Now Trump Turns The NFL Debate

Sanders is on it from one angle:

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Monday that football players upset about police brutality should direct their anger and law enforcement officers, not the nation’s flag.

‘I think if the debate is really, for them, about police brutality, they should probably protest the officers on the field that are protecting them instead of the American flag,’ she told a reporter who asked her about the White House’s framing of the demonstrations during a news conference.

Asked to clarify her statement by another journalist, Sanders said she was not saying players should actually protest police.

‘I was kind of pointing out the hypocrisy of the fact that if the goal is and the message is that of police brutality, which they’ve stated, it doesn’t seem very appropriate to protest the American flag. I’m not sure how those two things would be combined.’

And she then hit from another:

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders quickly smacked down a liberal reporter complaining about Trump calling NFL players “sons of bitches” for protesting the National Anthem.

What about our Veterans? What about the gold star moms? Nobody feels sorry for overpaid, ungrateful athletes.

“I think it’s always appropriate for the President of the United States to defend our flag, to defend the national anthem.”

Veterans groups pile on:

Two of the largest veterans organizations in the country are slamming National Football League (NFL) players who kneel during the national anthem.

Denise Rohan, national commander of the American Legion, said in a statement that professional athletes and others who do not respect the national anthem are “misguided and ungrateful.”

“Having a right to do something does not make it the right thing to do,” Rohan said. “There are many ways to protest, but the national anthem should be our moment to stand together as one UNITED States of America.”

Then another angle I never even thought of opens up:

The Database of NFL Arrest Statistics

NFL Arrest provides an interactive visualized database of National Football League player Arrests & Charges. Learn about your rival team’s history with the law, break down arrests by Player, Position, Crime and Team.

The cops and the veterans groups have not even shown up to any rallies yet to publicly castigate the NFL as an enemy. Watch what the public does, and whose authority on this subject they respect, the moment those groups speak.

If the NFL thinks it can take Police and sully their names and their occupation off of the drug dealers and criminals they shoot, and show disrespect to the nation during the national anthem, imagine what can be done to the NFL’s reputation by a skilled persuader.

By the time this is over, the NFL will look like a bunch of narcissistic, spoiled, ungrateful, steroid-abusing, cheating, wife-beating, dog-fighting, hippy, fan-spitting, cop-killing, 9/11 mocking, Armed Forces hating, whiny, traitorous, flag burning SJW degenerates whose own fans hate them. And after the NFL has been tackled by a big strong man who hits hard, the way the game should be played, all the whiny referees in the media will try to throw flags, but the public will be having none of it.

When Donald is done, three things will happen. Areas of culture which have idols that kids look up to will return to insisting that those idols be moral and respectful of national service and the people who do it. Back in the fifties, an affair would ruin a public figure’s career. After Clinton, you can have video of a guy standing over his unconscious wife, dragging her out of the elevator after knocking her out, and it means nothing. Those things happen.

Donald is about to give all those organizations a big amygdala pathway that will put an end to that in the future.

Two, SJWism will stop being fashionable. SJWs thrive not because they are so competitive and strong. They thrive when everyone who would oppose them gives up. Stop pushing back on it, and SJWism advances unrelentingly into every inch you give up. Push back, or just offer opposition, and SJWs retreat and everyone else cedes to their natural instinct to out-group the SJWs and demean their cause. That is coming back.

Finally, there will be one icon of pro-American patriotism which will remain standing, wrapped in the flag, boldly defending the nation’s values and her heroes against any bunch of criminal degenerates who would attack them, no matter the odds.

It doesn’t look like that now, but you have to look at how the brain processes data. When you get a flood of incoming data, some gets routed to regular memory circuits. Other bits get routed to amygdala. What determines what goes where can be subtle things. Salience, extremeness, shock, aggression, fear, and surprise will all play in the algorithms.

Then end result is now you have a full picture, made up of regular temporary memories which will fade, and amygdala-memories which will not. All the memories feel the same now, but a whole bunch will disappear in a year, and all that will be left are the more amygdala-based memories.

