scares the hell out of me. I only think these kinds of crazy thoughts because, well if they can blow up the WTC in the middle of one of our biggest cities then what can they not get away with? In this case Q is just a holder. He holds use from doing anything as we now think that something is being done about all this.

    In fairness the Las Vegas action would rule against this as they wouldn’t want to stir people up if this was the plan. Another thing ruling against it is the vicious attacks on Trump. It would seem that the better path would be to lul people into complacency of course it could be also to focus the mind elsewhere from what they’re doing.

    I’m just thinking out loud. I don’t really know anything except that it’s very likely these people are psychopaths that zero care about anything but themselves. If they thought killing off all the planet would make their life easier then they would do so. If they do this I highly suspect that they would fall out among themselves and start killing each other. I would almost guarantee it, (they’re psychopaths that’s what they do). With the firepower they have it may very well be that they will all go also and the only people left will be survivalist with large stockpiles of food located in really far off locations.

    • LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

      I have thought the same too.

      Homo sapiens sapiens are strange animals.

      Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    • Mr Darcy says:

      Interesting post. Thanks for sharing your wide-ranging thoughts.

      But might I point out that if these so-called “elites” are so powerful and well-organized and well-insulated, then they are doing a darned good job of hiding it? It is abundantly clear that the Deep State is hardly a powerful or even smoothly functioning thing. It is clearly in complete disarray, and even at war with itself.

      And why? Because some stupid old hag lost an election? THAT is all it took to cause these mysterious and all-powerful “elites” to fall apart in view of the whole world and to behave like panicky old maids? These people are not only evil, but they are also incompetent and stupid. They are entirely mediocre in every way. Good Lord, their emails and texts demonstrate that very, very clearly!

      Nancy Pelosi as Evil Genius? Or Barbara Bush? Angela Merkel? Hillary Clinton? Jeb ! Bush? And that Andrew McCabe kid–pitching a truly childish tantrum–I mean a literal temper tantrum–over the prospect of losing his miserable civil service pension! And THAT is one of the kingpins of the dangerous and all-pervasive Deep State? Please. When the curtain was drawn back, we saw Lucy and Ethel, not Machiavelli.

      These people are painfully mediocre. ALL of them. They can’t even keep their creepy love affairs secret, but they have underground bunkers to go to when they blow up the world using North Korea as their proxy? When they realized that Trump was a real candidate for the presidency, their best shot was to manufacture some embarrassingly unbelievable “dossier” that contained juvenile sex fantasies, and then get CNN to jabber about it incessantly? And THESE are the diabolically dangerous “elites” who are going to blow us all up? It’s laughable. They are dim-wits. I’m embarrassed FOR them.

      The glum-faced, infantile, pouting, scowling dim-wits that you saw during the State of the Union speech is who these people really are. Petulant children who didn’t get what they wanted and whose Byzantine “plots” against Trump and all decent people in the world were so idiotic and transparent and downright embarrassing that they would not have been believed in a fiction piece for “Seventeen” magazine! The Deep State is obviously the domain of clumsy blunderers with third-rate imaginations.

      So don’t be afraid. “They” are rotten characters, to be sure, and they probably are involved in some pretty grims stuff, but they don’t have either the power or even the competence to blow up the world or to subjugate mankind to some diabolical world-state.

      Corruption, stupidity, and public apathy are the real problems. The rest is a fevered fantasy. Don’t be afraid about NoKo or any of the rest of it.

  2. Snafui says:

    A long time ago… I handled Intel in the military. Stunned by all that was going on led me to libertarianism because I couldn’t see having that much power ending well. So, to note the world has a lot of weird stuff going is to put it mildly. I read jaw-dropping, mind-boggling material where insanity would be required to maintain a career of handling it all–some were retired because they lost their minds handling this information.

    Now that I type this up, I have to wonder how many of Q were people like me that had had enough..?

    • LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

      Could you point to some works of fiction that aproximate to the gruesome shit you came across?

      One plausible theory is MI has been working at culling the deep statists sinc Kennedy got killed, and they asked Trump to run so they could stop them.

      I hope that is the case.

