What Happened To Podesta’s Hand?

Continuing on with conspiracies, I was looking at this picture:

Notice the scarring on his right pinky, and the fact that both pinkies would appear to have been broken at some point, as well as his right ring finger.

Is Podesta a well practiced practitioner of hammer-peanuckle? Might he be a guy who has a high ranking Black Belt In BJJ and trained in Arizona, where breaking a finger is a perfectly acceptable counter to a choke attempt? No? Then what the hell happened to his hands?

It calls to mind the Clinton Impeachment trial. I remember tuning in once, back in those heady days when evil incarnate appeared on the verge of getting its comeuppance once and for all. Peter Jennings was speaking in a whisper as the proceedings carried on. He suddenly whispered something like the following:

“You’ll notice Senator Robert Bryd is exiting the hall at regular intervals. He has a horrible burn on his right hand. He was reading Senate papers in the back of his chauffeured car, when the 12V reading light illuminating his paper burst into flames. He bravely tried to put the flames out with his bare hand, but in the process he burned his arm and hand so severely that the dressings need to be replaced every ten to fifteen minutes. So if you see him exiting the proceedings, that is what he is tending to.”

It struck me, because the previous week he had been on Sam and Cokie, and Sam Donaldson had really pinned him down. “Did Bill Clinton say, he had not had sex with Monica Lewinsky, while he was under oath?” “Yes.” “Had he had sex with Monica Lewinsky?” “Yes.” “Is perjury a High Crime and Misdemeanor?” “Oh, of course.”

Donaldson jumped on it. “Well then, given you say he committed perjury, and the fact perjury is a removable offense, isn’t your vote now going to have to be to remove the President of the United States from his office? Aren’t you locked in already?”

Bryd stuttered and stammered, and then looked embarrassed, as he said, “Well Sam, why don’t you let me go through the process first.” The talk in the roundtable was all about how screwed Clinton was, now that this legend of the Senate, who everyone looked up to, had basically said he had to be impeached and removed.

After Bryd’s hand was burned, his entire reasoning shifted 180 degrees, and he became Bill Clinton’s most ardent defender from that point forward in every interview. My assumption at the time was somebody on Clinton’s team had caught Bryd alone in a room. Bryd probably tried to pull the US Senator card, and they then had him held down, and did a little flambe’ thing on his hand and arm with a propane torch, until his reasoning and Clinton’s were more perfectly aligned.

As I look at Podesta, who should have perfectly preserved little baby hands if any aged pencil-necked soyboy ever should, I have to wonder if his induction into the elite’s cabal came with a similar lesson in why you never stand up to the machine, and always do what you are told.

Still wonder why Trump distrusted his Secret Service early on? Thank God he has a hardened K-selected psychology, perfectly designed for this environment.

Spread r/K Theory, because we need to get it out before they begin barbecuing fingers

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11 Responses to What Happened To Podesta’s Hand?

  1. Veritas Quaerite says:

    I’ve seen this composite photo before … any idea as to the source of the original photo? That photo, in and of itself, without regard to the finger issues is odd if the ink on his palms is real…

  2. david says:

    Dupuytren’s contracture? Is he a drunk?

  3. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    This directly ties to spirit cooking and pizzagate shit. Creepy stuff.

    Veritas: I think the original was from JP social media. Go to Voat’s pizzagate forum, they might be able to pin point where the original came from.

  4. Rob says:

    I believe the photo comes from the wikileaks emails

  5. Cris says:

    I remember reading about some kind of satanic ritual during the height of the Pizza-Gate/Spirit Cooking discussion. Something to do with the ring finger and pinky but don’t remember what it was.

  6. Pitcrew says:

    Maybe something like this way back?

  7. SteveRogers42 says:

    Maybe sometimes his young victims fight back.

  8. Sam J. says:

    Sen. Harry Reid was sporting a sling on his arm and a goose egg over his left eye Wednesday after he slipped while jogging and dislocated his right shoulder.


    Harry Reid Breaks Face & Ribs In Exercise Accident.


    John Kerry’s hockey accident, two black eyes and a broken nose.


    John Kerry Breaks Leg in Bike Accident

    No pictures. I guess they told hm not to.

    George W. Bush choked on pretzel


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