Police In Berlin Under Fire From Muslim Gangs

Breitbart had a good article:

Arab criminal gangs operating in Berlin have been accused of targetting individual police officers with threats, including spreading rumours of sexual encounters with prostitutes, in order to intimidate or take revenge on officers.

Over the past several years, the power of Arab family organised crime gangs in Berlin has increased substantially as they have largely taken over the city’s drug and prostitution trade. According to a new report, the gangs are now using their power to threaten and intimidate authorities to stop investigations, German media reports.

The gangs have developed several different tactics to intimidate or discredit officers including spreading rumours that certain officers have been visiting with prostitutes or even that they were being given free girls for sex, insinuating they were corrupt…

Another tactic the gangs use is to cause mayhem during arrests by calling on their large extended families to show up and cause trouble, with the intention being to free their family member in the ensuing chaos.

Direct threats are also said to be employed by gang members against officers which can and has included posting gang members outside police stations and the officers’ private homes to intimidate them. In one case, a Syrian gang in Saxony-Anhalt sent members of the gang to a police station to incite a riot.

Here is my prediction, based on my knowledge of how these things progress, mixed with my understanding of what is out there scientifically and likely to be drawn into the conflict. Conflicts will begin, and violence will start. Many r-strategist Muslims will immediately head home, to homogenous Muslim societies where they feel safe. A minority will decide to stay behind and try to fight a covert war from no-go zones.

At some point, things will progress to the point that even the scientifically minded will realize there is no living with the Muslims. Once that point is reached, somebody will begin mixing a slow-acting carcinogen with a transdermal carrier, and undercover operators will infiltrate all of the mosques, putting it in all the foot baths at all the mosques in the countries.

Nothing will happen at first, but after a year or two of exposure, it will become obvious something has happened, as all the Muslims gradually begin to succumb to massive metastastic malignancies that just take them out. By then, the foot baths may actually not have anything in them any more, and the inability to determine where the cancers are coming from will panic the remaining Muslims. They will look askance at every item in their food supply, they will wonder if the government is irradiating them as they sleep, they will panic at every smell in their neighborhood, and even wilder rumors will spread throughout their communities, sometimes delivered purposefully by nationalists fueling the panic online.

The remaining Muslims will overwhelmingly leave Europe due to not feeling safe, probably not even knowing what was being done to them, and as Muslim numbers drop, the pressure on the remaining Muslims to leave will increase exponentially. Eventually, I would expect Europe to be almost totally cleansed.

I see this as the inevitable endgame, and am calling it now. Prepare to call me prescient.

You can tell everyone about r/K Theory, because when given the choice, poisoning is better than being poisoned

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10 Responses to Police In Berlin Under Fire From Muslim Gangs

  1. Lovekraft says:

    And I’ve been pressing for monetary compensation as a sort of reminder of the damage done via jihadi attacks and general sustained attack on the host nations. I throw around the $500 million figure but am sure someone will come up with a much higher number.

    It would act as a deterrent, as well as break the domination of this guilt racket by ‘the usual’ victim groups. I also look forward to the media showing the true villains of our age. The German as villain trope has played out.

  2. Kharmii says:

    Good lord…I hope so.

    It would also be good if a few of them get shot in riots.

  3. Unseen Presence says:

    Whether this turns out to be prescient or not, a man can dream can’t he?

  4. LembradorDos6Triliões says:


    Yeah, islam is going to get banned in the West, inevitable.

    BTW, have you signed the IBOR and confirmed via email? DO IT MANE. And ask all the americunt brahs that read your amazing blog to do the same (I would even go as far as pinning it). ITS IMPORTANT!!!

    Link: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

    Imagine a totally free from censorship internet, we could be BTFO of the libtards left and right EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY because they have nothing but lies, shaming, censorship and threats, WE HAVE THE FACTS, WE HAVE THE TRUTH.


  5. Iprefertostayanonymous says:

    Have you heard about the increasing amount of non-fluent muslims in police academies? Berlin is the stronghold of cultural marxism and the police academies there are following the british example. Including accepting people where they KNOW their family is highly criminal. There have been a handful of whistleblowers about that. So it must be really bad.

    Additionally from a friend I know that the market for illegal guns is being emptied. Mostly bought up by muslims – raising the prices for unregistered guns.

  6. Lovekraft says:

    @ a/c: I’m sure you’re aware of it but here’s a nice gateway pundit article with some Vegas Massacre theories, six months after the event. Pushes the GloboJihadInc connection:


  7. Musashi says:

    It would be better to simply put them all to the sword and get it over with.

  8. tesla says:

    I agree with your appraisal of the situation. But I would like to add an addenum.

    I think a few Euro countries will fall first, then the rest go white race, K selected very quickly as you describe. The muslim strongholds that they will all flee to will not be in the middle east, but in these former western countries. England is one of the countries I see falling. Another Country on mainland Europe will go too, probably France.

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