  3. Consider dropping the direct link to the research board. It only lowers the quality of the new people that flock there, increasing the noise to signal factor for the researchers.

  4. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:
  5. mobiuswolf says:

    “What does point against the theory is that Poppy Bush can barely lift his arms to grope young women anymore, and George Soros looks like a human raisin on life support. You would think they would look younger.”
    The effects are only short term. You have to pay the piper eventually, probably catastrophically.

  6. ANON says:

    I think that there must be a problem with the “therapy,” other than procurement/logistics, as we don’t really see anyone really living extraordinarily long. They might be close with it, given that it is leaking to the public.

    As you note, the Poppy Bush is in bad shape and Mr. Ball-Sack-Eyes is also pretty mummified. Bubba Bill looks like death and HRC can’t stay upright. If they had a real mechanism, then our globohomo betters would look like new socialist man and wowman.

    Instead, random french school teachers life to 115 while ex- and wannabe- Presidents do not.

  7. mr d says:

    One of your most interesting posts. I regard Q’s “drops” as Nostradamus quatrains. And the breathlessly eager interpreters I call “eager believers.” You are right about the possibility that this is some kind of psy-op against the right in general and Trump supporters in particular.

    And nobody–and I do mean nobody–seems able to read the “drops” that said point blank the day, date, and even the time of day that HRC would be arrested (Back in October at the beginning of Q’s career.) Ditto for the promised public arrest of John Podesta.

    And those photos of “things that prove that Q is in Trump’s inner circle” are embarrassing. A picture of a fountain pen? Really? It’s a picture of a fountain pen, that’s all.

    And the eager believers amazingly interpreted the “Black Forest” quatrain to be about the Rothschilds “dumping assets” and as meaning that–somehow–the Black Forest had been moved many hundreds of miles from Germany to Austria. Eager believers.

    Well, whatever it is, it’s not AT ALL what the eager believers think it is. And if I had to bet, I’d bet it’s somebody who’s bored and has way too much time on his hands. But a psy-op is a definite–and reasonable–possibility.

    • LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

      Healthy dose of scepticism. I hope you are wrong thou, but if you’re not, we’ll have to wait for the Apocalipse so all those orgs stop having resources and shit becomes more equalised.

    • anon says:

      This was exactly my thinking in the past. Q missed big on HRC arrest and the “disinformation is necessary” being a convenient excuse for confirmation bias. However, I’m not so sure anymore. Naming Barlow of EFF and then that guy drops dead a few days later? That’s a nice trick, right? Explaining the key words of a new CIA media narrative only to have that tweeted back the next day from media flacks? Again, a nice trick.

      I remain agnostic, but my leanings are more towards real than towards LARP than they were previously.

    • Cyrus says:

      Like most, I want to believe but small things keep popping out like the Shanghai perp that was supposedly flown back on a commercial flight. Really? A high profile target and they’re flying to gitmo commercially? Nah, they’d be on a military plane or a private one at least. Still the Barlow hit is intriguing. If something happens soon with RBG I’ll be convinced he’s real. Probably a white hat too since I can’t see the Deep State giving Trump a free SC pick.

  8. ned flanders says:

    whether q is larping or real. bring on the amygdala.

    family in law enforcement and military. if it was clear as day that the elites are sick as f____ there more than enough patriots willing to do their duty and defend the constitution and keep the country running while the swamp gets flushed.

    the entire country can survive without manhattan or the inner beltway or so cal. but the food, power fuel and clean water is from all the flyover parts of the country that leftists love to look down on.

    patriots got trump’s back.

  9. Rob says:

    The Nostradamus analogy is basically correct. Count me in with the psy-ops camp.

    The best pro-interpretation of Qanon came from Vox, who said he thought that Q was prepping an army of a million or so people to understand what was going down so that when they finally move in and start leading elites away in chains for crimes against children and the media starts screaming that Trump is a dictator and staging a coup, there will be an army of a million of so people who can push the narrative in the other direction.

