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Venezuelan Grocery Runs Like Mad Max

This is how it always ends: When he set off at sunset from the town of La Grita in western Venezuela on his 900-km (560-mile) journey, Aguilar knew he was taking his life in his hands. With hunger widespread amid … Continue reading

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The Stock Market Is Getting Volatile

Not a good sign: The Dow ended the day up 330.44 points, or 1.38 percent, closing at 24,190.90. The S&P 500 rallied 1.49 percent to finish at 2,619.55, while the Nasdaq composite added 1.44 percent to close at 6,874.49. The … Continue reading

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Is John Roberts Sweating Bullets?

It sounds so innocent: House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes is considering speaking with the Supreme Court Chief Justice over the newly revealed surveillance abuse by the FBI. On Wednesday, Congressman Nunes said FISA judges may have been misled by … Continue reading

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Trumps Poll Numbers Are Up As He Cuts Back On Amygdala

Always funny to watch so-called experts critique the master: President Donald Trump has been relatively subdued in recent weeks — and his poll numbers have spiked. The trend can be traced back to the passing of the news cycle about … Continue reading

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Italian Goes On Shooting Spree To Avenge Murder Of Teen By Migrant

I would prefer him as a countryman to any leftist: A lone Italian gunman shot and wounded six African immigrants Saturday in a two-hour drive-by shooting spree, authorities said, terrorizing a small city in central Italy where a Nigerian man … Continue reading

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Are K-strategists Bullies?

Laura asks in the comments: Is bullying something normal for healthy humans? Is it an r-strategy? When I think of narcissists I automatically think of bullies. Personally I hate bullying. I think it’s something for cowards and immoral. Trying to … Continue reading

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Is Another Kennedy On Psychiatric Meds?

Everybody is talking about Kennedy drooling in the SOTU response. I immediately thought it was a side effect of meds: Only a few drugs can induce drooling (sialorrhea or hypersalivation) to a clinically significant degree. When significant drooling occurs, however, … Continue reading

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Racial Differences Trigger Amygdala – Even Mothers With Their Children

An interesting example: “She’s getting very dark, isn’t she?” This is what one of my friends recently said about my much adored -12-week-old daughter. She didn’t mean to be rude.But it was a comment that struck me with the force … Continue reading

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Blacks Are Moving Back To Africa

This might be a sign of increasing K: They have come from the big cities of San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. Thousands of them. And many refuse to return. A new wave of African Americans is escaping the incessant … Continue reading

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Old James Bond’s Psychology Triggers SJWs

This is a sign of a fundamental change in human psychology James Bond is part of British cinematic history, with 26 films spanning the past 56 years – but some millennials watching 007’s early outings for the first time are … Continue reading

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