The Storm Hits Everyone – Putin Hiring More Food Tasters

Vlad knows how to play the game:

Vladimir Putin has reportedly boosted his team of food tasters, paranoid that he will be targeted for a revenge poisoning following the Sergei Skripal attack.

For several years the Russian leader has employed someone to test all his food and drink before he eats it to check it has not been tampered with.

But now he has said to have hired even more officials to check his food because he is worried about potential counter-attacks after the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal was poisoned by a nerve agent in Salisbury….

One source told the paper that the storm around the Salisbury poisoning was “driving him to a mad level of paranoia”…

The paranoid president has also reportedly taken to wearing special gloves to stop any chemicals or agents being ingested through his skin.

And the pool where he swims for two hours a day is repeatedly tested to make sure nothing has been added to the water.

This is possibly correct, and not a cover story.

If it is real, look at the extent of the threat Putin feels is credible. That is the extent of the paranoia you will have to feel, if the Apocalypse hits and the Deep State Cabal has not been dealt with by that point. Putin knows what is possible, and the extent to which the world around you can become penetrated.

Putin is a lifelong martial artist, and thus a competitor, a fighter, and a warrior. I would suspect that as a result he was kept out of the loop by the Cabal. The Cabal will be looking for more easily corruptible, and less principled psychologies, so my guess would be they tend to look for cowards and bullies. Putin might oppose something they wanted to do on principle, and have the balls to stand up to them.

According to Q there was going to be a spook trade, between the Cabal and Russia. The Cabal would either allow Russia to hit someone, or they would do the hit for Russia. In return, the Russians would give the cabal someone they wanted dead, presumably Snowden, though that was not made clear. After that prediction by Q, the Russian in Britain was hit. Then, according to Q Snowden quickly beat feet out of Russia and tried to become lost in China.

We do know that Putin and Trump hit it off well, so it is possible Putin knows what is afoot, has allied with Trump, and is afraid the Cabal may try to take him out to take control of Russia proper, either to use it as a safe haven for the coming storm, or even to initiate a war with the US to try and save themselves.

If I was Putin, my paranoia would be in high gear too, and a hit on a Russian spy done without my approval, would not help matters at all.

You can spread r/K Theory, because you don’t want poison in your swimming pool

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  1. Pitcrew says:

    Putin is the most popular leader of Russia really in ever. If anything happens to him it would easily be seen as casus belli by the Russian people.

    The Russian military is also modernizing faster than Western ones. They just nuclearized an interceptor aircraft, the Mach 3 capable Mig-31 with a hypersonic Mach 10+ missile, the “Kinzhal”. Russian tactical nukes are becoming too fast for NATO C&C to handle.

  2. Rossa says:

    The media reports on Teresa May’s response to the ‘Russian Incident’ have gone completely bonkers over here, saying she is blaming Putin, demanding immediate answers, even issuing a deadline and may be considering a cyberattack in retaliation. Ramping up the fear factor with click bait headlines.

    The substance used is reported to have originated in what is now the Republic of Uzbekistan as part of USSR operations well before Putin’s time and after the Soviet Union collapsed it ‘escaped into the wild’.

    A more considered piece from a very good researcher has this to say:

    Don’t know about you but I’m picking up a much higher level of panic in the U.K. and other EU governments including Germany. And that’s not just over the migrant situation and trade tariffs. They all seem desperate to be seen to be doing something and the finger pointing at Moscow is increasing. Everything that’s going wrong, the latest being the result of the Italian election, is Russia’s fault for interfering. With the Russian Collusion investigation by the Intel Commitee being closed down (in preparation for the IG’s report, I would guess), it seems the Cabal is frantically trying to keep the ‘Russia did it’ meme going to the bitter end.

    Seems to confirm what Q has said about it being a war behind the scenes and most of it won’t come out even when it’s all over. We certainly live in interesting times, truly watching history in the making.

  3. ERTZ says:

    I am 99,999% sure this story is bogus, because there are a great many different poisons that are not immediately detectable in foodstuffs (mostly peptides or proteins) that act only after a significant delay.

    For this reason, food tasters have become worthless – they were only useful partially during a limited time in history when poisons were mostly quick-acting, like arsenic.

    To deal with that risk today, food and ingredients for exposed persons are sourced randomly from all over a wide range of area and suppliers – for example, Clinton loved fast food, and the secret service had a long list of fast food outlets that were randomly selected.
    This makes poisoning unlikely.

    Another story I heard from what I deem reputable sources is that when Goerge W. Bush attended a meeting in a restaurant, secret service personnel discreetly removed all the cutlery and dishes (plates, pots, forks and such) and brought in their own – because obviously not the food itself, but also the metal and glass and porcelain tools for eating can be thinly, invisibly coated with poisons.

    There are also other ways to poison such exposed and well-protected persons;
    one high-tech method involves so-called “binary biological weapons”.
    Binary chemical weapons and munitions are those that are stored as at least two less-toxic, less-dangerous, less-volatile and more stable precursors that are only mixed when the weapon is fired or just before, thereby reacting into the actual chemical weapon.
    Binary biological weapons use similar terms, but are something different:
    At least two agents, that are non-toxic on their own, but deadly when present in an organism at the same time; think about life-dependent chemicals in a human body – there is a certain amount of them around in blood and tissues; and there is a generative system that makes them, like a gland, for example. If you shut off the gland by agent A, nothing bad will happen, because the life-essential chemical is still present in blood and tissues; if you bind and remove those, too, by agent B, only then death will result.
    This is practically exploitable for assassination:
    For example, put agent A in food or the air supply at a party.
    Nobody will be affected badly.
    Then, but agent B in a house, restaurant, or in the environment of a second, later party;
    nothing will happen to the people there, too.
    But all people attending the first party, exposed and saturated with A, that afterwards also attend the second party or restaurant and are exposed also by B, will die.
    This can be exploited for indirect, but targeted assassination, without having to directly deliver a poison to the target person.

  4. Rossa says:

    Craig Murray, the ex U.K. Ambassador, with a well considered piece about Orbis Communications and the connections between Steele, Skripal and his handler Pablo Miller, who coincidently also lives in Salisbury. Also has much more detail about the so called ‘nerve agent’ explaining that if that type had been used, everyone in contact with it would be dead by now.

    As he says, Russia has never killed a swapped agent before, so why now?

  5. Sam J. says:

    “…Tillerson has been fired…”

    Bad news and the CIA to take his spot??? He’s been useless and Tillerson has been reasonably good in holding back the war machine.

    The English government is in full attack mode on White people, jailing two people or more for passing out info on child rape by migrants.

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