    I think the counter argument is stronger. Put yourself in the shoes of the CIA and their friends on the left. In the last election cycle, they were outmemed by anons on the chans, who actually managed to outgun the CIA using their own psy-ops techniques. How would the elites and CIA be expected to respond to such an operation? Why, to take out the anons of course. And how would they go about doing that? Well they could try to shut them down Daily Stormer style, but we can see how well that is working out for them. The better approach would be to infiltrate the chans and make fools of the anons, luring them on with some facts that are legitimate and grouping them together with “facts” that are crazy. That is exactly what we are seeing, with talk of taking down pedophile networks coupled with talk that the Matrix is real and that Rod Rosenstein is the son of Heinrich Himmler (google rosenstein himmler if you haven’t seen this yet). I would guess that they have a mentally ill patsy set up ready to take the fall. I would guess his apartment is set up with giant photos of Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch so they can be smeared with this as well. A copy of your book is probably in there as well. That way when anyone talks about pizzagate or pedophile networks in the future, they can smeared as believing in nutty ideas that the earth is hollow and that Heinrich Himmler, who died in 1945 fathered Rod Rosenstein who was born in 1965.

    I think the anons need to wake up to this before its too late. I’ve been thinking of how to go about helping them to do this, but haven’t written on this subject to any real degree other than in this post.

    • Mr Darcy says:

      Well said. Makes sense. But I’d reiterate what I said above, to wit, that “they” are basically incompetent boobs, one and all. As you correctly point out, kidz on the chan boards outwitted and out-memed the CIA ffs! People have assigned WAY too much power and brains to these nit-wits. When the curtain was drawn back we saw Lucy and Ethel, not Machiavelli.

      • Right now, they are manageable because they were still trying to play by the rules as best they could, but never underestimate them, because they can change the rules fast, and they have already set up all the board pieces to do so. If Hillary had won, I would assume things would have gone quietly kinetic, and the only alt-right voices would have been the controlled ones – in very short order. Truthfully, I am surprised I made it through the Obama years without at least an attempt that left a mark, though I am not entirely sure I don’t have any ticking time bombs I don’t know about counting down as we speak.

  10. Tom says:

    At this point I don’t know what to believe. I certainly hope “Q” is speaking the truth. But it all seems a bit fantastic.

    I certainly believe there could be an elite group practicing great evil, but I don’t believe it rises to the level of hunting humans, harvesting children’s blood, aliens, and “chem trails” as speculated on the boards. I believe it could involve sex trafficking, assassinations, collecting data on every inhabitant of the planet, protecting foreign opium crops with the U.S. military, drug trafficking, withholding disease cures, manipulating markets, manipulating elections, and flooding countries with low I.Q. invaders to replace natives with a more controllable and lower paid Democrat voting population, etc. Some of the speculation on the boards is most certainly psyops to discredit the “researchers”.

    I also think there would be power struggles within an elite group that would prevent it from being as effective as some people surmise.

    Thanks for blogging about this. I have learned a lot here.

  11. Pitcrew says:

    Why harvest children in the west? Too risky now, these are globaalists. They probably have huge operations in Africa, India and elsewhere. Plus, they want to cull the planet, so very few of them would even be in on something like that, and it would be a secret medical cabal. There most definitely are secret medical cabals, especially in Asia, and wealthy Westerners travel there. The blood harvesting probably still happens though, just not in Norkdor (not enough healthy children).

    Occam’s Razor does apply at some point. The r/K mechanism is a better explanation for unfettered immigration into the West. The only operatives gaining permanent access into North Korea are through China or Russia. So somebody makes good with wealthy Chinese- then is allowed access into North Korea to do “medical research”. The Sinics/Norks could gain Kompromat on such actions as well, lowering the likelihood of weird shit being extensively non-Sinic.

    This is a weird nexus of intel agencies, corporations, weirdos, all paying each other or totalitarian regimes for access to do unnatural things. The North Korean ICBM tech is partially indigenous, they had extensive help with research (which is very resource intensive) that came from Russia (SS-N-6 missile), China (more missiles), the UK (reactors) and the Clintons (reactor clearance and food aid). Nork intel also operates globally, as we saw with the VX incident. A Nork spy with 10 mil in fake US C-notes could buy just about anything in Asia, maybe Europe too. They have also been working on missiles and nukes for over 50 years. Just like Shawshank Redemption, pressure and time allow amazing things to happen, and while the Norks may be tiny, stupid they ain’t.