Donald mixing it up will stick, because it is salient. Likewise, the NFL as an enemy will too, for the same reason. Villanueva the Army Ranger who came out for the anthem will stick, because it is surprising. Villanueva’s apology will not, because it was not surprising, or salient. Police supporting Donald will stick, because it is salient. Veterans joining the fray against the NFL will too, for the same reason. NFL players beating wives will stick, because it is aggression. NFL players being criminals will likewise, for the same reason. NFL players not being criminals will not, because it is not surprising, or extreme, or salient. Rex Tillerson, Tom Brady, and all the NFL arguments will tend to not stick, because everything they do will be expected. But fans burning jerseys and jackets, and hating on their teams will stick, because it is surprising and salient. The NFL banning 9/11 memorials will stick, because it is surprising, shocking, and incites anger.

As the cloud of temporary memories recedes and evaporates with disuse over the coming years, people will only remember the worst of the NFL as it was disrespecting a national symbol and insulting veterans, all to insult the very Police who protect them at games. On the other side, they will remember that Donald patriotically protected the Military Veterans and Police, who proudly stood with him alongside other patriots who stand for the Anthem, against a bunch of degenerate narcissist traitors to the flag, who nobody can trust, and everyone, even their fans, now hate.

The NFL really doesn’t understand what it is up against, or what this will do to the deep emotional memories that corporations pay hundreds of millions to try and control and mold. They will be several decades coming back from what Donald does to them, unless Donald at some point gives the NFL his seal of approval and wraps his arm around a new Commissioner to let the nation know the war has ended, and the NFL surrendered to patriotism.

None of this was by chance. Mark my words, this was researched, polled, and planned, probably for months, but maybe for a year, down to the Eriksonian storytelling in the first “off-the-cuff” comments (that Eriksonianism did not happen extemporaneously). I knew at the time that was significant, though I had no idea how much. Donald was going to be the tackler who hit hard, the way he should, but who could imagine the entire NFL was actually who he was about to tackle, as the pansy referees called flags on him for doing things right?

This is a rhetorical military campaign, being waged by the Patton of Persuasion, against a bunch of kindergarteners who think he has accidently committed an off-the-cuff faux pas and all they have to do is insult him back and he will regret it. In reality, Donald has already war-gammed every possibility, and has several paths to victory, even if the NFL knew how to fight back, which it doesn’t.

What amuses me, is there may be four or five more such campaigns being polled, planned, laid out, and war-gammed in a room deep in the West Wing, by masters of persuasion who the Donald has handpicked based on his mastery of the subject. Daytime Talk shows, Hollyweird, leftist media, the Democrat Party, the UN, Angela Merkel, George Soros, any bastion of degeneracy and treason could be it. One day, The Donald will make an off the cuff Faux Pas “by accident,” his target will rise and resist, another campaign will have been launched, and another bastion of leftism will have fallen before it even knew it had been attacked. If I were a leftist organization, I would not sleep well.

In eight years, I predict this country is unrecognizable to those of us who have acclimated to the decay of today. Donald truly is going to Make America Great Again, and he is apparently going to start by Making American Culture Great Again. Talk about rebuilding something from the foundation. This is a guy who does things right and doesn’t half-ass a job.

Best Presidency Ever, led by the Best President Ever.

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5 Responses to Now Trump Turns The NFL Debate

  1. Andy says:

    ,ordo ab chao’ is the name of the game. The Movement behind Trump that he capitalizes on understands that politics are meaningless when they go to washington and the real battle is the battle for culture and institutions. And all these infested institutions need to be destroyed first. The left played this game when they subverted, now they are in power and their positions have to be subverted. Its about time to humiliate sportsball by letting the overpaid roided up gladiators who play it run amok for a while, konfront the white fat belly fanbase with its own patheticness and then watch the carnage.

  2. everlastingphelps says:

    Teh Donald never forgets, and only forgives when asked.

  3. Pitcrew says:

    Weak Roger Goodell could have avoided all the pain the NFL is going to feel if he had just listened to the President. Oh well, pain is just weakness leaving the body.

  4. 234324545435345 says:


  5. Unseen Presence says:

    I’m still surprised when virtually everyone, even Trump supporters I thought more insightful, thinks that all these maneuvers are off-the-cuff or just him stepping in it and turning it around like political judo. No way in Hell is Trump that undisciplined.

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