  12. Robert What? says:

    If the “elite” are farming children, which is completely plausible, they are most likely doing it for their blood. It is now known that the blood of children, taken intravenously, can extend life. The “elite”, however are unlikely to be using volunteer children and are likely discarding them after they are done with them.

  13. SteveRogers42 says:

    Regarding your first point, it is my understanding that under a “plain language” or “original intent” interpretation, the Constitution treats the Navy much differently than the Army when it comes to the posse comitatus provisions concerning domestic law enforcement.

    In addition to the SEALs, the Navy also has a robust and “always faithful ” men’s department…

  14. Sam J. says:

    “…Homo sapiens sapiens are strange animals…”

    I don’t think this is what they are. They’re a different species. Homo Psychopath.

    I have a theory. Sam J’s theory of civilization. Basically,”Empathy is necessary to form civilization. As capacity for empathy rose civilization rose with it.”

    In the past people were more psychopathic and had little empathy for anyone not very close family. Think how many times in your life you could have killed someone you were with and taken their money. Why didn’t you do it? After all you probably could have got away with it. Empathy that’s why. If there’s less empathy then it’s difficult to build civilization. Without empathy every time anyone can take advantage they do so. This makes building large scale civic areas difficult. Blacks in inner city areas are known to have less empathy. This is why civilization fails when there are enough of them on one area. They can not control themselves enough not to attack every person they can for a few dollars. Eventually the whole area is destroyed for lack of commerce.

    • A.B. Prosper says:

      Normal, i.e non W.E.I.R.D. or Christian humans are tribal and only behave in a trustworthy and humane way with fellow tribe members or others they come to have regard for or sometimes others in areas they have deep roots in,

      In that case the elite probably aren’t any worse than others on this planet, its just they are a tribe of sorts, mostly associating with each other , using the same institutions and living similar lives. They also have no real roots either and being well off, are very R selected

      We get pretty much the behavior we’d expect from them, always self interested and the rest of us “not tribe” don’t count for much.

      As for the topic at hand, Q. Not a clue

    • LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

      Some good points. Thanks.

  15. Sam J. says:

    “…I also agree you are correct but the reason they lost, if they really have, is that they haven’t been able to get enough people into the military. These people are not the type to want to camp out in barracks so…some day…they can thwart and attack on their system. People who join the military are certainly not all angles who think nothing of selfless patriotism for their country but a LOT of them at least believe in the country and don’t want to see it run by Oligarchs or fight wars for the Jews. The upper level military mostly come from the lower level, including most specifically intelligence. There’s not much moving right in and taking over. There is a lot of civilians in high positions but they are advisory and a military officer always makes the decisions. I bet there’s plenty of corrupt military but…it’s not enough. hey have controlled the upper levels, the White house, since Kennedy was killed. Carter likely wasn’t a totally controlled but he didn’t need to be as he was a leftist. As time went on they became more controlled and more corrupt until we got the Bushes, Clinton and Obama. There we hit Caligula style corruption. I think it very likely that the military hacked the voting computers so that they could not steal votes from Trump. After all they ALL thought they were going to win no matter how worthless Hillary was as a candidate. Our team hacked the hackers. I also think it likely that NSA is mostly on our side. The military has lots of troops in the NSA that are still under direct military chain of command. The CIA doesn’t. I don’t have any love for Jews but Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik seems to be a real live American and not the typical Jew. He has strongly stated that the military has them on the run. They’re doomed and done. He also has stated frequently that Israel did 9-11. I think he’s telling the truth. I hope he is and it’s not just another elaborate scheme they’ve cooked up to lead us astray, which it could be.

  16. Lovekraft says:

    I definitely agree that we should be conserving our energy for the next cycle, whenever that comes. A lot of energy was expended late 2016 and we deserved a break to recharge and enjoy the victory.

    It is also helpful to learn that there never will be a constant upward trajectory of victory. By enjoying the accomplishment of that election has the benefit of a break from the events of 2016 up to now. Stepping back and seeing patterns and trends is also highly beneficial and necessary for those offering their insight, unclouded by the flurry of daily events.

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